Brestyans invitational 2014 meet results for xtreme

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brestyans invitational 2014 meet results for xtreme

Ace gymnastics blackjack meet Sign-Up Bonus – hopedir.infos Casino Accommodation Gold Coast CARA Regionals & State USAG OK Oklahoma Invitational & Grand Prix Meet . CA (USA) ◊ Women Sep 20 Xtreme Altitude Fall Classic Lafayette, CO (USA) ◊ Women Kingswood gymnasts had strong results from a recent meet in Boston. at the Fundy Invitational in Saint John and the Brestyans Invitational. GymCastic Podcast is a weekly gymnastics talk show. The hosts interview people who love gymnastics almost as much as we do, discuss the latest news, events.

A gymnast without confidence is an unhappy gymnast.

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An unhappy gymnast generally makes for unhappy parent s. Not all fear is rational. There are minor setbacks and phobias that some children experience. During this tough time, make sure you are supportive and understanding, but do not allow the athlete to give up. Teaching your child about perseverance is a valuable life lesson that will help them for the rest of their lives.

This trait usually makes a gymnast more apt to be a happy, successful adult than a non-athlete.

brestyans invitational 2014 meet results for xtreme

Once an athlete achieves success, they crave that success. The only condition they can control is their attitude and effort. A positive attitude and a diligent work ethic will reap plenty of rewards in the end.

Concerning the gymnast with factors beyond their control can created unimaginable stress. For example, at a competition, a parent should never: Only concern yourselves with what is within your realm of control.

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If a child appears lazy or unenthusiastic, the reasons could be one or more of the following: The confident, dedicated gymnast believes in hard work because they know it is effective. This often comes with maturity, and all children develop at different rates. This means that gymnasts must do tremendous amounts of conditioning, stretching and drills to reinforce good habits and ensure that the athlete is in the right shape to do the skills properly and safely.

Repetition is the key to learning, and reinforcing new habits takes time. We want to keep children motivated and excited, not bored and exploited. Do NOT obsess over what level your child is, stress the importance of good effort and training.

That sort of pressure upon a gymnast can be devastating.

brestyans invitational 2014 meet results for xtreme

It is not recommended to harp on certain skills or any shortcomings of your child. This only breeds resentment and tension. Motion - JO Chairman called the meeting to order Motion - JO Chairman called for the Committee to approve the agenda 4. Tariff Sheet Proposals a.

brestyans invitational 2014 meet results for xtreme

All agreed to use the international template. Proposal 2 - Revise to include "event" This will be added on tariff sheet. Leave numbers the same for both levels, but use the average with a minimum of 7. Electronic Tariff Sheets a. New system implemented competitive season i. JO Skill Revisions a. Note - the current Specifications is in place for the entire Quad. Proposal Level 6 Skill Changes: Discussed for next quad change: Leave Balanced The Tumble Time insurance program offers the perfect balance of comprehensive coverage and affordability with quality service from knowledgeable sports insurance professionals.

Coverage is available nationwide for gymnastics clubs, cheerleading gyms and preschool or mobile programs. Visit our website to submit an application for an insurance proposal. Yes, also add to the row that rotation can be either front or back. For dynamic skills it is considered technique preference for the top to bend their knees or to use their arms.

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Proposal Level 7 Skill Changes: Complete Men's Group 1. Committee has determined skills and will submit to DaniL for comment. WP Row 1C - skill too difficult for level 7. Will stay the same. WP Row 2C - skill too difficult for level 7 i. Change to calf mount to straddle.

brestyans invitational 2014 meet results for xtreme

Cannot combine 2C and 3A. Severity of particular JO Rules - Discussion a.

Kingswood gymnasts excel

The JO Program has three goals: Provide logical progressions from Levell - Level 10; ii. A program in which ALL athletes may experience competitive success and have fun; iii.

Identify athlete talent in early years of life. Points to Consider and Discuss: Are some JO rules too severe? How much impact are the international rules having on our lower level athletes? Is this the correct approach? Physical assist from the coach while on the floor 2.

Are these types of deductions hurting or helping us to achieve the three goals of the program? Committee believes that physical assistance without deduction would hinder athlete progression and safety. Add regs to pg 82 section 1.

Level 9 transition OK. Transition requirement for level 10 must specify press to handstand. One Transition of the top of a minimum value 4, that must end in a handstand. Proposal - Remove Jr. Pfflllesal Develell Eemllulsery Reutines a. Comllulsory music at level 4.

Brestyans Invitational -

One piece of music for all 5 events. LevelS to allow coach to choose choreography and music. Training and Cert program for compulsory judges Members overall believe this is a good idea. There was concern that maybe this should be used only in regions that are developing and do not have the infra structure to support our current certification program.

Need to determine requirements at fall meeting. Mu sic overtime at nationals Committee requests Jeff Oberst for summary of issues at nationals. Committee to review and recommend solution to correct problem.