Kolkata literary meet 2014 passes for national parks

kolkata literary meet 2014 passes for national parks

Inauguration of 43rd International Kolkata Book Fair , 30th January, Location, Central Park Mela Ground, SaltLake, Kolkata https://hopedir.info/. Contact, + KLM, Kolkata's favourite festival, Kolkata favourite festival, Kolkata meet, Free passes available at East Gate, opp St Paul's Cathedral From January 22, The focal theme of 38th Kolkata International Book Fair was Peru non- trade book fair, settled for Park Circus Maidan to host the literary carnival in . Kolkata's first Literature Meet (KLM), organized by the Fair, in which famous writers . Apart from the various large and small National and International Book .

You were not recognizable, like a film star or a celebrity, which writers today are. He was then at the peak of his fame. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bhubaneswar, Thiruvananthapuram, Lucknow and Goa are some of the host cities that come to mind, not to mention those in neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The festival made its debut in Inthat number crossed 1,—not just the local cantonment crowd, but also people arriving from Chandigarh, Ludhiana, New Delhi, even Mumbai the count is based on the food coupons sold.

For a literature festival that has a large number of speakers from Pakistan, the venue, ironically enough, is the Kasauli Club, run by the Indian Army.

International Kolkata Book Fair – The World's biggest International Book fair

The most endearing aspect of the festival was the drawing room atmosphere created by the frequent narration of jokes. Click here for enlarge Soon after, as people gathered for a panel discussion, actor Om Puri usurped the microphone and proceeded to regale the audience for the next half an hour with one joke after another. Dulat and Pakistani politician Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri on the prospects of peace in Kashmir gave reason for another such interlude.

The microphone packed up for a bit, and to keep the audience distracted, actor Kabir Bedi stepped into the audience and told a tale of an Indian and Pakistani travelling together: The Indian took off his shoes and settled down comfortably in his seat. A while later, the Pakistani expressed a desire for Coke, and the Indian offered to get it for him.

The Indian came back with the Coke and gave it to his fellow traveller. After a while, the sequence was repeated. When they reached their destination, and the Indian was about to put on his shoes, he realized what had happened. We will have a full schedule of events throughout the Fair time to highlight the life, cultureliterature and arts of the United States.

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Also, our office of the U. USEFI has done such an impressive job over the last few years in promoting United States schools and universities that Indian students now represent the largest number of foreign students in the United States. The fair was to be held from 29 January to 10 February. The court verdict was a culmination of a long-drawn battle between the environmentalists and the state on holding fairs at the Maidan, close to Victoria Memorial.

Winter Words: Are Lit Fests Good For Literature?

In Novemberthe state had assured the court all fairs would be shifted from the Maidan and a permanent complex would come up on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.

Controversy over the fair The fair attracted a lot of controversy over the Kolkata High Court decision banning fairs on the Maidan.

kolkata literary meet 2014 passes for national parks

The court granted the fair special permission for the year ofand permission for "one last time" in the year to be held at Maidanwhich has been the venue of the fair for the last 31 years.

The Kolkata Book Fair was the only fair granted special permission in Despite the two years given to the fair organizers to find alternative venues, no progress was made tillmainly due to the fact that Kolkata lacks a large convention center with modern facilities. An objection on the grounds of environmental damage was raised for the fair and it has drawn protest from various independent groups like the "Save the Maidan" campaign.

The High Court has forbidden the Guild to hold the fair on Maidan. This was to show that the spirit of people supporting the fair cannot be killed.

In Romania participated for the first time. Romanian jazz artist Teodora Enache was present with her music. With lesser space and lesser footfall, the fair was a moderate success at best.

The book fair at Milan Mela Maidan was a gala success, according to the figures published by the organizing committee. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya remarked, "Some people are against the Book Fair in the name of environment. The Court had issued an order the previous year against the holding of any fair or exhibition in the Maidan following a petition against it being converted into a venue for such occasions on grounds of environmental degradation.

A bibliophile himself, Mr. Bhattacharjee took up the matter with the Defence Ministryas the Indian Army is the custodian of the Maidan and the holding of any event there requires a no objection certificate from it.

Bhattacharjee made a similar appeal, and with success, for the Book Fair, an event that drew more than 2.

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The Court then agreed to a one-time waiver in deference to an appeal from the State Government. Bhattacharjee had also sought the help of then Defence Minister, Pranab Mukherjeeto get the Army's nod. The latter has been approached to persuade his successor A.

kolkata literary meet 2014 passes for national parks

Antony to do the same. Defence sources said the Army authorities have told the Government that an NOC could not be issued without a clearance from the Court. Kolkata Book Fair was of special significance as it was technically updated and remodeled to keep pace with international standards.

This caused small and medium publishers some concern as they felt the three crowd pullers would tell upon the distribution of buyers in the fair. France was the theme of 's fair. French writer and critic Daniel Pennac inaugurated the event.

The countless little Jaipurs

Subhas Dutta placed before a division bench, presided by justice Asim Banerjee, 30 photographs which he claimed were proof of the digging and spoiling of the ground by contractors and workers setting up the showrooms and book fair offices. Dutta claimed trenches had been dug to place cables and to prepare service privies, affecting the environmental balance of the ground, and alleged that the State Government had not taken any action in this regard.

The High Court directed early that the environmental balance of the brigade parade ground must be kept intact and the greenery maintained for the sake of the people's health.

It had also directed that prior permission of the military authorities, which own the ground, was necessary before the State Government granted permission for any usage of the ground by any organisation.

kolkata literary meet 2014 passes for national parks

The book fair had an information technology park ITP where several IT companies displayed and sold IT products relating to education, literature and other projects. On display were IT products suitable for libraries, school education and technical disciplines as well as details of courses, hardware and CDs of books. Footfall recorded was over 14 lakhs.

Single day sales on the final day exceeded Rs. Although lights seemed to have gotten brighter this year, the 'ground' reality remained unchanged. The handful of visitors on the inaugural day managed to raise enough dust to put a cavalry charge to shame. Chile being the theme for the fair, the inaugural ceremony had more to do with Pablo Neruda and Latin American literature than about the event itself.

Virtually all major European scientific publishers or corresponding franchisees set up shop, including Oxford University PressCambridge University PressKluwer and Springer Verlag.

kolkata literary meet 2014 passes for national parks

Suspecting that the goose bumps I had were not entirely caused by the cold, I could feel my default sceptic setting switch off. A memorable moment from this session was when Nayantara Sahgal talked emotionally of knowing Mahatma Gandhi as a young girl and witnessing him breathe his last. It was the varied and comprehensive nature of programmes which made this festival such a treat to attend.

kolkata literary meet 2014 passes for national parks

There truly was something for everyone. For lovers of cinema, the festival opened with 'Salaam Mira! Three Decades in Cinema'. This session, made all the more atmospheric by its setting in a colourful shamiana that was reminiscent of the set of Monsoon Wedding, saw Mira Nair in conversation with Chandrahas Choudhury.