Professional car society 2015 meet of champions

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professional car society 2015 meet of champions

The Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology (MEET) Show takes place every two years and serves as a venue to bring together professionals from the mechanical and electrical industries from across North America. Electro- Federation Canada (EFC), Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), The winners included. contract. in the mid–s davenport had started on a career in silent films, Mrs. Jarr and the Society Circus; Fashion and Fury, O'Hagan's Scoop, The As Good as Married, Armored Car, Fly Away Baby, They Won't Forget, White Should Husbands Work?, death of a Champion, The Covered Trailer, Gone with . Glenn Thomas Jacobs (born April 26, ) is an American professional wrestler, actor, Within WWE, Kane is a three-time world champion (having held the WWF In a interview, veteran wrestler Ric Flair described Kane as "the best in .. He claimed that after Vick was killed in a car crash, Kane had sex with her.

He was later betrayed by The Corporation and thrown out of the alliance. Kane then formed a tag team with X-Pac and acquired a girlfriend, Tori.

While teaming with X-Pac, Kane evolved from being mute to aided speech through an electrolarynx to speaking unaided.

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His first unaided words were the DX slogan "suck it". Kane and X-Pac then engaged in a lengthy feud against each other, which was exacerbated in earlywhen Tori betrayed Kane and joined X-Pac and DX.

Kane later turned heel by assaulting The Undertaker, leading to a match between the two at SummerSlam. The match ended when The Undertaker removed Kane's mask, causing him to flee the ring, covering his exposed face. Kane lost the title to Albert on an episode of SmackDown! Kane shortly feuded with the New World Order and began acting human by talking through his mask and referring to his fans as "Kanenites".

In April, X-Pac crushed Kane's face with a chair and unmasked him as a way to write Kane off-screen since he tore his biceps. Unmasking — Kane inwearing his half mask weeks before his unmasking on Raw Kane returned to the renamed WWE as part of the Raw roster in Augustwith a new outfit and half-mask. They lost the titles to Chris Jericho and Christian the following week on Raw.

In the weeks preceding the match, Triple H claimed that, several years earlier, Kane had an unrequited relationship with a woman named Katie Vick.

professional car society 2015 meet of champions

Triple H later threatened to show video footage of Kane committing the act in question; however, the footage that finally aired showed Triple H dressed as Kane simulating mock sex with a mannequin in a casket; [50] Kane's tag team partner The Hurricane responded the following week by showing a video of Triple H rather, someone wearing a Triple H series of masks getting an enema.

The angle was very unpopular with fans, [51] and was de-emphasised before the title match. Kane was the 22nd entrant in the Royal Rumble match and lasted until the final three. Triple H won the match following interference from his stablemates, and on the June 23, episode of Raw, Kane removed his mask. He then turned heel and chokeslamed partner Van Dam, and defeated him at SummerSlam. He later attacked Linda McMahon on the Raw stage. In JanuaryKane took part in the Royal Rumble match; he was eliminated when he heard the bell toll from The Undertaker's entrance music, distracting and distressing Kane, and enabling Booker T to eliminate him.

Over the following weeks, Kane repeatedly insisted that The Undertaker was "dead", only to be met with various paranormal incidents such as a rainstorm localized over the ring in which he stood.

This led to him kidnapping Lita in May and asking her an unknown question, to which she replied in the affirmative later that month. Lita later announced that she was pregnant, with Matt Hardy her then-boyfriend both on- and off-screen, assuming that he was the child's father. On the June 21 episode of Raw, Kane claimed that he was the dad.

The next week, he explained that he had impregnated Lita in order to continue his legacy and justified a vicious attack on Shawn Michaels several weeks earlier by claiming that Michaels had stood in the way of him winning the World Heavyweight Championship. In order to appease Kane, General Manager Eric Bischoff gave Kane a rematch with Benoit, instructing Benoit that he could only win by submission, whereas Kane could win the title by any means.

Despite dominating much of the match, Kane again lost to Benoit.

professional car society 2015 meet of champions

Following the match, Lita came to the ring and low-blowed Kane, who initially went to chokeslam her in revenge, but stopped when he realized that she was trying to force him to cause her to miscarry their child.

Kane defeated Hardy, [57] and "married" Lita on the August 23 episode of Raw. Although he was attacked by Hardy during the ceremony, he gained the upper hand and ultimately chokeslammed Hardy off the stage in reality, Hardy needed time off because of a knee injury and later a staph infection.

Shawn Michaels who had his throat crushed by Kane was chosen and defeated Kane in a no-disqualification match at the pay-per-view. The next night, on the September 13 episode of Raw, Kane accidentally fell on Lita during a match with the debuting Gene Snitskywho hit him on the back with a steel chair, ostensibly causing Lita to miscarry.

Kane turned face after he sought revenge against Snitsky for causing the death of his child. He lost to Snitsky in a steel chain match at Taboo Tuesday[58] and he was sidelined for several months after Snitsky crushed his larynx with a chair following the match. This attack was a repeat performance of the storyline where Kane "injured" Michaels in the same exact manner.

The "injury" gave Kane time to complete his starring role in the film, See No Evil. This led to a match between Kane and Stratus' hired bodyguard Viscera at Backlash that was won by Kane. This would lead to a feud between Kane and Edge, whom Kane defeat at Vengeance despite interference from Snitsky. Teaming with Big Show — Main article: During the match between Kane and Big Show at BacklashKane's voice began echoing throughout the arena saying "May 19", "It's happening again" and "They're all going to know" leaving Kane visibly shaken.

Big Show then struck Kane with a chair, resulting in a no contest. On May 19, Kane appeared on SmackDown! The voices continued to the May 29 episode of Raw, when Kane was confronted by the source of the voice, an impostor Kane Luke Gallows ; wearing Kane's old mask and ring attire, he chokeslammed Kane during his match against Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship.

Kane and the look-alike continued to fight one another in subsequent weeks, leading to a match between the two being scheduled for Vengeancein which the real Kane lost to the impostor.

McMahon and Shane McMahon tag team match. Soon after, Kane would engage in a major feud with Umaga that concluded on October 9 in a Loser Leaves Raw match, which he lost. Kane continued a feud with MVP competing in several gimmick matches. The end result of the feud was an Inferno match at Armageddon ; Kane won by setting MVP's back on fire which resulted in first degree burns. Kane continued to have matches throughout the year with MVP.

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This match went to a no contest as The Undertaker interrupted after Kane had been eliminated and punished by the remaining opponents. At the event, Kane was defeated by Khali. The Boogeyman then joined the feud, teaming up with Kane. On the May 4 episode of SmackDown! Kane lost due to interference by Regal and Taylor.

On the May 25 episode of SmackDown! Around this time he would meet racing legend Buddy Bakerwho would eventually become his mentor on superspeedways.

However the race ended in controversy as it was discovered that Stewart had restarted the race too early and jumped the restart. Newman beat out Jimmie Johnson for the Rookie of the Year award on the strength of rookie records in top-fives 14 and top-tens 22even though Johnson had more wins, finished higher in the points standings, and led the standings at one point.

At Watkins Glenhe spun and hit the foam blocks, sending him on his side.

professional car society 2015 meet of champions

The near-flip was at the Aaron'swhen he blew a tire mid-pack and nearly turned on his side in turn 1, sparking a car crash. Though finishing the season with a series-high eight wins and eleven poles, Newman also suffered seven DNF's, which left him sixth in points. His number of poles during the season led to him being nicknamed 'Rocket Man". He made the Chase as well, while returning to the Busch Series after a four-year absence, winning six out of the nine races he entered, including a series-record five straight.

Newman's Daytona car, on display at the Daytona Experience Newman endured his first winless season infinishing a career-worst 18th in points, while his longtime crew chief, Matt Borland, left for Michael Waltrip Racing.

professional car society 2015 meet of champions

His pole ratio between his rookie year and was one in every three races, tying him for fifteenth on the all-time poles list. As of July, Ryan has 50 poles, placing him 9th all-time. It was also the first Daytona win for Penske. Stewart-Haas Racing — [ edit ] Newman pits his No. The team was renamed Stewart-Haas Racing before the season. On September 12 at Richmond, Newman finished 10th and clinched a spot in the Chase for the first time since On November 1,at the Amp Energy at Talladega SuperspeedwayNewman was involved in a heavy crash on the back stretch in which he flipped over on top of Kevin Harvick entering Turn 3.

He ended up on his roof and because the roof was crushed, crews had to use the Jaws of Life to pry the roof off the car after NASCAR officials flipped it back over. He only led 4 laps during the race.

professional car society 2015 meet of champions

He got his first win of the season winning on a fuel mileage having enough to get the checkered flag at the Lenox Industrial Tools at New Hampshire, giving him his 3rd career win at the track. At the same track in September, Newman grabbed his 3rd pole of the season at the Sylvania The 49th pole of his career put him in a tie for 10th all time on career poles with Bobby Isaac.

On April 1,at Martinsville SpeedwayNewman survived a wild finish to get the 16th win of his career. The finish involved a controversial caution with 3 laps to go involving the No.

Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson dominated but on the restart, they crashed with Clint Bowyer and Newman came through unscathed en route to the win. Newman competing in the STP Gas Booster at Martinsville Speedway Newman's campaign started with a 5th-place finish in the Daytonabut his momentum changed with two crashes at Phoenix the following week.

He finished 38th at Las Vegas, but recovered with a 7th-place finish at Bristol. Newman collected two more Top 10 finishes in the next three races, but during that span he also had a controversial 31st-place finish in Martinsville.

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After a puncture, Newman appeared to stop deliberately and was penalized three laps. Two mediocre races at Kansas and Richmond followed, before the series went to Talladega. There, Newman was initially running well but finished 32nd when he and his teammate Danica Patrick were caught up in a spectacular late crash that saw Kurt Busch flip over and land on top of Newman. At Dover, Newman was running well until a pit road accident.

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There, he nearly tapped Jimmie Johnson after locking up his wheels when coming into pit road. He was penalized for a speeding violation resulting from the locked wheels and was one lap down after the penalty. Not long after the penalty, Newman was involved in an accident with David Gillilandending his race. Newman strung together three unimpressive races at Michigan, Kentucky, and Sonoma, before finishing 10th at Daytona after a crash at the finish line.

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On July 27, Newman won the pole for the Brickyard The race was mainly a duel between Newman and Jimmie Johnson. On the final set of pit stops, Newman capitalized on a mistake by Johnson's pit crew and held on to the lead to win the race. It was Newman's first victory since the Goody's Fast Relief He got past Menard, but could not catch Busch or Edwards on the last three laps, and lost the tiebreaker for the runner-up Wildcard spot with Martin Truex, Jr.

On September 9,it was announced that Newman would replace Truex in the Chase after an investigation into Bowyer's spin proved that Bowyer had spun himself out intentionally to give Truex an opportunity to hold off Newman for the spot, under which Truex would have clinched a tiebreaker over Newman. During the Cup series event, Newman controlled the race with less than 50 laps to go battling Kyle Busch for the lead for several laps.

An untimely caution came out with less than 40 to go.