Dv 2014 winners meet here nairaland general

DV Winners Meet Here - Travel (58) - Nigeria

dv 2014 winners meet here nairaland general

Dv Lottery Forum Ghana; Lotto banker for today. Find Ghana National Weekly results for 7th July and for past draws, check if you. General News Ghana national lotto prediction for today. 11 Re: GHANA LOTTO FORUM on 5th May , pm ALl GHANA DV LOTTERY SELECTEES MEET HERE | US. Denmark green card on nairaland forum - ForumForgot/lost my confirmation . USDoc New Member, Join Date: Jan Location: Greenville, NC Posts: . Consulate General of India, Houston has outsourced the Visa services to M/s .. Click to expand hopedir.info Jan 1, plz @ Mr obatide & Mr Justiwise, dis issue abt creating a new thread is seriously derailing our discusions here, lets just apply maturity here to.

Don't be surprised if a law-enforcement agency picks them up afterwards. We wnt advice dat wil favour him no matter hw d agreement reached nt wat wil destroy d agent bt nothing 4 him 2 glorify. Only d wise can dance 2 d melody of life. He has already been advised wisely.

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DV Winners Meet Here by roodboy: My prayer 4 u Tooday! Everyone here knew that I'm the son of philip nd the grandson of okeke imgbo Gud advice bt nt dis time, delay is dagerous. Good evening everyone, please my interview is next week.

I've been going through this sites and been preparing but I just need more advice on what to focus on,especially since I got married about 3 weeks after the results were released. I don't want them insinuating anything. My marriage also was just basic registry and all I have are pictures of the registry and out courtship pictures as we've been dating for more than 6 years all through the university.

dv 2014 winners meet here nairaland general

Baltimore county,silverspring,laurel,Bowie or where? I think u're so scarce dis days. Who is d principal applicant? If you are, then expect questions relating to where u wok, wat courses u teach u may be asked to give details abt a specific coursegeneral info abt nsg etc. The visas need not to be exhausted before then.

dv 2014 winners meet here nairaland general

We should all pray for a leap because at this CN increase each bulletin, some people may not be interviewed at all before September 30th, We all need to take out at least 15 mins each day to ask God Almighty for His help from now on. I trust God for a leap. I know there shall be a leap soonest.

I just have this peace about it. I can't worry now because I have asked God for help. It is not in His character to. God no fall your hand o!!! Do not be worried about visa bulletin for Nigeria. God knows those that will forget Him dia. Hello my people, Do not be prayerful only because you won a visa lottery,because you want afavour from God,thereafter,you leave serving God after your visa.

DV Winners Meet Here by geogec: Secondly I want to also if any one knows a hotel that is close to the Embassy and their price with their contact.

dv 2014 winners meet here nairaland general

Thanks and God bless all ur response please Re: I wish to encourage all with high case number never to lose hope. Before you were selected they have you in mind for visa Obatide in Quote. Too, Naija has been withdrawn from Dvlottery and hence no rush for us as no accomodation for dv Again, why build up too much anxiety, God who started the selection will perfect your interview. Spend less and save because the stages need money.

Nothing to be worried about. Keep the faith, it is well with us. May God perfect our dreams in Jesus name Its unfortunate for some of us that the Jan. And a very BIG question was asked by energysaver and I think no one can provide answer to this question. Some are not even aware that they have been selected for further processing. So you all need to relax and wait until your are current.

Definitely not everyone that applied will get visa but we should pray that we should be among those that will receive the visa.

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Since this is the last dv lottery for Nigeria,i pray it favour us in Jesus name. What bank would you recommend as regards account opening?

dv 2014 winners meet here nairaland general

Is there an age limit for certain jobs like we have in Nigeria? In Nigeria, most banks dont employ people older than 25 years. What should I do and not do in order to improve my credit rating? I'm a young man and a typical African man you know what I meanwould you advise me to marry there in the US? Are there consequences that may come to haunt me later in life?

I would be extremely grateful if those already in the US could provide answers to these questions. Thank you and happy new year!

It is a great idea and a creative idea to help all. Everybody is serious and even my own uncle that just came back 2days ago has been telling me that life in america is independent. It is a dim light for me but am not scared. If we have the new thread, like someone post earlier how the sister helped a family that was stranded to get an accomodation, also my friend called me that told me the hell they passed through in the hands of the family that accomodated them; let those who have crossed over share exclusively on the thread which will help those preparing to go to put their asses together.

Just want to say happy new year to all the members of Nairaland. May God who saw us thru" smoothen our path for favors, goodness, promotion, open doors and abundant grace in Jesus name Greeting to Everybody Thanks for the intelligent we have all displayed to analyze one of my posts, I duly appreciate both reactions, at least, it makes people to contribute and share their honest feeling, God bless us all.

DV Winners Meet Here - Travel (9) - Nigeria

It shows we are all one big family and need more information to succeed on this journey whilst keeping in touch as mates even in America. Those who argued against creation of the new thread, said so not to abandon this current one while those in support share that too, but in addition, they considered rules guiding posting on Nl as well.

I Observed that 1. Most of members who have had their visas approved are not that active on the thread unlike their activities before interview except very few of them. Do u notice that too?

Hence, the stage between Successful approval of visa and Arrival in USA has not been comprehensively discussed like the two mentioned threads. There is need to graduate the processes, which I believe will keep us together. Yet to be created thread; planning Migration after successful Interview c.

dv 2014 winners meet here nairaland general

I appeal and promise that this thread will not suffer as a result of graduated process 2. Having a graduated process will bond us together the more and give each segment a full sense of belonging 3.

There will not be deviation from Subject matters of each thread; hence NL rule will be kept. Thanks and Wishing you all a Happy and Properous Year !