Drake and common meet at all star game

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drake and common meet at all star game

Kanye West Takes Aim at Drake in Scathing Twitter Rant, Refuses to Clear 'Say Meet Megan Thee Stallion, the Houston Rapper Crafting the Hottest Bars While Andra Day and Common perform onstage during CNN Heroes at the N.E.R.D. to Perform at NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show. Hotline Bling rapper will coach Team Canada while the Ride Along 2 star coaches Team USA in the upcoming celebrity game. I just ask them when you see me you speak up nigga thats all Don't Photo Of The Day: Drake And Common Meet At The NBA All Star Game.

Charles Barkley turns apoplectic over Draymond Green not starting, even though he knows the fans vote for the all-star game and they do so because the all-star game is designed to appeal to casual fans. He says the all-star game is a joke, but persists in expressing its importance to the players. But I can tell you one thing that I am legitimately interested in: Sting performing at halftime. Like, the lead singer of defunct band the Police.

Like, the guy who brags about having tantric sex. Like, the guy from Dune. As in, not the professional wrestler. The logic is sound, except for one thing: Why not just cut the middleman and get Sting now?

Maybe you love Drake. Maybe Take Care is your favorite album. Perhaps you walked down the aisle to meet your spouse to the strains of Jumpman. Some nights, Drake is standing there, slapping backs as the players come off the court.

Why Sting, not Drake, should play the NBA all-star game

When they win, he's hooting. An MC in more senses than one, Drake is unusually adept at mimicking moods, approaches and verbal gambits. If you're up, he's up. If you're street, he's street.

Story continues below advertisement One night, I fell into line behind a slow-moving trio of Raptors assistant coaches.

drake and common meet at all star game

I was rushing to get past the logjam. We turned a corner. Drake was standing there by himself, waiting. He bent deferentially at the waist, offering each man a strong Bay Street handshake with impressive eye contact: Drake knew I wasn't a coach, or anyone else who mattered. At the time, I thought the gesture very Canadian.

Now, I think it was something more than that. Story continues below advertisement Until Drake decided to make it his quixotic mission, Toronto did not exist in the imagination of the wider world. Talking up Toronto is a responsibility Drake wears like sackcloth, with religious zeal.

He'll do just about anything to show the city well. Drake was plunked on a riser beside mayor Rob Ford.

Four months after the first reporting of his crack video, Ford was entering the weightless stage of public free fall. He looked the part, moistening under the klieg lights. Rickety high chairs had been placed too close to one another. Ford was seated practically in Drake's lap. Story continues below advertisement Drake noticed.

Before proceedings began, without saying anything, the younger man reached over and began gently petting the jittery older one. On the back, the shoulder, the knee. Ford visibly calmed under these small gestures of affection. The news conference was the usual corporate jabbering, with one real takeaway. That you had just seen the man in charge of the city. Is this the point where we should talk about why Drake loves Toronto so much?

He is rarely interviewed, but when he is, the topic comes up: I like the city a lot. I've never known anyone who likes it this much. Drake created his own musical subgenre out of being unlucky in love, but the city, rather than any person, is his Beatrice.

Photo Of The Day: Drake And Common Meet At The NBA All Star Game

A guy walked up and said, 'You're Matt Galloway. I listen to you on the radio.

drake and common meet at all star game

This place isn't nearly as good as you say it is. I've lived in London and I can't believe that you'd say this place is so great.

Drake, Rob Ford Awkwardly Tout Raptors Rebrand, All-Star Game (TWEETS) | HuffPost Canada

Can you imagine if you were in New York or London or Boston or any other great city and someone said that to you?

There'd be a fistfight.

drake and common meet at all star game

He stands out because he's so genuine about it. That he doesn't have to do it. It used to be a blank stare.

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What those places have in common is that they are or were dodgy in an interesting way. Toronto doesn't have that.

drake and common meet at all star game

Or, at least, not one that is widely discussed among its inhabitants. Ten years ago, if Torontonians were to sit around the metaphoric bonfire singing songs about the people and where they've come from, it would be a track off Rush's Requiring some wedge beyond music into the city's suburban diaspora and shifting demographic, Drake settled on basketball.

This never seemed calculating. Back when the team was terrible — terrible with eight "r's" — Drake was its only booster with real profile. Smith burst into laughter.

Drake Dissed at NBA All-Star Game 2016

It says something about where the city was at that point that Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, facilitated the hook-up. Leiweke took Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri along.

Whatever Drake is to a city, Ujiri wants to be for a continent.

drake and common meet at all star game

His relentless boosterism for Africa has made him a formidable political power broker. Over the all-star weekend, Ujiri will host a symposium on Africa's future at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Ujiri visited Kagame's home in Kigali over the summer. Mostly they talked about basketball.