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Fraternity Communication: Happy Founders' Day to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity!

Posted 5th January by Phil Velez . The Beta Xi Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity at Kean University is raising The Iota Phi Theta chapter, working in conjunction with the Sierra House Being part of the Greek system may have benefits that reach far beyond their college years, according to a recent Gallup Poll. In May , we had the pleasure of honoring the Department's founding father, Dr. Benjamin Rush, Jr. Over guests, including past and current faculty and. UNION, NJ and MANASSAS, VA – May 11, -- The Institute for Life Science and Kean University met with business and science leaders from the regions.

To read the full story, click here. Kappa Sigma at USF hosted a fraternity auction unlike any other. Like way, way down. The prizes were out of the world, but being at the event was a gift in itself. It all started when her mom put a sign up in their hospital window, asking for pizza as a joke. The fraternity saw and immediately came to visit with pizza, roses, and a guitar. The chapter has constantly visited year-old Lexi, bringing gifts, raising money, scheduling other groups to hang out with her.

Every day, they had someone checking in on her and dropping off goodies.

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Few stories are more inspiring than that of Daniel Ginn, a transgender man, and the president of the Alpha Sigma Phi chapter at Northern Kentucky. Sigma Kappa at University of Arizona raises thousands of dollars for their sister with cancer. They were so devastated, in fact, that they did everything they could to help with the situation. They chose not only to support her and her family emotionally but also financially.

They continue to demonstrate what it means to be a Panhellenic woman. To read watch the video, click here. Two outstanding chapters came forward to love and support elderly members this past year.

They talked, shared stories, and brought gifts to her. One gift, in particular, was a lavaliere.

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Then, the sisters invited the Beta Theta Pi chapter to serenade GG in yet another tear-jerking video. Since GG has always loved Betas, and even married one, it was truly special to the life-long member. An Alpha Sigma Alpha decided to donate her kidney to her brother. When Ashlee, an ASA and former exec member, found out that her brother needed a new kidney, she immediately stepped up. In an amazing display of love, she chose to give her kidney to her brother when all hope seemed lost.

While she was there she met a little girl, Melissa, and fell instantly in love. So Analisa made it her goal to raise as much money as possible to help the little girl. She started the hashtag VivaMelissa, and continues to work hard to honor such a wonderful child. But that has never stopped him from accomplishing his dreams. Joey always wanted to climb the Sleeping Giant Mountain, a tradition all undergrads complete at his university. So his fraternity brothers made it happen.

Kean theta kean Gala Program Highlights. Kean University Greek Olympics Upsala College Epsilon Chapter: Willis Hall where Lambda Theta Phi, The Iota Phi Theta chapter, working in. The brothers of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity incorporated at the campus of iota Kean University kean theta have started an initiativepurchased a land where they ll be building a home for a homeless family to live.

Their goal is to have the family live in the house kean for free theta until they re able to get back on their feetthen. Alpha Iota, Purdue University, Hammond, Peter s University, New Jersey.

Kean University Nj A young mother might soon have a home of her own thanks to the phi good deeds of a Kean University fraternity. Members of Iota Phi Theta purchased a vacant lot in Newark for during the city s kean s.

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Several student organizations on the Campus of university Kean University have joined. What are their reputations. Iota Phi Theta, is making a big splash in the media. Omega Phi Chi Sorority Inc. Bought a plot of land in Newark for1, Kean University Meet theta the Greeks university Fall Iota theta Phi Theta Vidmoon iota Results Iota phi theta fraternity inc beta nu chapter spring 39 16 probate from youtube at thronetheater.

Chapter Probate Rutgers University. March Newsletter Alumni Kean University Alumni Association The members of Kean University s Iota Phi Theta fraternity recently purchased a plot of land in university Newark for1 with the intention of building a house for a homeless family.

The iota story has received extensive coverage in local media. The fraternity is currently running a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds toward construction. The Panhellenic Association is a nationally recognized organization that coordinates policiesprocedures that govern all.

Benedictine University Iota Pi Berea College Beta Epsilon Berry College Tau Alpha Active, Xi iota Gamma, Kean University. Elseup The sorority sold over tickets to their eventrecruited the participation of six sororities16 fraternities. Donations from the event went to organizations to support the speechsuch as the Starkey university Hearing Foundation,Gallaudet University, The Painted Turtle Cam. The Black Man Can Institute.

Denver Black Community Service Award. Kean University Distinguished Alumni Award. The fraternity bought an inexpensive plot of landrather than using. Single mom selected to live on university property bought by fraternity By Fabian.