Swap meet costa mesa 31 may 2014

The OC Market Place The OC Marketplace, Swap Meet Saturdays in Costa Mesa

Sante Fe Springs Swap Meet. Alondra Blvd . OC Fair & Event Center, 88 Fair Dr, Costa Mesa, CA // More Details to Follow // MAY Outdoor Orange County shopping deals, outlet merchandise. This Costa Mesa swap meet is at the OC Fair and Event Center every weekend. The Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet. Shopping | Food | Entertainment COME FOR THE BARGAINS STAY FOR THE FUN! pm – pm, December

I definitely recommend the OC Market Place! What happened to this swap meet? Looked up the calendar on the website, and it was to open this morning at 7am. We showed up around 7: There was a huge line of cars to get in to an area I have never seen before.

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It was like a parking booth where you pay to park, so I figured there was some sort of event going on today. I asked the guy at the ticket booth at the entrance, and he stated those were the swap meet vendors. Admission was free from 7am - 8am, and I am thankful because most vendors were not even set up yet.

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Pretty ridiculous when the swap meet opens at 7am. The vendors that were open, all tried to haggle on pricing. When did that start? Prices were SO high, and then they wanted to haggle? I dont understand what that is about.

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I showed up here to shop for veggies and fruits, since everything I am purchasing at the local grocery stores is rotten within 2 days I wont return to this swap meet This swap meet is so disappointing. None of the merchants were happy. No food sales other than the bread guy and the meat and tea girls.

So sad - Will not return This swap meet is over priced, the one across the street at Orange County community college is a lot betterthis one has a fee to get in as well, didn't even buy anything This is an excellent swap meet in my option.

Great variety with great prices. My wife and I have been coming here for years. It's shrunk in size, but it's still good. And the carne asada tacos at Hussong's are seriously the best I've ever had. Makes for a great weekend day. The aisles were spacious and not too packed on the Sunday we went. Noticed a lot of vendors selling affordable kitchen gadgets but all very repetitive and nothing too special than what you would find at a tjmaxx or homegoods.

It's alright if you just want an outdoor place to take a stroll at. I strongly advise against doing business with this man.

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He could've kindly told me to delete the photo I've taken of his cactus collection, but instead he aggressively told me and my friend to leave and threatened to call the security to kick us out. This man was very hostile and verbally attacked us when we kindly suggested him to put up no pictures sign. My friend and I were appalled by his behavior and hope no one else has to go through that.

Good luck to his business.

swap meet costa mesa 31 may 2014

Summer is not over at the Orange County Marketplace. Overall, it's a decent experience and a chance to try a variety of food. Came here for the second time recently in the end of August yet again, 2 years later. Some friends had wanted to come here so i was like, eh why not? Especially since i didn't have to drive! This time around, we followed GPS to the area and signs to the "right" parking lot. After paying for parking, we parked in B1. Still in the "front" of the parking as we heard the parking filled up ridiculously fast, even for friends who came shortly after!

We had arrived around 4ish this time around on Saturday and there wasn't much people yet.

swap meet costa mesa 31 may 2014

Ticket booth lines were short and we were quickly inside. We had saved this area until later as we didn't want to carry the stuff around the night market anyway! First up was "A-sha Noodle Bar"! My friend's favorite noodle place she had been wanting to have again this time! If you just want noodles, you save a dollar or two. Otherwise, you can get ground pork, or 2 other options! Flavor is simple but so good. Wish the noodles could have a bit more bite to it though!

A friend had gotten a drink at "Big Baby Bottle". He had hoped you were able to suck on the tip to drink but unfortunately that's hard and sealed.

Theres a "coin" slot on the side for the straw. Then they kept getting different flavors to get "their moneys worth" LOL Typically i would get a drink from "Main Squeeze" as im a fan of their strawberry lemonade's, but a friend had convinced me to try another place. Like most other places, its in a jar but instead of being a mason jar, theirs was a bit nicer imo.

Friend had gotten the Italian Soda which had milk mixed in it. I can say it doesn't work as well as the cream soda did But still not bad. I'd recommend the strawberry lemonade tho! Due to a recent IG post my friend had saw online, we had wanted to get "shake ramen". In IG, it looked really good and seemed like you got a lot of food.

When i was there, i decided to get the Mini size with miso sauce, lvl 3 spice, lvl 3 garlic. Pork belly as a main topping, corn, green onion, bean sprouts Im sure the "free sides" was double the amount of my noodles.

I had maybe like 2 bites of noodles, 4 "mini" pieces of pork belly, a ton of bean sprouts and a sprink of corn and green onions Oh thats not it! LOL didnt get any garlic or spice! Last but not least, "Nikuman-ya Steamed Pork Buns".

swap meet costa mesa 31 may 2014

They resemble the "big buns" i've had in the past where its a huge bun with pork mince, part of an egg, etc. We had bought some of these and took it back to our hotel to snack on later. They were still really good after throwing it into the microwave for like 30 seconds. Heats up the bun and meat but doesn't over do it. I do like coming to this night market.

Good amount of arts and crafts good decor after adding a frame and having a variety of foods to snack on. Would come here once a year just to have a variety of foods and an excuse to get out and come to LA Who doesn't like a good market night?! Spend your Friday grubbing and looking at what the vendors are selling. Bring cash for parking. Think it was 10 or There is an entrance fee too. I'd say to get there early before everyone gets off work.

Who knew there was such a thing of a happy hour at a market night. Most of the vendors will sell their food for half price or give options for certain purchases. The sushi tacos at Norigami are delicious.

swap meet costa mesa 31 may 2014

I really liked the soft shell crab taco. The California roll taco was pretty good too. I'm not an imitation crab guy anymore after childhood, but their imitation crab was good. If you don't like fried chicken skins, I feel sorry for you. Get the salt and pepper skins. There are simple and very tasty. Their dipping sauce is good too.

Good amount for the price you pay. You probably won't finish them or want to finish them. Chicken skins and oil. Still a food of the gods! One portion I think is enough for three people. Lastly, good job to all the vendors for their delicious and refreshing fruit flavored waters in cool looking containers.

My favorite were the big light bulbs. Bring good company and you'll have a great time. My brother invited the whole family here back in June and I didn't know what to expect coming in, but to try out all kinds of food from different vendors. Coming in it appeared like a tiny version of the OC Fair just minus the rides, and petting zoo. For the food it's mostly Asian-Fusion.

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Unfortunately, I don't know the names of the vendors from the food taken at various booths from members of my family, but we pretty much tasted and shared a lot of eats from the event.

Out of my group I wanted to get something different other than Asian flavors, so I went with the "Takis Corn on a Stick". With the shaved pieces of the Fuego Takis tortilla potato chips it tasted okay.

This booth provides the condiments, so I added some lemon and a little tajin, with that said this roasted corn still tasted average. Maybe I should've gone with Hot Cheetos?

While I was holding our table space, here comes food galore: Out of the bunch I found that the steams buns were pretty good.

We got pork and the other in mung bean. This stand had the longest line and I see why. The Paella was the wife's favorite. Everything else was bland and average, nothing memorable. I did like the Cotton Candy Burrito gimmick with the Ice Cream inside, but this dessert ended up a disappointment.

There's a booth where you can buy fruit juices in a large baby bottle container with unlimited refills at a onetime cost.

It's a good deal to stay refreshed throughout the night. What drew my attention the most was the pull up bar competition. It was a game for those who can hang on to the bar for the longest time for cash prizes.

There's no beer garden in the event, but a few beer stands with limited choices. The clothing brand Stussy was onsite and they were selling clothes at discounted prices. Overall, the event was okay. Its pretty much like a food truck meet.

There were very few local notables but the selection of vendors weren't note worthy. But it's a night market, what do you expect? The way I like to do night markets is to go with a good, large group of friends. That way, each person takes turns buying something that everyone can share! You can end up trying various different foods and being smart with money! Food is pretty great and I always have a fun time going to night markets. This was my first time at OC night market and it was very peaceful actually!

I was expecting tons of people, difficult parking, long lines, but we went on Sunday the 26th and actually faced none of that! Everything was very well spaced out so there were no huge lines merging with one another. The food service at all the booths we visited were extremely fast and efficient!

Places we went to: We closed on time without any hassle. If you are committed to working with an agent of the highest integrity, look no further than Valerie Torelli, she will make it happen for you and your family! I would recommend them to anyone needed a great realtor. First meeting with Valerie First meeting with Valerie was impressive with printed information regarding all aspects of process. Immediate action was taken with feedback from open house showings. Adjustments were made and the home sold quickly within the range expected.

I received updates, responses and was kept in the loop at all times. Escrow handled complicated, multi party transaction perfectly. Overall experience was great. She was a true go getter and very open and honest and we knew we could trust her and her entire staff.

Valerie made a lot of promise's to us and she followed thru with every single one of them. If she said she was going to have someone drop off boxes or have someone help me pack then that's what she did. I will send all my friends and family to Valerie. We were working with Valerie already with the sell of our home so we decided to let them go ahead and have them help us with the purchase of our new home.

I worked mostly with April O'neil and she was awesome. April listened to every detail of the dream house I was looking for and she did everything to help us find it.