Cute one direction meet and gre ets

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cute one direction meet and gre ets

Niall Horan has shown how dedicated One Direction are to their fans by spending a good chunk of his .. Pausing a beat before he exhales Zayn replies: 'Nice'. . 1D's Niall Horan meets and greets fans in Manchester. e-mail. I thought was a One Direction meet and greet,not a Harry Styles solo session. .. Just another picture of them with pretty fans at meet and greets. Salma · One. Read Chapter 11 - Official Meet and Greets from the story UnStarStruck by your hotel gets mobbed by screaming teenage girls why did One Direction have to Lydia asked while standing up and wandering into the kitchen, it was funny.

I go up to the lady and I'm like "yo did you just ask about the meet and greet? I was real lucky she came and asked and also I wasn't alone. On the way to the vip entrance, i was like "the email was literally just like 'go to the north entrance'" and she's like "yeah that was totally stupid like how were people supposed to know? I checked in and got the lanyard and they were like "wait in this hallway".

There were like 60 people there total. We were all waiting there for the next hour then they're finally like "ok everyone she's ready". They took all of our stuff and had us line up in this room where there was a lil black tent at the other exit where they were going to take the actual pic. We stand there for like 15 more minutes then they're like "ok we are gonna start now!

It's finally my turn to walk in and I'm obviously a lil shook but I walk in and Demi's there sidenote: I walk over Demi says nothing, just stands there smiling towards the camera and the lady takes the one Then I real quick turn to Demi and I'm like "hi im bipolar and anorexic and you've saved my life twice tysm you're my idol and inspiration" she's still just smiling towards the camera, btw, intently focused on keeping the same face so all the pictures come out good and identical.

“This Sh*t Is Unreal” Niall Horan Posts Savage Tweet To Fan Who Invaded His Privacy

Then she turns her head for a second, looks me in the eyes still with the same smileand gives me the shittiest " I walk away like "ummm wtf just happened". The lady outside is like "how was meeting demi? D" and I just did a "haha I'm glad I paid for it 4 months ago so I don't feel as ripped off". Kehlani and Khaled were great. Demi was good, but also she barely moves around the stage anymore probably because she doesn't want her extensions to fall out, so she was kind of underwhelming.

Her technique is a lot better than it was before, but her vocals in the Future Now tour were honestly a bit stronger.


Her setlist was also kind of meh. In the middle, she preached about how "for anyone out there with an eating disorder, or bipolar, or insecurities, or self-harm: Also, she had an unhealthy obsession with the thing on the stage that goes up and down into the floor.

If I could go back in time or met her againI would love to say some of the following: Isn't it sweaty when you go to spin class at SoulCycle? Don't get me wrong -- you're the perfect balance of sexy and cute always, but maybe a trim?

The Rules:

Regardless of length, you work that headscarf. Also, I liked your "Dream Boat" shirt. The Show Itself 5 Seconds of Summer, the opening act, performed for a good 45 minutes.

It felt a little long, but they have good energy and they mentioned Mark Wahlberg exactly times between the three shows. Once they were done, I was in my zone -- this was the moment I'd been waiting for. And then, after over an HOUR of waiting for the stage set-up to be complete, I was graced with the most beautiful sight God and Simon Cowell could have ever produced: Before this, though, they showed a little informational safety video, in which each boy told us to drink lots of water and reminded us not to throw things or push.

To be honest, I didn't process this video until I later watched it on YouTube, because I was too busy listening to their deep British accents pronounce each individual syllable.

cute one direction meet and gre ets

The concert opens with a pre-taped video of the guys doing some sort of green-screen "tour around the world" -- scuba-diving, chilling with penguins, pushing up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc. There is a moment that Niall holds a puppy and the screams are so deafening and shrill, they can only be heard by canines. The show had little variation from night to night, with most of it coming in the form of new banter between songs.

The outline was always the same: On Night 2, this exchange occurred: Who likes the Red Sox? Who likes the Celtics? And who likes the Packers? The set list was mostly comprised of songs from their latest album, Midnight Memories. This album is such a banger that it was all good by me, though I probably would've preferred "Something Great" over the older "Moments.

cute one direction meet and gre ets

Someone would later go on to steal a balled up streamer I saved out of my purse. The Fans It needs to be said that being a 1D fan is a complicated thing, and being united as one big group of 1D fans sharing an experience together can have its highs and lows. The first night was harder for me, as no one was really up to trade 1D war stories while waiting the full hour between opener 5 Seconds of Summer and the main course of the night, One Direction.

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In fact, going alone is a lot like how Lauren Yapalater from BuzzFeed described it: Oh, I love The ! I saw them at Lollapalooza last Sunday. I saw the at Lollapalooza last Sunday. Girl, clearly having no idea what Lollapalooza is or why I'm speaking to her: She would later go on to shove in front of me during "Happily.

The last night, the girls around me were more open to discussion. On my left, the girl next to me and in front of me had just upgraded their seats to the floor that day and they were pretty jazzed. We talked about college, and they were all shocked that: I felt very popular. These were my people. The only issue was that during the show, the girl on my left who had the seat closest to the stage was letting people into our row in order for them to be closer.

We all want to be close, but some of us are just luckier than others! Furthermore, the tickets were sold as a "Select your seat" deal on Ticketmaster. You literally had to click a dot and that was your seat.

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They chose to be further away. I am close for a reason! Ain't nobody got time for girls pushing through the rows and knocking me out of my place. We did have a good moment of unity when Harry came closest to us. He stood there for a good three minutes which is Forever in 1D timeblowing kisses and throwing out water bottles and towels. We all lurched forward, but in perfect sync, so no one was hurt. Sometimes Harry does this thing where he splashes or spits his water on the crowd. He didn't do it, but he did give me a funny look, right into my eyes, and using telekinesis, he sent me this message: He just stood there and did more cute things and I melted into a puddle on the floor.

This was the look he gave me: