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Haters Back Off! (TV Series –) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. .. The writing is painfully awful to sit through with the jokes incredibly unfunny and . sense of awkwardness and struggle to be noticed and accepted by others. Great job with the casting also, all of the actors did a really phenomenal job. 22 Things All Awkward The 33 Most Painfully Awkward Celebrity And Fan Encounters Of All Time .. The 13 Most Awkward Celebrity Meet and Greets. The 33 Most Painfully Awkward Celebrity And Fan Encounters Of All Time When these children met their idol. . When the WAXWORK version of Niall Horan at Madame Tussauds was just too much to handle. . Marina Butina, a Republican activist during the presidential election, pleaded guilty.

Was it an easy audition process? At the start of the year I wrote a bucket list and getting on big brother was on itso I searched online found an email address for a casting producer and emailed them about myself and why they should have me. After that there came a rigorous process to get on the show of phone calls, Interviews and meetings in London until I was chosen as a housemate.

We all know about the romance between yourself and Ryan, Was it love at first sight? But by the 2nd day I knew he was himself just that he had a fantastic personality. I loved you in the house, Not afraid to stand up what you believe in, Natalie was a horrid woman! Have you seen her since the show? Did she make your experience more difficult? Natalie is a disgrace of a women. She had a dark presence about her she was always dressed in black and wearing dark Sun glasses.

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And sitting in the smoking area throwing in comments left right and centre when she deemed necessary to people. I was top of the list for this twat. I chose in the end to ignore her and I let the public do the talking and boy did they. She made me uncomfortable at times though and I was glad to see the back of her. I hope to never see that thing again.

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Since you been out, I know you had a lot of positive reactions which is amazing! Thank you to all of them. In my last interview with Ryan, He said about you moving to London sometime this year and live together, You looking forward to the big move?

Hows your family feeling you moving from Dublin? Yes I am looking forward to moving to the UK and starting a new life. We also talked about people online saying you and Ryan should get your own show, Do you think we be seeing it?

As Colleen has come from a YouTube background, the transition to television was one I believe she was not fully ready for. To my knowledge she was the primary writer, consultant, and actress on this series as well as her brother, Chris Ballinger. Possibly, her sibling caused some form of disruption in the writing process because he himself is not inside the head of Miranda.

Colleen is truly the only person who knows how Miranda acts as well as her family members and friends. An alternative explanation could be that Colleen was incredibly overworked and was dealing with running three channels to which she consistently uploaded during this time, the TV show itself, moving to Canada away from her family, and her issues with her shoulder, which I know caused a lot of stress for her.

Maybe all of these stressors were not helpful in the creation of "Haters Back Off," and impacted the script and production negatively. The only good performance in this entire series is from Colleen, although I have heard that some people are unhappy with her acting.

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I find this to be confusing because Colleen does a great job with this wacky character. She fully embodies this character. From her makeup, hair, clothing, facial expressions, voice, and even the way she walks.

It takes true talent to transform yourself into the opposite of your real personality. However, placing this unique, funny, and insane character into an environment filled with other crazy, not well written characters was a horrible idea. The novelty of Miranda wears off due to these other unnecessary characters.

I've always been very entertained by Miranda's videos on YouTube because she is with a normal person in all of her collaborations. The contrast here is what is funny. It highlights how truly weird, unreasonable, and hilarious Miranda as a character is compared to normal, everyday people in the YouTube community.

YouTube stars in the flesh? YES PLEASE.

Inserting Miranda into a group of other characters with their own unfunny quirks does not work in the slightest.

My least favorite characters have to be Miranda's mother, Bethany, and her uncle, Jim. Bethany's subplot about her imaginary injury and cringe worthy love interest with a fetish for injured women was completely uncalled for and agonizingly unfunny.

Every scene with her brought the show down a notch and made me feel uncomfortable. Jim was incredibly over the top and over dramatic in a very unhumorous way. He was obnoxious and overbearing.