The drop 2014 ending a relationship

The Drop by Dennis Lehane

the drop 2014 ending a relationship

There are several fantastic things about THE DROP, so let's discuss the dog needs Bob and that's what makes the relationship so wonderful. More to the point, the key relationship for both Bob and Terry is the older Near the end of the movie, in his Archie Bunker chair and in that. The Drop” is at its best when we can observe how Tom Hardy slowly peels away the layers from his character in a finely calibrated performance.

They're run from the cellar. The one you see?

That's the clothes they put over the body to make it look better. But the Second City is the body. That's where they take the bets and sell the women and the dope and the kinda TVs and couches and things a working man can afford. Only time a working man hear from the First City is when it's fucking him over.

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But the Second City is all around him every day his whole life. It's a technique basically used to allow a narrative to jump from a character's point of view to another, and when Lehane does that in THE DROPThe shifts in the tone are so accurate.

Cousin Marv sounds like a greedy jerk. Eric Deeds sounds like a psychopath.

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The Umarov soldiers sounds like thoughful mobsters. There's always one thoughful tough guy in his story. A standout narrative will do that to you. It'll turn your weaknesses into strengths. All that reading and movie watching turned me into somewhat of an ending-snob over the years and this one is nothing short than spectacular. It got me cooing, twirling and stomping in public transportation like a schoolgirl. Only Dennis Lehane can get me excited like that.

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Cousin Marv used to be a man of his own power in the organized crime world and briefly had his own crew before he was pushed aside by an incoming Chechen gang and now he just manages the bar with Bob. Gandolfini excels in roles like this for so many reasons. Of course we see a little Tony Soprano in Cousin Marv but he brings so much else to this role from his tone of voice, expression with his eyes, and physical presence that makes the performance that much more captivating.

It's great to watch him be able to display that intimidation factor as the "tough guy" that Marv wants to be seen as, as well as the fear and weakness that really exists in his heart It's the kind of performance that has a low-key profoundness that makes you hope the academy rewards a posthumous Oscar nomination.

Hardy is no less brilliant here as the quiet and mysterious Bob. Bob is not a big talker and just lives quietly in his own little bubble tending bar and handling the drop. His life is changed when he finds a wounded puppy in the trash can outside of the damaged Nadiya's Noomi Rapace house. They both decide to take care of the dog together as a potential budding romance threatens to grow.

the drop 2014 ending a relationship

Bob has almost an instant connection with the dog, a young pitbull, and you begin to notice similarities between the two as the film progresses. Bob makes a comment that a pitbull is a "dangerous dog" which is true, but almost seems impossible to think when you see them as puppies.

Bob can be looked at the same way as the puppy in the sense of he seems harmless but there is the potential for danger and violence deep inside both of them. I've always found it amazing how well British actors can master American accents compared to the other way around.

Hardy especially is a master of accents and the way he handles his blue collar, Brooklyn speak is amazing to watch as we follow the mysterious Bob throughout the film, always wondering what he is thinking and what he really is about. The other stand out performance in the film comes from Matthias Shoenaerts as the loose cannon, Eric Deeds.

the drop 2014 ending a relationship

Shoenaerts brings a level of intensity that is so palpable that you often become uneasy when he is on screen. He spends the majority of the film claiming that Bob's new dog is his and that he wants him back, as we all are questioning what he is really after.