Wired on honda meet 2015 miss

wired on honda meet 2015 miss

The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric vehicle that was manufactured and marketed by Honda in .. In the drive-by-wire system, the engine's throttle body is controlled by the powertrain .. of Honda Insights (including 27 and 5 in & respectively) with a peak of .. "Honda Insight will likely miss U.S. sales target". Richard Browning built the world's fastest personal jet suit. WIRED spoke with him to find out about the design process and engineering a radical new. I.C.E. & Electrical - Meet your ELD - Electrical Load Detector. - See this photo: The ELD is hardwired inline with the main 80 amp battery fuse. If you were to.

In this arrangement, a digital speedometer is mounted high on the instrument panel within the driver's normal line-of-sight for ease of visibility.

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An analog tachometer, fuel gauge, hybrid assist gauge, and Multi-Information Display are housed in the lower tier. This system mates an internal combustion engine with an electric motor mounted directly to the engine's crankshaft between the engine and transmission.

Honda states that this configuration is less complex, lower cost, and compact enough to accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes when compared to competing hybrid powertrains. Honda has used previous generations of this IMA system on all of its production hybrid vehicles including the original Insight, Civic Hybrid, and Accord Hybrid.

Advanced development has allowed the Insight's IMA system to be 19 percent smaller and 28 percent lighter than the previous generation IMA used in the existing Civic Hybrid. The Insight's IMA includes a high-efficiency, lightweight, low-friction 1.

wired on honda meet 2015 miss

The motor acts as a generator during braking, steady cruising, gentle deceleration and coasting in order to recharge the IMA battery. The motor also serves as the engine starter, quickly spinning the engine to idle speed after Idle Stop and during normal vehicle starting. The system will automatically switch to a back-up, conventional volt starter to start the engine if the IMA system is disabled or if the car is started at extreme cold temperatures.

As an additional safety feature, Honda's hybrid configuration allows the car to operate like a conventional, petrol-engine vehicle even if the IMA hybrid-electric motor system is completely disabled. The Insight's Continuously Variable Transmission CVT provides infinite ratios to keep the engine operating within its most efficient range. Forward gear ratios are infinitely variable between 3.

Honda Insight

Final drive is 4. On Insight EX models, paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel allow the driver to engage a manual shift mode and select from seven simulated gear ratios for full control over acceleration and engine braking. Since the CVT's gear ratios are continuously variable the system electronically directs the transmission to up- or downshift into pre-determined ratios when the driver taps the shift paddles.

In normal driving, the CVT allows the engine and IMA motor to stay in their most efficient operating range thereby providing superior fuel efficiency to that of a conventional automatic transmission with fixed gear ratios. The CVT's variable gear ratios allow for both quick, initial acceleration and efficient, low-rpm cruising. In the drive-by-wire system, the engine's throttle body is controlled by the powertrain computer in response to the accelerator pedal position—allowing the computer to determine the optimal throttle body, fuel, and CVT settings based on the accelerator pedal position and its rate of travel.

Car and Driver magazine performed a comparison between the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. Overall, Car and Driver selected the Insight as their preferred vehicle due to its "fun-to-drive" qualities including superior handling, steering, braking, and paddle-shifted transmission.

Meet your ELD - Electrical Load Detector....

IMA battery[ edit ] The Insight's IMA is powered by a flat, nickel metal hydride battery pack located below the cargo floor between the rear wheels. The 84 module battery is manufactured by Sanyo Electric [57] and provides a nominal system voltage of The battery is recharged automatically by scavenging engine power, when needed, and by regenerative braking when the car is decelerating.

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The power management electronics, battery modules, and cooling system are all self-contained within the IMA battery pack. As a visual aid, the background of the Insight's digital speedometer glows green when the car is being driven in an efficient manner.

Somewhat less-efficient driving makes the meter glow blue-green. Aggressive starts and stops that consume extra fuel make the meter glow blue. By observing the color shift of the speedometer background, the driver receives assistance in developing driving habits that typically enhance fuel economy.

In ECON mode, the driver trades off a measure of performance for enhanced fuel economy but gains the following advantages: Increases the potential for engaging the Idle Stop feature sooner Operates air conditioning more in recirculation mode Reduces automatic climate control blower fan speed Optimizes throttle angle input and CVT operation Limits power and torque by approximately 4 percent full responsiveness is provided at wide-open-throttle Overall, ECO ASSIST is designed to assist the driver in adopting a balanced approach between efficient highway commuting and efficient city driving.

The ECO Guide display includes a real-time graphic that provides a target zone for acceleration and deceleration in order to achieve maximum fuel economy. When the ignition switch is turned off, a summary screen displays a scoring function that encourages drivers to take an interest in developing fuel-efficient driving habits over the long term.

Chassis, suspension, and steering[ edit ] The Insight's compact chassis is derived from components used in the Honda Fit. While the Fit locates the fuel tank under the front seats, the Insight positions the fuel tank under the rear seats. This allows the Insight's hybrid battery pack to be located in the cargo floor below the spare tire, to accommodate folding rear seats, lower roofline, and a more aerodynamic body shape. Front and rear suspension components from the Fit are used including MacPherson struts at the front and an H-shaped torsion beam at the rear to keep the load floor low.

Front and rear stabilizer bars are also installed. The rack-and-pinion steering uses electric assist and allows the Insight to steer normally even when the engine is shut off in Idle Stop mode. The braking system includes four-channel ABS, electronic brake distribution, and a creep aid system to prevent the car from rolling on a hill. A brake booster pressure monitoring system monitors vacuum when the engine is shut off during Idle Stop mode.

wired on honda meet 2015 miss

The ELD will output. This reference voltage is what tells the ECU to increase or decrease the field strength in the alternator, which in turn bumps up the output of the alternator. I have traced it to the system voltage not being high enough - which is causing the battery to be strained.

Meet your ELD - Electrical Load Detector - Honda Civic Forum

Essentially my battery is shot. Back to the subject at hand though. Since all aftermarket electrical feeds are pretty much tapped off of the positive terminal of the battery, the current path is not flowing through the ELD.

What does this do? All of the amplifiers, LCD monitors, and pretty much anything else that isn't fed through the factory wiring of the car draw a lot of current.

wired on honda meet 2015 miss

Since the ELD isn't detecting any additional current draw from the battery, it is going to keep the alternator's output at minimum You are not getting the most bang for your buck when you run your stereo equipment, since the system voltage is not at This is going to put a lot of strain on the battery and possibly the charging system.