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Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled | The Tyee

meet up 2014 free stephen

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And which individual will assist their House the most? There won't be any time-turners available to change the outcome, so make sure you do your best while you can to secure your House's victory! S2S are proud to announce the first Peer Support drop-in every Wednesday during term time from 9.

Two fully trained S2S Peer Supporters will be available to any students seeking information or support, for the rest of term. This service is entirely confidential and will take place in the Exec Room in House 6. If you would like to talk to another student about anything you can pop in and talk to a Peer Supporter informally and in confidence. The quiz will consist of 6 "internationally inspired" rounds. After the quiz, everyone will be heading to MacTurcaills Pub on Townsend Street for nibbles and more banter.

Don't forget to bring your friends Irish and international! If you would like to sign up you can apply online here! If you or someone you know might be interested view a full job description here. If you or someone you know is eligible for the JobBridge scheme and would like to gain work experience in the S2S office you can view our JobBridge advertisement here.

If you are a student who has already completed one year of College and you'd ike to be a mentor contact us at student2student tcd. Keep an eye out for our volunteers, and don't forget the Speak Your Mind event in the Parlour at 7: Look out for the red hoodies across campus and make sure you meet your mentors at orientation!

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We'd also like to thank the Provost for attending our Awards Ceremony and presenting certificates to our volunteers. Congratulations to everyone who came to collect their certificate of participation with S2S and to say farewell to the year over wine and pizza afterwards. Photos of this event can be seen on our Previous Events page. Last updated 22 November by student2student tcd. Harper himself once railed against them, and his born again love for them made his own MPs queasy.

Referencing such bills, former auditor general Sheila Fraser said that "Parliament has become so undermined that it is almost unable to do the job that people expect of it. Harperites Deliberately Sabotage, Stymie Committee System Conservatives used tactics such as barring witnesses, closure, time limitations, and in camera sessions to an extent rarely, if ever, witnessed in Canada.

In their early days in power, top Conservatives prepared a handbook instructing committee chairpersons how to obstruct proceedings. Harper's Own MPs Protest Muzzling In a caucus known for his tight discipline, in some members finally rose up to contest being censored at question period by the Prime Minister's Office. Former Conservative backbencher Brent Rathgeber turned independent and published a book, Irresponsible Government, decrying anti-democratic practices.

The vanity video on the taxpayer dime was to promote the government's benefits for families. Corrupt Conservative Cronies The Senate scandal is just the latest eruption of crony corruption in Harperite ranks. He was a convicted fraudster before Harper made him a key advisor in the PMO.

There, Carson was lobbied for money for a new University of Calgary eco-think tank. The complex saga added one more criminal charge to others Carson faces for allegedly illegally working his connections with the Harper government. Former Information Commissioner Robert Marleau concluded that having obtained absolute power, the prime minister "has absolutely abused that power to the maximum.

The policy contribution role of the public service is significantly reduced. Complaints from insiders allege that the Privy Council office has become increasingly politicized. Loyalty Oaths Imposed on Public Servants Archivists and librarians were made to swear strict oaths of allegiance and were hit with restrictions on freedom of speech that editorialists of the right and left described as chilling.

Integrity Commissioner Christiane Ouimet sat on more than whistleblower files before quitting. Harper Government Sued by Justice Department Whistleblower Time and again the Harper government proposes bills that end up being shot down by the courts, prompting critics to say such legislation is more about making political statements than lasting policy.

The wasted efforts bothered senior justice department lawyer Edgar Schmidt so much he finally sued the government for breaking the law by inadequately evaluating whether proposed bills violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

He was promptly suspended without pay. Conservatives Block Accreditation for Opposition MPs In another example of partisanship taken to new heights, the PMO blocked opposition members from being accredited for international environment conferences and from visiting military bases. Tactic Borrowed from North Korea's Dear Leader Ostensibly neutral public servants were used as stooges, falsely posing as new citizens in a staged Citizenship Renewal public relations exercise by the Immigration Department.

Media critics had a field day comparing the charade to practices undertaken by North Korean dictators.

meet up 2014 free stephen

Clampdown on Freedom of Speech of Diplomatic Corps Ottawa's diplomats must get all communications approved from Conservative political operatives. Under Harper, the country's ambassadors are hardly heard from any more. In a recent speech, former United Nations ambassador Stephen Lewis said our political culture under the Conservatives has descended into "a nadir of indignity.

A leaked memo revealed the destruction and consolidation would save less than half a million dollars. Scientist patrons of the libraries, who witnessed chaotic chucking of rare literature, called it a "book burning" with no logical purpose other than to restrict environmental information.

Stephen Amell

The Harper government claimed vital works would be digitally preserved, but never provided a plan or cost for doing so, nor any proof it had happened. No scientists interviewed by The Tyee believed digitizing would or could replace what was lost. UN Blasts Canada's Treatment of Immigrants Changes made to the Canada's immigration and refugee system under Harper were investigated by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, whose report blasted how thousands of migrants are detained indefinitely without due process, many for over a year or more, as well as poor mental health support for those incarcerated.

Editorialists of right and left persuasion described the move as unbefitting a democratic government. Illegitimate Prorogation of Parliament, Twice Prorogations are a legitimate procedure that can be abused depending on motivations. The Harper government provoked 60 protests across Canada and beyond its borders in after shutting the legislature's doors to escape condemnation on the Afghan detainees' file.

Jane Hawking: ‘There were four of us in our marriage’ | Life and style | The Guardian

It was the second prorogation in a year's period. A special target was the Parliamentary Budget Office, which was hit with condemnations and budget cuts for its critical reports. Billions Borrowed without Parliament's Permission The auditor general sounded alarms about the "prodigious" growth and size of federal borrowing. Those billions in "non-budgetary" spending used to get Parliament's oversight, but no more. The finance minister can borrow what he wants without Parliament's permission.

A loophole buried in a Harper omnibus bill. Her office reviewed more than whistleblowing cases. Disciplinary action followed on none of them. Ouimet's own angry staffers blew the whistle on their boss. The auditor general found Ouimet intimidated her employees, took "retaliatory action" against them and may have breached their privacy, all part of the Harper appointee's "gross mismanagement.

Since his first day as PM, Stephen Harper has reinforced his party's 'brand' by rewarding cronies, slapping the Conservative logo on government cheques, perfecting the no questions photo-op, instructing bureaucrats to start calling Canada's government "the Harper Government. Here are 22 instances of power abused to build the Harper brand. The PMO, noted a National Post editorial"stumbled from blunder to evasion and falsehood in the service of shamelessly manipulative partisanship, especially in using our troops as PR props.

The Conservatives denied it was happening -- until internal memos revealed by the Canadian Press revealed the denial to be without basis. The federal ethics commissioner, adopting the exasperated tone of an adult lecturing a child, noted: In one instance, the Tories spent lavishly on ads for the promotion of a jobs grant program that had yet to be made public or presented to parliament or the provinces.

Even more nakedly partisan, a mailed blastcharged to the taxpayers, targeting Justin Trudeau. Conservatives Stack Their Own Ridings with Infrastructure Funds In a display of brazen pork barreling, the Conservatives arranged for no less than 83 percent of infrastructure fund projects go to Conservative ridings.

Parliament was willfully misled.

meet up 2014 free stephen

Patronage Run Amok After promising a new way, the prime minister dismantled his newly created Public Appointments Commission and reverted to old-styled patronage by the barrel. In Junethe PM made 98 patronage appointments.

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That included stocking the National Capital Commission with loyalists in advance of decisions on the controversial monument to the victims of communism. Undermining Statistics Canada, Killing Data Against pleas from everyone who needs and uses data from the long form census, the Harper government scrapped it, prompting the Statistics Canada chief to resign in protest.

Government Muzzles Science Community Top scientists came under such heavy monitoring by the Conservatives that they staged "Death of Evidence" protests for being denied freedom of speech. The Conservatives sent out chaperones or "media minders" to track Environment Canada scientists and report on them.

Like Never Before, Limits Placed on Media Access Journalists have been hard-pressed to recall another time when controls put on them were so tight. At the Conservatives' Calgary convention, reporters wrote of being harassed and penned in at every turn by the PMO's command and control system. In his book Killing The Messenger, journalist Mark Bourrie charts the many examples of new limits on freedom of speech introduced in the Harper era.

Though media had been instructed no questions allowed, Ellis posed one about charges laid against a Conservative MP. After media hue and cry, Harper backed down and Ellis went. That is our platform and we have said that before and we will commit to that. Suppression of Research In the gun registration debate, incriminating research and documents such as a Firearms Report were deliberately withheld from the public.

While ramping up their prison building, Conservatives suppressed related research and studies contradicting their political priorities. The Vic Toews Porno Smear In a vivid example of the browbeating of opponents, the minister of public safety said anyone who opposed federal plans to make electronic surveillance of Canadians easier for authorities was siding with child pornographers. Bush's optics tactics, Stephen Harper banned media coverage of fallen soldiers' caskets returning from Afghanistan.

He also refused to lower the flag half-mast. Soldiers' family members expressed confusion and anger at the perceived show of disrespect.