Mini meet north 2014 pheasant

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mini meet north 2014 pheasant

See more ideas about Golden pheasant, Birds and Japan art. Golden Pheasant and Cotton Rose Flowers - Emperor Huizong - - - Northern Song Dynasty. Mini Meet East is going back to New York in This year's location will be in New Paltz, NY amidst the Shawangunk Mountains. It will be filled with a variety. Aug 1, meet in the field. This year's pheasant stocking schedule is found on n. 18 | New Jersey Hunting & Trapping Digest. NJFishandWildlife. edged head of well-sharpened metal and a mini- in , beetle damage.

Finally I worked out that my seat was too low — both on my MTB on the Timber Trail, and now my bikepacking bike; most unusual, I long ago learnt the lesson of correct seat height.

mini meet north 2014 pheasant

I sorted that out, but found I had to take it a bit slower and favour my left knee. Having looked forward to the company, it was a little disheartening to find myself having to take things a bit slower and solo — but it was to be a big day, so no point in blowing up early on. I was hopeful I could still manage km that day, through a pretty remote area.

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A couple of randonneursChris and Phil they were following a very similar route for Easter, just with fewer gravel and off-road sectionscaught up to me and chatted a bit as we rolled on smooth gravel towards Murupara. Over ninety kilometres in four and a half hours was a bit beyond my usual pace, so I was pleased to reach Murupara and refuel.

The others were just finishing up a big meal, so I ordered and waited for mine as they carried on towards Waikaremoana. Not bad for second breakfast and fifteen dollars. I was looking forward to riding the Waikaremoana road again, two years since the last trip through — this time in the opposite direction over two, not one, days.

This place looked pretty much the same. The bottom two lines here being the important one as I left the plateau and headed for the hills and native bush. Occasionally it would get warm on what was a wonderful day for riding: For the middle of a long weekend, there was little traffic and I found I could get up the hills OK — albeit in easier gears than I normally would, and therefore a bit slower.

Keeping stops to a minimum it was a little while before Chris and Phil caught me again. Chris and I groveled up the first notable climb together, Phil always slightly ahead. I lost them as they sped off on the descents. Through Ruatahuna I passed them as they stopped for water; I made my way up the biggest climb of the day steadily. There was a fair bit of bush around Huzzah!

Still trying not to stop too much for photos, there are few. A big plummet to the lake ensued.

mini meet north 2014 pheasant

Not to mention nice give the legs a bit of a break. I think the highlight was passing a slow campervan on the outside of a bend. It was windy up there. Panekire Bluffs across Waikaremoana Spot the cyclist. They must have been there a while, as at ten to six they were waiting at the top of the road down to the store to let me know it would stay open for me and I should stock up as it was some time to the next resupply point.

The bubbly storekeeper was only too happy to help and I stocked up on Maketu pies, tuna, bier sticks and jerky — much of that I was very happy to have bought over the next thirty-six hours.

mini meet north 2014 pheasant

That just left forty kilometres of undulating valley floor riding in the dark to find the others in Frasertown. Goodness knows how much later I was, but I found the camping spot and settled in for what would prove to be a sleepless night for all.

While not overly pleased with a sore knee and tired legs, I was still pleased with getting through a km day with plenty of climbing and learning how to manage the pain.

That I could hardly walk when off the bike was a different story. The consensus was none of us slept that night, a mixture of unceasing dog barking, and either of, mutually exclusive, howling wind or mosquito attacks.

The others left before five, but I dithered a little.

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By the time I departed, stopped to put on rain trousers and promptly remove them when the heavy shower passed, it was half-five. With the clocks going back, the day dawned soon — but the layer of cloud kept things gloomy. Through rural scenes it was mostly valley floor riding with a couple of climbs to Tiniroto. The highlight of the morning was a lively conversation with a young farming family riding together on a quad bike alongside the road between house and shed — the parents friendly and interested in where I was going, the kids excited apparently by a crazy loaded cyclist.

The others left, as I arrived to settle into scrambled eggs, a big pot rather a milk jug, until the pot was found of tea and stash some lunch to go. Leaving the valley floor after riding under these bluffs. Forms are available at www. All trees must be decorated by Tuesday, Dec. A Tree Lighting Ceremony will be hosted at 4: All decorations must be removed by Sunday, Jan. The area is open to the pubic for viewing from 7 a. The artworks are all photography.

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Mini Meet East 2018, New York State

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