Cameron dallas meet and greet 2014

Viners' meet and greet fosters teen idol frenzy - Chicago Tribune

cameron dallas meet and greet 2014

MEET THE MAGCON FAMILY. IT'S MORE THAN AN EVENT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @CameronDallas! We hope your day is filled with lots of laughs. cameronlove @camoneandonly 27 Oct More @camerondallas u should come to Orlando so i can finally meet you ❤ love you. Teen sensation Cameron Dallas is the Vine star to watch. who started on Vine back in making videos of his family, friends, and daily life. Magcon stand for “Meet and Greet Convention” and sent Dallas alongside.

Grier, for example, has 5. Dallas, Espinosa and a duo with the name Jack and Jack each have 2 million or more.

Cameron Dallas Tour Dates, Concerts & Tickets – Songkick

Others on the tour register followers in the deep six figures. Part chaperoned autograph session, hug fest, dance party, concert and spontaneous performance art, the event typically is hosted by a DJ and some of the nine boys who have become known as "Viners.

And in a sure sign of cultural significance, advertisers are swarming around them. More generally, thousands of brands create content on Vine and on Facebook's Instagram app through its second videos.

cameron dallas meet and greet 2014

The appeal is simple, she said. Like Jessica, Shaely said the combination of humor and cuteness has her hooked. A sampling of Vines from the MAGCON bunch features mock singing, facial contortions, teen girl impersonations, trick basketball shots, the polishing of a bald man's head, flopping in a Wal-Mart. When she thinks ahead to next weekend's event, "I just know that I will start shaking because they're physically there, and I can see them," Shaely said.

cameron dallas meet and greet 2014

Access to the guys largely depends on ticket type. Helped by DJ Mahogany Lox, the boys will dance on a stage, goof around and choose fans to join the performance.

Viners' meet and greet fosters teen idol frenzy

It's a six-hour experience, but fans routinely line up a few hours early and stay late. Bordelon noted that "98 percent" of attendees are teen girls.

cameron dallas meet and greet 2014

He also forbids grinding, twerking or anything else he perceives as raunchy. They tell me I'm valuable,'" Bordelon said.

Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas show love to fans at LAX

Bordelon vigilantly monitors access to the boys. He says that all are teenagers but avoids specifying their ages. Multiple efforts to interview them were unsuccessful. He also declines to talk about revenue, except to say "it's not what people think it is," and that the entourage can be very costly.

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Their tour stops draw thousands of fans and their social media numbers rival those of their boy band counterparts. And, in a disturbing twist that should make One Direction deeply consider how and when they announce their eventual break-up one day, some Magcon fans even tweeted that they were cutting themselves over the news and, like that, cutformagcon was trending on Twitter.

Today's news of the break-up has played out on social media like the five stages of grief wrapped up in characters or less.

cameron dallas meet and greet 2014

By mid-day, fans were reflecting on their favorite Magcon memories and as of now, they have united as one MagconFamilyForever. Founded in by a Louisiana-based tech entrepreneur named Bart Bordelon, who got the idea when the son of friends told Bordelon he was meeting up with a few of his Instagram followers at a mall and a couple hundred girls turned up, Magcon is like a boy band mall tour except that rather than being famous for making albums, the baby-faced teens score fans with six-second videos of themselves goofing around with friends or playing with cats.

That being said, a few of the Magcon boys -- like a duo who go by the name Jack and Jack -- are trying to parlay their social media fame into music careers.

The tour also professes to have an anti-bullying message and on its website says many of these photogenic kids have dealt with bullying themselves.

cameron dallas meet and greet 2014

Watching these kids' videos of themselves shirtless there's something vaguely illicit-feeling and it's easy to think that there must be some hidden exploitative agenda behind Magcon, whether a Lou Pearlman-esque scam or something grosser and more insidious. Though the music industry is no stranger to shady deals and mistreatment of young stars, at least there's a legitimate rationale behind why they're grooming the talent they work with.

As for Magcon, what are those kids being appreciated for?

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