Did elvis and buddy holly ever meet

Scotty Moore - Fair Park Coliseum and the Cotton Club

did elvis and buddy holly ever meet

Although Presley’s career developed much faster, the two men were only a year apart in age and came from similar backgrounds and family circumstances. When Elvis performed in Lubbock Texas, Holly’s hometown, in , Holly opened for him and by some accounts stole the show. Elvis and Buddy Holly must have liked a lot of the same songs, because Elvis was in the Army in Germany then, so we can assume he did not attend im looking to find out if anyone has information on Elvis' reaction to .. Elvis never made a buddie movie, so this is as close as you're ever going to get. No one had ever seen anything like it. We had met Elvis' first Elvis did several shows in Lubbock during his first year on the road, in When he first After that, Buddy met Elvis on each of his Lubbock visits. I think Elvis.

Aroundwhen Buddy was 15 years old, he started jamming with another Lubbock musician, Jack Neal. The two put together a country and western act and played live entertainment Saturday morning for youngsters at Lubbock movie theaters. On November 10 that year, a station DJ recorded an acetate of the duo singing and playing. Meanwhile, things were happening much faster for Elvis in Memphis.

did elvis and buddy holly ever meet

By the time Buddy graduated from high school inElvis already had four singles out on Sun Records and had worked the concert circuit across the south for a year and a half. The most beautiful girls in Lubbock were trying to climb the bales to get at him. Buddy even made a leather guitar case for his J that matched the one Elvis used to carry his Martin D Colonel Tom Parker came to town looking for a talent to manage.

He thought enough of Buddy, though, to recommend him to Nashville talent agent Eddie Crandall. On December 2, Buddy signed an exclusive management contract with Crandall. Soon Crandall got Buddy a record deal with Decca. Both Elvis and Buddy had January dates in Nashville for their first recording sessions for their new labels. While would turn out to be a spectacular breakout year for Elvis, for Buddy it was a year of failure and exploitation that would test his resolve to make it as a professional entertainer.

The result was predictable. As dawned, Buddy was penniless, his career no further along than it had been 12 months before.

The one positive thing Buddy took from his failed year at Decca was some experience with songwriting. Crowd seated in the Cotton Club ca. Also according to the book Elvis had performed at the club after appearing at the Coliseum on their first two occasions. First in January to a small audience and then again in February after word got out to a packed house.

Its possible that they also appeared at the club after performing at the Coliseum in Lubbock on all of their appearances. Holmes courtesy Steve Bonner According to " Elvis: The Sun Years ", by Bill E. Burk, the Lowe's daughter, Pat, would go to the club after school and fix sandwiches for the night's patrons. Ralph, the owner got angry, had it washed, and then took. For one thing, we all followed Elvis out there after his shows in Lubbock.

He performed a few songs and knocked everybody's socks off, especially ours. I saw the great blues man Charles Brown there. He had a terrific orchestra. I was the only white person in the place and the guitar player let me sit on stage right next to him.

It was an experience I'll never forget. I don't know how we were able to get in at such a young age. I guess the "powers that be" just looked the other way. This time they performed a free show in a roped off area of the showroom at the Johnson-Connelley Pontiac dealership at the corner of Main St.

did elvis and buddy holly ever meet

Mac, only 14 years old hearing ' That's All Right ' on the radio, had been hooked on music since and described himself as "flabbergasted" after seeing Elvis perform.

Buddy and Bob also attended the June shows. The Browns and Elvis had shared many dates in Texas and Arkansas.

did elvis and buddy holly ever meet

Tom likely arranged this date at the Coliseum as well. I loved that clean, simple combination of Scotty, Bill, and Elvis with his acoustic guitar. You know, I've never heard or read anyone else praising Elvis as a rhythm guitar player, and after the Sun days I never heard his own guitar on his records. That night at the Eagle's Nest, I remember, he was playing a Martin and he was dressed in the latest teen fashion.

If he hadn't, it wasn't long before he did. I was in there myself two or three times in '55 and ' Elvis and I talked about music, but I never spoke to him about Sun Records or any other connection into the music business. I wanted to make it on my own devices, and that's how I set about doing it. Elvis certainly took a lot of abuse from that crowd. He had his problems with gossip, too, and rumor and lies.

Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and the Cotton Club

He was very sensitive, easily hurt by the stories people told about him being on dope and so on. I myself couldn't understand why people wanted to say that back in the '50s, because in those days he was the last person on earth who needed dope.

did elvis and buddy holly ever meet

He had such a high energy level that it seemed he never stopped - though maybe that's why they said he was on dope. Either way, he wasn't, or at least I never saw any evidence of it.

Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley … Comparisons and Contrasts

I never saw him use any kind of drug, or even alcohol; he was always clear-headed around me, and very pleasant. Elvis was such a nice guy, and so talented and charismatic - he had it all - that some people just couldn't handle it and reacted with jealousy. It's only human, I suppose, but it's sad.

did elvis and buddy holly ever meet

He and I liked each other, but we weren't that tight - I was older than he was, for one thing, and married, for another - and we weren't close at all in his later years. I took the hint when he closed his world around him; I didn't try to invade his privacy. I'm so glad I didn't, either, because so many of his old friends were embarrassed so badly when they were turned away at Graceland. In the '60s and '70s he and I chatted on the phone a couple of times and swapped notes now and again.

If he were closing at the Las Vegas Hilton as I was getting ready to open, he'd wish me luck, that kind of thing - but that was about the extent of it. I've heard it said that here at the end of the century, we all have our own Elvis, and I can appreciate that idea, even though my Elvis was my friend, flesh and blood in real life.

Certainly, though, my Elvis was the Elvis of the '50s. He was a kid when I worked with him. He was nineteen years old, and he loved cheeseburgers, girls, and his mother, not necessarily in that order it was more like his mother, then girls, then cheeseburgers.

Personally, I liked cheeseburgers and I had nothing against his mother, but the girls were the thing. He had so many girls after him that whenever he was working with us, there were always plenty left over. We had a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun in general, not just with the girls. It was nice that we could make a living at it, but every one of us would have done it for free. And you know, Elvis was so good. Every show I did with him, I never missed the chance to stand in the wings and watch.

He was that charismatic. Carl Perkins Which is not to say that he always blew everyone else away. I distinctly remember, for instance, one night in Amory, Mississippi, when he had to take a backseat to Carl Perkinseven though he was the headliner.

At the time Carl hadn't yet had his big hit, but he'd had Movie Mag, he'd played the venue several times before on his own, and they loved him.

He went on first and tore the place up; the fans went absolutely nuts.