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In his most desperate hour, Sun Quan puts his faith in Lu Xun, but When we defeated Guan Yu, Lu Xun was the one who came up with all the ideas. the two generals presently in charge — Han Dang and Zhou Tai — were shocked. .. Anyway, Cao Pi told his three commanders to meet on a specific. Zhou Yu asked Lu Su to send the letter to Sun Quan. Having read that letter, Sun Quan was very pleased and sent Lu Fan to Jingzhou as an intermediary. When Lu Fan talked with Liu Bei about the proposal, Zhuge Liang was so that when Sun Quan arrived, he found his mother beating her breast and weeping bitterly. In Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends, Sun Quan is ambushed at the castle and Reinforcements by Zhou Tai will join in should the battle take too long. After defeating Zhang Liao for a third time, trio also retreat as more Wei This surprises Li Dian, who encounters the Wu army before he can sneak into their camp.

There is no need to go rescue him. Once I have defeated Shu, he will naturally be freed. Did you see how he conducted himself? The next day, he ordered his troops to fortify their defenses and to avoid engaging the enemy, but the men all mocked him for being overly cautious and ignored his order.

Why do you disobey my command?

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Sir, his lordship appointed you as grand commander and ordered you to repel the Shu forces. You should be drawing up a plan and deploying troops toward that end. Are you waiting for heaven to kill your enemies for you? We are not cowards.

What is there to be gained by sapping our spirits like this? We ask for a decisive battle! And I will suffer any humiliation, shoulder any burden that is required of me. You all must defend your respective locations and refrain from making rash moves.

Anyone who disobeys will be executed! Meanwhile, on the other side of the lines, Liu Bei had garrisoned his army at Xiaoting 1,2and it stretched all the way back to the border of the Riverlands, spanning more than miles and totaling 40 camps in all. During the day, their banners were so numerous that they blocked out the sun. At night, there were enough campfires to light up the sky. So this was an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Spies soon brought word to Liu Bei that Dongwu had put Lu Xun in command of its forces and that his first order was for all the forces to assume a defensive posture.

One of his advisers, Ma 3 Liang 2spoke up. It was his schemes that fueled their sneak attack on Jing Province. We must not underestimate him. Worried that Han Dang might do something rash, Lu Xun hurried onto the scene to take a look for himself. He joined Han Dang atop a hill, where they watched as the Shu army swept across the field in impressive numbers. Among their ranks was a yellow canopy. I want to attack.

If we go out, it would not go well. We should focus on rewarding our troops and broadening our defensive strategy and wait for the situation to change. Right now, Liu Bei is parading his forces on open ground, but by maintaining a strict defensive posture, we deny them the battle they seek.

They will then move to among the trees. Then I shall devise a plan for victory. While Liu Bei sent his front column to hurl abuse at the enemy and challenge them to battle, Lu Xun just ordered his troops to ignore the insults and stay put.

He personally inspected all the key locations to praise the troops while ordering them to stay on the defensive. This lack of action, meanwhile, was making Liu Bei impatient, and his adviser Ma Liang once again came to preach caution. He is refusing to give battle so as to wait for something to go wrong on our end. So Liu Bei ordered each of his 40 camps to move from the open flat grounds, where water sources were sparse, to hills with lots of vegetation and more easily accessible streams.

They were to stay there until summer had given way to fall, at which point they would advance again. But Ma Liang was worried about this redeployment. If Lu Xun finds out that our camps are moving, he will no doubt come attack. I will order Wu Ban to feign defeat to lure Lu Xun in, and I will strike and cut off his return path.

Then he will be ours. So here we have probably the first instance in the novel where Liu Bei decides he was too smart to need Zhuge Liang. In the meantime, Ma Liang would not give up. He saw that on a flat plain, there were barely 10, Shu soldiers camped out, most of whom looked old and weak.

If we are not victorious, we shall accept punishment. We must not go out. The next day, Wu Ban led his troops to challenge the Dongwu forces to battle.

Wu Ban and his men laid it on thick, prowling around, hurling insults, and some even going so far as to removing their armor and clothes, and just lying around naked, daring Dongwu to come fight them. We would like to go attack them!

This is their trick to lure you out. So three days passed, and Lu Xun gathered his officers to take a look at the enemy. They saw that Wu Ban and his army of old and weak soldiers had left. He had barely finished speaking when a stout-looking battalion of Shu soldiers appeared, protecting Liu Bei as they passed. The sight of this army scared all the Dongwu soldiers. All their key locations have been fortified.

How can we defeat them? After this, Sun Quan must steal a horse from Zhang Liao in order to escape. Hefei returns in Dynasty Warriors 6 with four scenarios. The Wei version of the battle requires that all of the Wu officers must be defeated to clear the stage. The Wu scenario requires the capture of the West and East castles to clear the stage.

There is also a scenario for Lu Bu's forces. Taking the East Castle that is guarded by Sun Quan will deflate enemy morale. Reinforcements by Zhou Tai will join in should the battle take too long. In the Wei and Wu scenarios, you can lower a drawbridge near the center of the stage as part of completing one of the targets. In Dynasty Warriors 7 Wei's side of the battle is split into two parts as the first half starts out with Zhang Liao jumping from the castle walls to confront enemy vanguard head on.

After two Wu officers have been defeated, Yue Jin and Li Dian get inspired to join the fight as well and together they make their way to northwest garrison, where Ding Feng leads the vanguard. Part two begins with Zhang Liao and his comrades discuss a plan to catch Sun Quan off guard. However Gan Ning leads the enemy's secondary unit to assault the undermanned Hefei castle. After the Wu forces have been repulsed, Sun Quan will begin to retreat east until he finds the bridge destroyed by Li Dian.

Zhang Liao comes close to finishing his mission until jumps over the destroyed bridge to safety but manages to cut down Taishi Ci. Wu side tells the battle differently as Ling Tong and Gan Ning have a contest to see who can defeat the most enemies.

The game comes to a head as a few ambushes severely damage the Wu forces across the battlefield. When they arrive at the central garrison, Zhang Liao jumps into the garrison and orders an arrow attack on an exposed Sun Quan. After defeating Zhang Liao for a third time, trio also retreat as more Wei forces are approaching them. In Dynasty Warriors 8 no reinforcements will actually come to aid the undermanned defense in the Wei scenario.

Once players take the four surrounding garrisons, they can attack Sun Quan; Zhou Tai will stand as a final obstacle. The eighth game's scenario for Wu has them face insurmountable odds. Immediately afterwards Zhang Liao destroys Xiaoshi bridge, cutting off the escape route for Wu and causing confusion among Sun Quan's forces.

Sun Quan attempts to recover from the loss by returning to his camp and rescuing the soldiers and engineers inside, however as soon as he enters Li Dian ambushes the Wu forces and shuts the gates of the camp. Zhang Liao then reappears at the escape point trying to stop the Wu forces from retreating, but is eventually defeated as well.

Sun Ce's conquests in Jiangdong

In the alternate path, both Zhou Yu and Lu Su are present and assist the Wu army by preventing mistakes made in the original scenario. Lu Su first correctly predicts Zhang Liao's attempt to destroy Xiaoshi bridge and defeats the general before he can do so.

He also correctly predicts Li Dian's attempted ambush from above the western ridge after Wei troops block of the main bridge to Hefei. This surprises Li Dian, who encounters the Wu army before he can sneak into their camp. Wei reinforcements led by Jia Xu arrive in the south and put Taishi Ci on the defensive, but the Wei reinforcements are blunted and defeated by Wu reinforcements led by Sun Jian and Sun Ce.

Soon Yue Jin is joined by both Li Dian and Zhang Liao, and the three attempt one last stand against the Wu forces, but are ultimately defeated after failing to destroy the rams that break down the gate of Hefei Castle.

Warriors Orochi Edit During Orochi's storyDa Ji wants to entertain herself by watching the humans fight amongst themselves. Zhuge Liang orders the army to destroy either the north or southern Wu fronts.

Once they are out of the picture, the Orochi troops proceed on their march. In due time, Zhou Yu orders Gan Ning and Zhang Liao to appear in the center to strike fear in the serpent army and rush for the Orochi main camp. Zhuge Liang orders the bridge connecting the two pieces of land to obliterated, thus forcing the two generals to turn around.

The army strategist will also order troops to come out of hiding if any officer reaches the northern east bridged area. Sun Ce arrives to reinforce from the south-west and Sun Jian commences the final charge. Both members of the Sun family must be defeated to achieve victory.

Though facing his brother and a portion of his former allies, Sun Ce looks forward to testing his brother's strength. The officers following Sun Ce are in the north and castle area while Sun Quan's larger force is in the south sections of the map. Lu Meng orders the player to first lure the enemy in the south within the castle.

A powered up Keiji and Zhen Ji will be in the advance and, if the plot is carried out, their morale will weaken. Cao Ren charges from the center and Lu Meng orders the troops to counter.

As more troops pour into the field, Lu Meng orders the destruction of the bridge, which requires to defeat the two guard captains at both ends. Taking place sometime after Orochi's first death, the ladies are on the move to join with their allies at He Fei. Tempted by Da Ji with the promise of many fabulous weapons for his collection, Benkei accompanies them. Throughout the stage, he strives to prove his might and steals his victims weapons as his prize.

The other Orochi escapees are under siege against head-hunters lead by Zhang Jiao. After the stranded units are rescued, they regroup within the castle to lead an all out attack. Sakon and his forces eventually appear in the south to perform a pincer on the ally troops. Benkei counters the tactic by beating and bullying Sakon's engineers to work for him.

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Shingen threatens the castle by charging upwards from his position in the west. In the midquel DLC stage, "Rise of Kiyomori Part 1" Kiyomori Taira 's forces notice that Kiyomori has gained significant powers since his resurrection, and decide to test it on the outlying Wei and Wu forces. They first capture a lone Wang Yiand successfully brainwash her into serving the serpent army. The serpent army then turns it's attention to the remaining Wu forces and attack with their new allies.

Kiyomori would then use Hefei as a foothold against his next target, Fan Castle. Seeing Sun Jian in the area, Yukimura first moves to rescue the general and his army.

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After the Wu army is rescued, Kenshin plans a sneak attack on the enemy cavalry, and the Wu army volunteers to lead the raid while Kagekatsu baits the enemy. As the two trios confront each other, another team of Shingen, Aya and Kanetsugu appear, and the objective changes to defeating all enemy officers. Once all officers are defeated, Kaguya and Shennong will appear, and will explain the recent occurrences at the battle's end.

On the envelope, it was written "Do not open this letter yet, until the enemy has arrived".

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Sun Quan saw that Cao Cao had just conquered Hanzhong and could not get back to the east in time, so in August, he led an army of aboutmen to attack Hefei. Zhang Liao and his deputies opened the envelope and read the letter, on which this was written "If Sun Quan has arrived, Zhang Liao and Li Dian will meet the enemy, Yue Jin will stay and guard the city and not engage the enemy. The lord wishes us to affect the enemy's morale before the actual battle begins, in order to calm the troops.

Only then can we defend the city effectively. The crucial battle is about to begin, does anyone have any doubts?