Cc meet 2015 manipur map

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cc meet 2015 manipur map

All Manipur Football Association Kula Dhaja, Ibotombi,Nilo Singh All Manipur Football League and the biggest tournament in Manipur conducted by AMFA is CC MEET. The Manipur State League kicked off on 24 August .. The flag of India The Emblem of India An enlargeable map of the cities of India The. SPEECH OF HON'BLE CM MANIPUR AT 66th NEC MEETING AT NEW DELHI ON EDUCATION MINISTER VISITED THE CC HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL .. IMPHAL, MAY 27, (DIPR): Education Minister Shri Th. Radheshyam and and called for the concerned officials to chalk out a work- map to restore the. This channel features only the videos filmed by KhutSem. At KhutSem We film " aerial shots" for Manipuri music videos and movies. We stream LIVE event.

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Some of the python code used to break down the LS results by assembly seat. You can see all of it here. Some of the python code used to calculate historical seat shares of parties. To get the assembly seat maps, I downloaded the assembly constituency shapefile from the datameet repository and used the software QGIS to create five separate shapefiles for each of the states.

Shapefiles are what geographers and cartographers use to make maps. The next task is to make sure the assembly constituency names in the shapefiles match the constituency names in the election results. These spellings need to be made consistent for the map to work properly. I did this with the OpenRefine software which has a lot of inbuilt tools to detect and correct these kinds of inconsistencies.

Using graphical tools such as OpenRefine and QGIS make it harder for others to reproduce your exact results and is less transparent, which is why purists look down on a workflow that is not entirely in code. I then chose the biggest three or four political parties in the assembly and LS election results for each state, and created icons for them using the tool Inkscape.

This can be done by tracing the party symbols available in various election commission documents.

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The interactive map showing the NPF in Manipur in You then get a map with the seats belonging to that party coloured in yellow. One has to be prepared to learn and get more support when not equipped with the right skills. Risk Assesment for a reporter Warning: One such tools which can help you calculate the risk is this: It is highly recommend that you do the risk assessment of a vulnerability in order to help you stratergise or even decide on continuing to work on it Effectively document your finding Documenting your story When you chance upon a leak and confirm it by double checking.

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It is highly recommended to make elaborate notes on how you discovered the leak. This documentation should be done as soon as possible if possible right after you are confident of it as a leak. The reason being this is going to be something various stakeholder will be asking you repeatedly and having as many accurate details will help support your case.

It is recommended that you store this offline in an encrypted format. Also take screenshots with time stamps this could be a double edged sword too if you are liable to prosecution because of the leak Documenting the Bug An elaborate documentation of the leak itself helps in getting it fixed faster. Engineers always find it useful to have more information. Include steps to show how to replicate your bugtalk about pre conditions eg: This can be done in many ways Bug Bounty Programs: Most technology orgs have a bug bounty program and also sometimes offer rewards for reporting of leaks this is the easiest and the most rewarding way to reach out to orgs.

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Organisation Public Issue trackers: Some open organisation do not have a bug bounty programs but have public bug repositories this is either linked to their code repos or to their websites. This is another way to report any security leaks. While some prefer anonymous reportingsometimes personal reporting helps build confidence and obtains quick results.

If you wish to stay anonymous it might be best to report to the public email ids available on the website. On the other hand if you have a certain degree of confidence on the intent of an organisation. It might be best to use your personal network to reach out to them and talk them through it In case of leaks of the government websites: Every country has a specific process to report leaks on government websites. In India specifically CERT India is responsible for the security of government websites and it is best to report to them.

It is also considered a honor by many and sometime a necessity to report. We recommend the following actions if you plan to do so As a general rule avoid talking about a leak or a issue before it has been fixed Initiating the removal of sensitive data Make sure atleast the sensitive data is removed before you share a issue if you cant get the complete issue fixed.

cc meet 2015 manipur map

It is also recommended that you clean the data for secondary Identifiers these are identifiers when coupled with other information can still make data personally identifiable. It is always recommended that you build a plan to talk about the leak.

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Decide on your objectives for sharing the leak what would like to achieve. Identify people who are working in this field and could help you amplify your voice. Talk in as much accuracy of the effects of the leak and its origin It might be best to leave out details of reproduction of the leak if you think it could harm more people Using Screenshots Sometimes using screen shots not amplifies your report and its impact.

We recommend using it as opposed to share the methodology of replication in public.

cc meet 2015 manipur map