High school musical troy and gabriella meet again

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high school musical troy and gabriella meet again

Nov 25, Gabriella Montez is a collage student in Cali. Troy Bolton her bully from high school will show up in her life once more in collage. What will. Jun 22, You think that its forever and you will never have them in your arms again. Well thats what Troy and Gabriella thought until they met at the. Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are the main couple of the High School Musical movies. Gabriella and Troy first meet on New Year's Eve. around in the sprinklers, Troy and Gabriella share their first kiss, boyfriend and girlfriend once again.

When they meet up again four years later, he gives her a choice, marry him or forget him altogether. When You Wish Upon a Star by cam reviews Disney World is supposed to be simple and fun but instead you get an old flame who happens to be the father of your daughter.

They feel the spark instantly, but he has a horrible girlfriend who will not leave them alone, and she has a secret. Troyella High School Musical - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: Without telling her friends about it, she and her mom move to Florida.

Six years later, she sees an old friend Montez's company transferred her back to San Diego, California. Troy and Gabriella lost touch after the move, but what will happen when they meet up again in college? But her friends are a exchange student to her school. How will that go? This is after high school.

We Meet Again Chapter 1: It's Him, a high school musical fanfic | FanFiction

Troy and Gabriella lost touch, how do they really feel? What if Fate brings them back? What if they meet in the ski lodge and sing again?

high school musical troy and gabriella meet again

T - English - Poetry - Chapters: Troy is a rising basketball star and Gabriella is a hardworking biochemist. Full summary in Chapter 1. Please don't be mad. You're going to have to start packing because we're leaving in two days. How couldshe tell Troy about the baby? She wasabout to move in only two days. She looked up to see Troy looking ather with concern filled eyes. She could hear his heart breaking while he spoke but his wasn't the only one.

Herheart was breaking into a million pieces. I'm moving and I'm never going to see you again. And what about…"She froze. Shewas about to tell him about the baby. Troy noticingher stop asked "'What about' what? Nothing will get in the way of us being together. By the timeGabriella left with a teary goodbye to the rest of the gang and one last kiss from Troyshe boarded the plane withher mom. She never did tell Troy about the baby andshe knewshe was going to keep it.

She had toldher mom and she thoughtGabriella should have told Troy but she supportedher decisions for the whole thing and said that she would help as much as possible. Gabriella and Troy didn't write or call likethey saidthey would. They never figured outwhy. Seven long moths laterGabriella had the mostbeautiful baby boy.

Until We Meet Again Chapter 1, a high school musical fanfic | FanFiction

Gabriella thought he was just like his father soshe had decided having his name as Troy Jr. Gabriella never thoughtshe would see Troy again so she gave up on them ever being togetherbut if onlyshe knew how wrongshe was. My first story so please review with opinions or comments. Ifyou have any ideas of how you want them to meet justtell me.

high school musical troy and gabriella meet again