Bjorn and porunn meet me halfway

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bjorn and porunn meet me halfway

Ragnar's son, Bjorn, played by “Hunger Games” star Alexander Ludwig, is deeply in love with slave girl Porunn (Gaia Weiss), despite his. So I went in and I met with the president of MGM Television and everybody How is Bjorn's relationship with Porunn this season? him to the ground and then he'll end up throwing something at me halfway through the day. Elsewhere, Ragnar and Bjorn meet with the Seer. are equal,' the Lagertha fan girl in me screams, 'You have always been equal!' . In Kattegat, Porunn takes shieldmaiden lessons because she wants to be like But halfway through, the French mustered their strength and started landing blows and.

Ragnar suppressed a smile on seeing them, he knew of the relationship between them. He would have to make sure, after the return from their latest raid, to grant her status as a free woman. He knew it was the only thing holding the two of them back.

She had certainly earned it, he felt. Porunn was carrying a small bundle of Torvi's belongings; she looked over at Torvi, as well as Ragnar and Aslaug. Finally she seemed to make her decision.

I would have thought several of Jarl Borg's friends and allies would seek vengeance. I only met him once, but even that was enough to make me see the danger. Torvi took a shaky breath before speaking. A man not to be taken lightly.

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He is smart, he is cruel, the laws of Gods and men mean nothing to him. I welcome any challenge from him.

bjorn and porunn meet me halfway

She gave Aslaug a beseeching look before bidding them farewell and leaving. That night, once the boys were in bed and Sigurd asleep, Aslaug turned her attention to her husband. She considered the look Torvi had given her and knew things would be difficult; but she had to convince Ragnar or the danger.

bjorn and porunn meet me halfway

Her husband, for all his greatness, had some rather unfortunate flaws. Sadly his pride and overconfidence could be counted amongst them. There are so many ways he could do it, worse still, he's likely thought of all of them.

He is patient, beyond human patience. He will his revenge simmer for years, plotting, planning, then, in one move, he gets it. All I ask dear husband, is that you consider everything carefully. Do not underestimate Jarl Alfgeir, or it will be your ruin.

I think like any son of a father, they want to make their father proud and they want to be — I think especially amongst this family, there is deep, deep down a certain amount of aspiration to not only fulfill what his father had […] accomplished, but to accomplish even more than what his father ever could.

Conversely, do you think he actually needs to? I think that he does know that he did something wrong. I think you can look forward to seeing that. He was so focused on the goal that the family had, that his father and he had, which was to colonize Paris and — at the this point, just to fight the two armies. So he was so focused on that. So how do you think that affected who he is now?

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For instance, do you think that made him more sensitive towards women since he saw what his mother went through? In a way, I think Bjorn has kind of become the perfect mix but as he will soon realize, to be powerful and to command a presence amongst such ruthless people, you have to have a certain ruthlessness yourself. What do you think your character needs to learn this season?

bjorn and porunn meet me halfway

I think he needs to learn that to be a leader you have to encompass a certain sense of ruthlessness, because right now he is a perfect medium I think in encompassing a confidence in himself yet also keeping the poise. How did you get the part and what was it that attracted you to Bjorn?

It was actually funny how this actually came about. So I started watching the show and I called some of my friends and told them what was happening. Then I did a reading with Travis and Katheryn. It has been the creative experience of my life thus far. How would you define your relationship with Lagertha this season? For your fans, what should they be looking at the most for? You can look for more of a camaraderie amongst the two as opposed to a mother and son relationship.

This season is a very, very big one for my character in that his parents are going to him for advice.