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meet wow 2015 christian

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I was told that if I prayed hard enough, that if I fasted enough, went through a ton of inner-healing, that God would honor that. That God would make me straight. I latched on to that rhetoric like a life-preserver in a sea of doubt.

God would save me from my perversion.

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But all that did was poison my own heart against myself. My emotional baggage was filled with shame, sadness, and suicidal intentions that I carried with me for eleven years.

Eleven years I have spent struggling with this question: Does God love me for who I am, not in spite of who I am? Dated a few girls in high school, and then I was intentionally single for a few years while I tried to sort this out. And somehow, despite my deception, I remain friends with both of them.

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And to a degree, it did. God held on to me. I needed to know, for myself, what the heart of God was. I read every blog, article, and book there was on this.

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Even armed with all the knowledge in the world, and having beautifully wise people around me who offered their opinions and prayer, I still found myself planted firmly in the middle. I understood why traditional scripture interpretations existed. In fact, it was the only thing I had ever known. I would forever be the third wheel, forever be on the prayer list, forever be the poor soul who struggled with his sexual identity.

And I tried to kill myself twice. Both times, I failed. For years, I was waiting on God to speak into this situation. Not a man or woman, or a book. I did not want my own biases to speak into my interpretation of scripture. So I waited and waited. And then the Holy Spirit finally spoke. When I moved to Georgia in JanuaryI got a tattoo of an empty birdcage on my right wrist.

I felt caged in my one set of doctrine and theology, one that was said to be pretty much absolute. I disagreed with the sentiment that there was only one way to look at the scriptures concerning same-sex relationships. There had to be another way. And that church, as much as I loved the family that I had gained there, was not the place to explore my doubt.

I do want to say that whole situation was handled with as much care and with grace as possible. And there was also some history to it. Photo by Craig Schwartz. Is there a class you took here that has helped you while working on A Christmas Carol? Alison [Elliott] taught acting for YAW and that helped me a lot. She taught me how to concentrate on your lines, how to memorize them, how to do things onstage.

What advice would you give to someone who is going to be in their first play and might be nervous about it?

meet wow 2015 christian

In A Christmas Carol, you play several different characters. Tell us a little bit about how you manage all those different parts!

meet wow 2015 christian

You have to set an intention for each character. I play multiple roles. So I have to come up with different characters for each of those roles.

meet wow 2015 christian

For Cratchit, I have to be grateful for what I have. Sam backstage at A Christmas Carol. Photo by Chloe Bates. That sounds like a lot of work. Some people have to come up with a lot more for just one character.

Scrooge — he has to be an angry old… bag of poop. And then his mood has to change to be an awesome, generous old geezer. He has a lot of things to do. Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Yeah, I want to be an actor.

I think I want to do some film and television too, but theatre is probably my favorite.