Flynn and rapunzel meet my little pony

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flynn and rapunzel meet my little pony

My Little Pony · Tangled () · Shrek (Movies). Relationship "Have you ever met Fiona's- how does she even call those girls? Co-partners?. My Little Pony AU (also known as MLP AU) is an Alternate Universe where character from Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons are portrayed as characters. Here's something I thought I'd never do: a crossover. I love MLP, and I love Disney's Tangled. So I figured why not mix it? I would have put Maximus in.

Shrek can almost hear the smugness. I didn't even know they had names! Doesn't that wreck their public image? They have all these romantic nicknames for marketing like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella —hah, try Average Narcoleptic and Mrs Clean— and then someone goes and calls them Cheri and Amy. Kind of breaks the spell, doesn't it?

I'm not nice-" "Whipped, I say. Especially if those people are your girlfriend's girlfriends!

flynn and rapunzel meet my little pony

Have you met Fiona? Nobody wants Fiona to be angry at them! Rainbow Dash does know that story, so she shakes her head and taps Rapunzel's arm. Shrek can't help but think that she looks pleased, anyway, when Rapunzel puts a handful of flowers in front of her so she can help make what will quickly become the bane of Shrek's existance, second only to these two themselves and possibly Donkey.

And why won't he stop thinking about Donkey? That's the least he needs right now! It sounds like someone's shooting pellets right beside their ears. Rapunzel grimaces, but Rainbow Dash starts cackling the way she does when she'll be out of comission for at least ten minutes. I just didn't want to get in the way. Her gaze meets Shrek, who very slowly raises his brows.

Whether we want it or not. Miguel and Tulio seemed so nice! Did you know we had their Wanted posters all over the kingdom for at least a year? Either of the options is equally impressive, he supposes.

Rapunzel went towards Flynn to see if he's a monster like Mother Gothel told her about. Strangely enough, he had no razor sharp teeth, doesn't have any bugs on his hair, doesn't have any weapons on him, and doesn't look dangerous at all.

Then, Flynn starts to wake up which frightens Pinkie. Now stop whacking him before you kill him. Pinkie stopped whacking him and dropped the pan. We can't do that. But, that tying up thing wasn't a bad idea. Is that what's in there? Who do you think it belongs to? Rapunzel picks up the crown from Pinkie and tries it on. Then, she looks at herself in the mirror. The mane six were amazed at this.

Everyone nodded at that. So, Rapunzel ties up Flynn in a chair with her hair. Tying him up with your hair. Pinkie, will you do the honor? She shakes it and pressed on it, making a loud noise. The noise immediately wakes up Flynn and Pinkie ran back to her friends. Flynn screamed when he woke up and he finds himself tied up with hair. The mane six and Rapunzel came out of their hiding place and showed their faces to the young thief.

My Little Pony AU

Flynn said nothing to them, just stood there looking at Rapunzel's beautiful face. Didn't you hear what she said? Who are you and how did you find us?! Flynn cleared his throat and said, "I don't know who you are nor how I came to find you. But, may I just say. The names Flynn Rider.

flynn and rapunzel meet my little pony

How's your day going, huh? It's how I talk to women. Listen, I just saw the tower and. Where is my satchel? Somewhere you'll never find it.

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks - Ingi - My Little Pony [Archive of Our Own]

Perhaps you'll never see it again. Flynn looks around and saw the satchel in the pot. The girls looked at where he's looking and gave him a look. Do you have to do that? He's getting on my nerves. Besides, he's onto something. Maybe he's after Rapunzel's hair. Flynn Rider is not after her hair. I think he came here just to hide. He didn't tell us. This crown might belong to someone who's royalty like a princess.

I think we should take it back to the kingdom where it was made. The girls agreed with her. But then, Flynn starts to wake up again with the girls in front of him. He saw Twilight holding his satchel and said, "Hey, that's mine! We are taking it back where it belongs.

Also, turning you into a better person. Flynn looked at the painting and asked, "You mean the lantern thing they do for the princess? You will be our guide, take us to the lanterns, and return me home safely. Then, and only then will set you free.

You see, the kingdom and I don't really get along very well. So, I'm taking you anywhere. Whether you like it or not. Rapunzel pulled him towards her and the mane six went face to face. But, with our help, you will never have your precious satchel.

Because it's going back the way it belongs. And I am never ever breaking that promise. I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder. Twilight was disgusted, Applejack was confused, Rainbow Dash was about to laugh at him, Rarity made goo goo eyes on him, Pinkie was imitating his face, and Fluttershy was blushing.

I'll take you all to see the lanterns. When Flynn and the mane six were exiting the tower, Rapunzel was nervous about going out of her tower for the first time in her life. Rapunzel takes a deep breath and goes down to the ground. But suddenly, she stopped. She looked at the green grass and pressed her foot onto the soft ground.

I can't believe I did this. I can't believe I did this! The mane six were surprised at her enthusiasm. I guess she's that excited about going to the lanterns.

They keep watching her being happy and being sad at the same time which annoys them, mostly Flynn. After Rapunzel went all over the place, she started crying. You were happy for being out of that tower and now you're this? Girl, get a grip.

There's still your birthday we have to celebrate. This whole idea wasn't a good one at all. Maybe we should go back. What would her mother say? She'll be worried sick.

I'm not doing this anymore. We are seeing those lanterns! Ive been dreaming about them my entire life. How am I ever getting my satchel back from unicorn fairy? Not a unicorn fairy. Second, I'm going to hold onto this satchel till we get to the castle. And third, quit being so self centered. Flynn groaned at her. Pinkie's stomach begins to growl.

  • The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks

I didn't eat anything ever since we got here. Because I know a perfect place for lunch. He leads the girls to the "perfect place" for lunch. He led them to a little place called The Snuggly Duckling. I wonder if they have ducklings in there. Rapunzel gasped out loud and the mane six screamed at what they saw.

[Blind Reaction] Rapunzel Meets My Little Pony

They saw a lot of ruffians and thugs staring at them. I think I take it all back. While the many dresses that she wears in Frozen and its two special shortsand being an older sibling, also has fans place her with the role of Rarity. Edit Because of her royal status, Anna is seen as a Alicorn. Her main and tail is styled and braded the same way as her hair, her coat color is between pink and cream and her cuite mark is between a flower and Arendelle's crest.

Anna is also seen as a Unicorn, Earth Pony and as a Pegasus. If put into the storyline of the show, she is commonly portrayed as one of the royal Alicorn sisters, Celestia or Luna, while Elsa takes one of their roles. She can also be cast as Princess Cadencewith Kristoff as Shining Armoror as Pinkie Pie for doing her best to keep herself entertained when her sister "shut" her out.

While the many dresses that she wears in Frozen and its two special shorts, and being a sibling, also has fans place her with the role of Rarity. His coat is lighter or darker from his hair color or is sometimes the color gray, while his mane and tail are the same shade as his hair. His cutie mark would mostly be the sled he pulls for Kristoff, one of the blocks of the ice they sell, one of his antlers or a carrot. He's mostly seen not having a cutie mark and has small twigs for his short mane and tail.

Like in Frozen, Elsa would have used her magic to give Olaf life and to prevent him from melting from the heat of summer. If put into the storyline of the show, he would be placed as Spike the dragon, when Elsa or Anna is Twilight Sparkle. Edit Hans is commonly seen as a royal Unicorn or Pegasus.

His mane and tail are the same shade as his hair and is given between a white or a light gray coat. Hans's cutie mark is mostly between a sword and a crown or bothas well as being placed in his white, royal coat. On some rare occasions Hans is seen as an Earth Pony. His coat is sometimes gray, his main and tail is black and his cutie mark is sometimes one of his Nightmares or "Nightmare Sand". He is also seen have a black clock his pony body, and using the magic in his horn to summon and control his Nightmares.

Fans have even given Pitch the pony body form of a Changelingdue to the dark coat that he is commonly given in this and other animal related AUs, and the original form that the Changelings took before they began to open their hearts and change their ways of life. Should Pitch be placed as a king of the shape-shifting race, then his Nightmares can serves as the Changelings that follow him.

There have also been rare occasions where Pitch is featured as a dark Alicorn. North is a strong Earth Pony with a red coat and a white mane and tail, with his swords or a candy cane as his cutie mark. Bunny as a Earth Pony or Unicorn with a gray coat and a Easter Egg as his cutie mark, he is also seen as an Pony-Rabbit hybrid with longer ears and a short, rabbit-like tail. Since Tooth is a fairy she is seen as a Pegasus with a green coat and a mane and tail that is also green and is mixed with a few other colors, while her wings are sometimes made to look like her own fairy wings; her cutie mark is mostly a tooth.

While being someone that is part-bird, could have Tooth as a greed coated-feathered Hippogriff or Griffon. Sandy is between a short Earth Pony or Pegasus with a light yellow coat and a dark yellow main and tail, his cutie mark is sometimes a star wearing a sleeping cap or as one of the shapes and forms that his Dreamsand takes.

His coat his mostly red and his mane and tail are brown like his hair, while his cutie mark is a brick that is damaged or is getting damaged.

As if it were referencing his job role in Fix-It Felix, Jr. Edit Vanellope is most commonly shown as a small, young Earth Pony or a Pegasus in this AU, as well as being a Unicorn or an Alicorn, due to her being a princess; and the magic from her horn would allow her to use her glitching ability.

Her mane is styled like her hair, black with some sweets mixed in and is mostly tied back, her tail is styled the same but without the red hair bobble. Her coat color is normally teal like her hoodie and is sometimes seen wearing it, and her cutie mark is almost always one of the sweets in her hair, her go-kart or digital numbers and squares; as if it were referencing her as a glitch and program that resides in a arcade game.

Her cutie mark would have been taken away from her when King Candy came to power, so she would been made an outcast among the other ponies; she would have gotten it back after she became a princess again.

If put into the storyline of the show, she is commonly portrayed as Rainbow Dash because of her deep for speed, as well as personality, although once in a while she can be shown as Pinkie Pie, as she easily gets excited and jumps for joy over it. Edit The young racers are commonly seen as a group of young Earth Ponies, Unicorns and even as Pegasi; as each one of them are a different kind of pony from each other. The mane and tails are mostly the color of their hair, while their coats match with the main color on their clothing and their cutie marks are mostly of the sweets that are part of their sugary theme.

Should they all be featured as one type of pony, it would mostly be Earth Pony or Pegasus due to them being racers. Some of the fanart and can made videos of the racers in this AU are of them having their sweet themes switched with each others, due to the song " What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me ". Taffyta MuttonfudgeCandlehead and Rancis Fluggerbutter are mostly seen as a group of all three types of ponies; as one of them is placed as an Earth Pony while the other two of the three are placed as a Unicorn and Pegasus.