Mega gymnastics meet 2015 results kiawah

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mega gymnastics meet 2015 results kiawah

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Simon knows from experience the complexity of the parking issue. We also need to better understand how our sidewalks are being used. Hornor Lane resident Peter Thompson, who has lived adjacent to Hamilton for 50 years, is also a frequent bicycle rider.

Research shows that safe street design is the single biggest factor in determining numbers of cyclists. When streets are designed with all users in mind, many more people choose to cycle. Council is scheduled to vote on the ordinance at its meeting on Tuesday, February 24, at 7 p. The pilot program will be open only to students entering kindergarten and first grade at Community Park School CP this September. Parents will be able to choose whether to have their kindergartners and first-graders learn partly in English and partly in Spanish.

The pilot program will be offered for a trial period of two years and only at Community Park School. If successful, the pilot may serve as the springboard for expansion of the DLI program model. Students who enter as first graders this fall will continue the program in the second grade in September Math and science instruction will be given in Spanish.

Spalla, adding that Community Park School is an optimal school to pilot the new program: Parent survey responses suggested a high level of interest in the program.

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CP principal Dineen Gruchacz embraced the chance to introduce bilingual teaching. The CP principal included several parents and many of her teachers and staff members in the planning process.

mega gymnastics meet 2015 results kiawah

Spalla, this has been key in establishing the pilot. While there are more than 2, schools nationwide with dual language programs, only three districts in New Jersey offer such instruction. After the test period, the program will be evaluated to see whether it should be expanded. A number of information sessions for parents of rising first graders have already been offered over the past months.

A lottery will be held if parent interest at Community Park exceeds classroom capacity. For more information about the DLI program, visitwww. Last Saturday, sophomore star Koelzer chipped in an assist to help Princeton edge No. Having been moved to defense this year, Koelzer has emerged as a star for the Tigers and is currently tied with Molly Contini for the team lead in points at But with Princeton a little thin along the blue line coming into this season, Koelzer was moved to defenseman.

They have really helped me and worked on it with me. Coming off a tie with Dartmouth on Friday which saw Princeton rally from an early deficit, Koelzer and her teammates were ready to battle nemesis Harvard.

mega gymnastics meet 2015 results kiawah

We battled and we stuck with them. We capitalized on our opportunities. We limited their opportunities and that was huge. I just dished it off to the side and luckily Molly was there and ready to shoot and she ripped it. We were battling in the corners. We were trying to make our pins. We were trying to move the puck up as soon as possible. It was just our hard work to get it over the red and get it deep when we needed to. It is weird, we had a loss to Clarkson, to Minnesota, close losses to Boston College, and Quinnipiac.

They played solid of most of it and we let down for 10 minutes. There was no letdown today, they played great. Last week, long-time Princeton head coach Callahan passed away at age 59, leaving a legacy of success, class, and dignity.

Last week, a darkness and sadness descended on that area and well beyond as Callahan passed away at age 59 after a courageous three-year battle with glioblastoma, a highly malignant, rapidly growing tumor that arises from glial cells in the brain.

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Callahan leaves an indelible legacy on Tiger squash in terms of success and length of service. A Princeton alum, he was a two-time squash All-American and played on three national championship squads, including his senior year when he captained the Tigers to an undefeated season. After a four-year stint at IBM, he became the head coach of the Princeton squash team inbeing offered the position while serving on the search committee for the coaching vacancy.

Over the next 32 years, he guided the Tigers to victories, 11 Ivy League titles, and national championships in, and He also coached the individual national champion 10 times.

He was inducted into the U. Squash Hall of Fame in Those achievements, as impressive and legendary as they are, only tell a part of the Callahan story. For squash standout Todd Harrity, a Princeton alum and the last player to win an individual national title under Callahan, the lessons learned from his coach went well beyond the fine points of the game. The team was so strong, I knew I would be pushed outside of my limits and would discover how good I could be. He really helped my game but the most important thing was how he kept things in proper perspective.

He was always competitive, he wanted to win but at the same time he put as much emphasis on how you carried yourself and your demeanor on the court. If someone even dropped their racquet on the court during the match, you knew he would be having a talk with them. I was very impressed by that. They are all such fine young men, to all have the ability to attend Princeton and contribute in every conceivable way, athletically, in the classroom, and even musically.

It was like the Cleaver family.

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There is a real love and affection. His parenting, coaching, and teaching represents his immortality. We have to carry on but we are fortunate to have the foundation that he has already established. He had called me because I got a wild card to the Tournament of Champions and I was playing the No 1 player in the world.

I was really glad I got to see him. He shook my hand. Kristen lifted his hand into mine and he told me my hands were cold. I just talked about everything I had been doing and mentioned names in the squash world that I knew he would know.

The most striking thing to me was even when he was sick and dying, how much he cared about squash, the team, the players, and Princeton.

It was his passion. Sitting at the desk with a view of a squash court over his shoulder, he would greet me with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, always asking first how I was doing before we would chat about a gamut of subjects, whether it be the game that night, the fortunes of PHS soccer, or how his team and sons were doing. One of his players would invariably drift in the office with the perpetually open door and that would prompt an extended introduction and some good-natured ribbing.

The last time I sat down with him in the office was in the fall of to interview him for a feature on his induction into the squash Hall of Fame. His parting words to me that day serve as a fitting epitaph. Everyone is going to die at some point. It is not how old you are, it is what you do while you are here. Photo by Frank Wojciechowski Cameron Porter has proven he can excel at both soccer and his studies.

Last fall, he culminated his soccer career by leading the NCAA in points with 2. In reflecting on all of his honors, Porter acknowledged that he was proudest of being recognized for his excellence in the classroom. Now it is all soccer. I think the biggest thing is to keep working hard and learn as much as I can from the older players and figure out where I can fit in and best help the team. Ten seniors graduated and we went as freshmen. It was great to help the program turn things around, it was awesome to recapture that.

Before the first game, we had vertical jump and agility tests and a yard sprint. We also had interviews with the teams. I felt like I was playing well; the teams kept the info to themselves. Iron Tribe members develop meaningful friendships that last a lifetime. Iron Tribe has taken nutrition to a whole new level to help keep you on track with your goals.

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Come see for yourself. The images are now on view at the Columbia Museum of Art. Moutoussamy-Ashe first caught word of Daufuskie Island from a friend while on vacation in Charleston with her husband, the tennis phenom Arthur Ashe. With no bridge to the mainland until the s, the island managed to isolate itself from the outside world, abstaining from modern luxuries such as electricity and telephone service. In doing so, Daufuskie was like a time capsule, perfectly preserving the roots of a culture that had remained untouched for more than a century.

At the end of the Civil War, with nowhere else to go, freed slaves re-inhabited land of the very men that once held them captive, finding work in the oyster and logging industries. Like many other refugees across the nation, the new Daufuskie residents were the product of plantations, blending their native West African tongue with the new American dialect to create a hybrid culture that would come to be known as Gullah.

The new community prospered until excess pollution forced closure on the oyster beds and the population dwindled from 2, down to Abandoned by progress and virtually marooned on the island, the residents were forced to rely on a primal system of commerce in order to survive. Even though the culture had been relatively undisturbed for nearly 50 years, it was obvious that the island was going to develop into a resort like its neighbor, Hilton Head.

Starting slow at first, Moutoussamy-Ashe took the time to learn the stories and personal histories of the natives before ever lifting up her camera.

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Although her time was brief, the artist was able to immortalize all that the island culture had to offer by capturing the simplicity, and beauty, of everyday life. From expressions of young love, to the comforts of home cooking, her images reveal raw humanity of a culture before the tides of commercialism and development took over.

Now, I can see how things can work better. Her collection Daufuskie Island, first published inhas gone on to be featured in museum exhibits across the nation, most recently finding a home at the Columbia Museum of Art. South believes that the lesson of the series can still be felt in modern society.

I hear people talk about getting involved politically to help preserve what is important. For more information please visit columbiamuseum.