Bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai temples

Thiruvengaivaasal temple - Pudukkottai.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai temples

Feb 28, He had the initiation from Lord Shiva at Aavudayarkoil (Pudukkottai . He asked them for some time and went inside the temple to meet the old. The earliest inscription in the temple is dated back to reign of Raja Raja Chozha From Pudukkottai, Viralimalai is about 40 kilometers and can be reached via .. piNdiyaar European traveller is sure of meeting with a hospitable reception”. .. IndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger Community. Tamil Nadu is one of the 29 states of India. Its capital and largest city is Chennai ( formerly It has high HDI ranking among Indian states as of . Temples such as the Meenakshi Amman Temple at Madurai and Nellaiappar Temple at Tirunelveli are . The Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats meet at the Nilgiri hills.

History It has served as a place promoting Vaishnavism. In addition to this temple, for the sake of Lord Perumal in the standing posture, another Perumal temple was constructed in the south of Sri Thiruthalinathar temple during the Pandiya period. It contains inscriptions of later Pandiyas dating back to the 13th century.

D refers to this other temple as Kola Varaga Vinnagara Emperumaan temple and donation of lands in A. D to meet daily expenses of the performance of poojas. It was the entry from the East to the Pandya Kingdom. The first battle with the Pandyas always took place at Tiruppathur be it with Chozhas or the Hoysalas or the Mohammadens. During the invasion by the Lankan ruler Lankapura Thanda Nayakaavin, the temple activities were disrupted.

It was only after the rule of Sadaya Varma Pandya, when Visalaya Thevan undertook some renovation at this temple that this temple regained some of its grandeur. Subsequent to the renovation by Visalaya Thevan, a renovation took place in and again in under the rule of CM Dr.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai temples

The temple dates back at least an years as seen from the inscription at the Thiru Thali Nathar temples. A Speciality of the temple is the posture of Anjaneya who is seen in a posture similar to the one during the Ramayana war. He does not have his mace. Neither does he have the crown on his head.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai temples

His hair is unkempt. He is seen plucking the tree with this hand in an act of destroying the opposition forces. One of the first missionaries at Avur, Father Venantius Bouchet, who joined the Madurai Mission inwanted to make Avur a Christian centre of substantial importance. He raised a large compound enclosing the place for the use of the missionaries, the site of the church and shelters for the benefit of visiting Christians. The chapel in particular engaged his imaginative attention. With contributions from well-wishers and the Tondaiman, an impressive chapel stronger than mere mud walls and thatched roofs, which, until then had been the only materials used in Mission buildings, was completed in Raghunatha Raya Tondaiman, the founder of the line of Pudukkottai Tondaimans, visited Avur in to meet the Bishop of Santhome, who was making his first pastoral trip to the Madurai Mission and to Avur.

The king treated the visiting priest with great courtesy.

Tamilnadu Tourism: Avur Church, Pudukottai

This gesture by one who was not a Christian by religion is of obvious significance. The fortunes of the church declined very suddenly in The prevailing political strife between the Nayak rulers and the Tondaimans, led to the destruction of the church to its foundations.

Father Homem, who worked amidst enormous dangers and difficulties, rebuilt the chapel in at a site about two furlongs to the southeast. The new one was larger, but much of the earlier plan was retained. The chapel seen in Avur today is this monument. The incident is narrated in General History of Pudukkottai State "Some soldiers of the Tondaiman, having managed to steal some bullocks from the Mughal army not far from Avur, the Mughal soldiers became furious, and coming to the Missionary required him either to return the bullocks immediately or to surrender himself to them as prisoner.

The missionary that had to answer the charge was Rev.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai temples

Beschi who was then in temporary charge of Avur. As getting the bullocks back was not in his power, he quietly submitted to the alternative proposed by the soldiers. The infuriated soldiers immediately chained him and led him to their camp amidst insult and menaces, and as they found that their prisoner bore all the ill-treatment with unruffled equanimity, they became so exasperated that they had him tied, and, stripping him of his clothes exposed him to the midday sun.

As soon as this, however, came to the knowledge of the chief, Chanda Sahib, he issued immediately orders for the prisoner's release. The chief tenderly embraced the missionary and told him to sit by his side; then he protested that what had happened to him had been done without his knowledge.