House of anubis eddie and patricia meet

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house of anubis eddie and patricia meet

Edison "Eddie" Miller is a main character in House of Anubis. Jerome, in return, was the cause of Eddie and Patricia being tied together for Donkey Day. House of Frauds, when Eddie first meets Nina, he flirts with her, saying her American. At first, she hates Nina Martin, the new American who joins Anubis House in From the very moment Patricia first met Eddie, Patricia seemed to be irritated with . They were supposed to meet, right here, at five o'clock before going Eddie isn't even in the house, otherwise Patricia would have found him.

When Eddie asks Patrica about their kiss, she admits that kissing him was her first kiss. Before they can kiss again, Victor interrupts with his famous pin-drop speech. Sweet, but instead all goes wrong and Eddie gets a little mad because she had been keeping her twin a secret. However, sometime over the vacation, they broke up. Throughout the beginning of the third season, Patricia is very jealous of KT and Eddie because she thinks Eddie likes her or vice versa. Denby had left on Eddie's computer.

After Patricia is turned into a sinner, she acts like she was perfectly fine with what happened. Likewise, Patricia says she is a one-guy girl and she will fight for him. She also tells Eddie to meet his "new and improved girlfriend". Eddie tells her that he only wants to be with her, and that's what he's always wanted.

After their trip to the museum, Patricia blames Sophia for taking the Touchstone of Rawhereas Eddie believes Dexter took it. Once Eddie finds out that Sophia is evil, she is kicked out of Sibuna and Patricia stops her jealousy. She is also nervous and scared when she believes Eddie is dead after he stops the Pyramid of Ra from being built. She is relieved once Eddie wakes up.

house of anubis eddie and patricia meet

In the end, the students graduate, and although Eddie lost his Osirian powers, Patricia said he was still her hero. When Eddie found out that Mara was expelled, he feels bad and stands up to Mr. Sweet, saying that it was his fault. After getting into some trouble with foreign "chocolate," Eddie is punished and forced to work on the school website. While looking over the footage Joy shot for the exhibition bid, he discoveres Senkharaan Egyptian spirit, lurking in the house on camera.

House of Anubis - Patricia and Eddie Meet

Eddie shows Mara, who becomes determined to write an article on it. This leads to the duo staking out in both the living room and the cellar, looking for ghosts.

Eddie Miller

These actions made Patricia jealous of Eddie. Since Mara got banned from the school website after her clash with Vera, she began writing under a pseudonym Jack Jackel. After Joy wrote a controversial article about Nina under Jack Jackel, Mara got dragged into it and got in trouble with many of the students.

Together, Jerome and Eddie urged Mr. Sweet to forgive Mara and allow her to write on the website again. It is shown that Mara is a Peddie shipper as she thinks that Patricia didn't reveal his secret on purpose. Meddie present; Friends gif Alfie and Eddie aren't close, but they are somewhat friends. Alfie usually only talks to Eddie when he's with Jerome or during a Sibuna meeting. On the night of the grand opening of the exhibition, Alfie and Jerome dare Eddie to get Patricia to dance with him.

He succeeds, and the next day, when Patricia defends Eddie's music taste, Alfie says "you're good" to Eddie, implying that Eddie made Patricia like him easily.

Eric Sweet was his father, the two are not enemies. In Season 3, they hang out more due to Eddie joining Sibuna. They were also sent by Fabian to the secret room together to search for phonograph pieces. Eddie was the one who saved Alfie from evil Patricia kidnapping him.

When Alfie was captured, Eddie said that him and KT would come back for him and tells him not to sin. When the clock struck 12, Eddie was worried for Alfie as he knew he was turned into a sinner. However, even though she knew that Eddie was the Osirian, she still suggested that Fabian should be the leader of Sibuna instead of Eddie, showing that she does not like him that way. The two barely interact, but share the secret of Sibuna.

Amber and Eddie hugged along with everyone else when Amber was leaving. Addie Birth-present; Father can't get enough of this photo. Eric Sweet is the principal of the school and is closely connected with Eddie's past.

house of anubis eddie and patricia meet

They do not seem to have a rather pleasant relationship, for Eddie believes that Mr. Sweet seemed to know that Eddie was the Osirian, and said that he kept him away only to protect him. After Eddie leaves, Mr. Sweet puts a stop to the project. He is hurt and angry when he finds out that his dad was part of the group that wanted to awaken Robert Frobisher-Smythe and do nothing to complete the job. In The Touchstone of RaMr.

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Sweet completely falls out when he believes Eddie is dead. He is relieved when he learns his son is alive. This leads to a lot of questioning and stalking until KT agrees to let Eddie see the key. Together, they try to uncover secrets about Miss Denby's past along with the purpose for the keys. As the mystery goes on, Eddie and KT get closer, which leads to jealousy from Patricia.

It was just a bad dream," she said, glancing around self-consciously at all of the eyes staring at her, "Sorry if I caused a commotion. Finally, after she snapped at him, he cut it out. However, he wasn't about to stop worrying. He had glanced up just in time to see the look of sheer terror and panic on her face when she had awoken with a start.

He wasn't about to forget it. So for the rest of the night, Eddie watched Patricia extra closely. He wasn't sure if anybody else noticed, but she was extra jumpy.

When Alfie had banged his spoon against his glass by accident, Patricia had jumped about and inch off of her chair. Also, she didn't seem to have a big appetite. She hardly touched her food, and Trudy even served one of her favorites, spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. When Sibuna met later that evening, Eddie was still slightly worried about Patricia, and she still seemed out of it. They couldn't do very much at the meeting because KT had a homework assignment to finish and wasn't present, but nevertheless they were discussing how to deal with the tank man.

When Fabian was going over a plan, Patricia didn't seem focused. Then, Alfie knocked a large book off of Fabian's bedside table, and Patricia gave such a start when it hit the floor that she almost fell off the bed she was sitting on.

This time, Eddie wasn't the only one who noticed her odd behavior. The whole group looked at her with confusion and concern. Finally, Eddie decided to question her again. You've been acting weird all evening. Does it have anything to do with that nightmare you had earlier?

Everyone looked at her expectantly, but she didn't seem willing to talk any further. Patricia sighed, giving in.

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Obviously, that was supposed to mean something to them. Fabian and Alfie gave understanding and sympathetic looks to Patricia at her words. However, Eddie was still confused. Eddie glanced around at his friends. Was he missing something? Should he have understood what Patricia was trying to say?

She was his girlfriend, after all. But not as bad as after it happened," answered Patricia, and Fabian nodded. It's never going to happen again. I know there's no point worrying about it.

I just wish I could stop these dreams," she said, sighing. Eddie, on the other hand, was still very lost. He looked at Patricia, but she wouldn't meet his eyes. He looked at the other two expectantly, but they both seemed reluctant to say anything. They kept throwing nervous glances between Eddie and Patricia.

Patricia Williamson

It's in the past, and it's not that big of a deal," argued Patricia. Patricia looked at him and sighed, giving in. As Patricia's words sunk in, he became extremely angry. Someone had kidnapped Patricia. Somebody had laid their hands on Patricia. He wouldn't stand for it. He wanted revenge on whoever had caused her this pain. He wanted to vanquish the nightmares, and get rid of the vulnerable looking girl and make her strong and outspoken once more.

The face of the man with piercing blue eyes and a black leather jacket came into focus in Eddie's mind. He remembered him all too well. He was the man who had kidnapped Jerome while Eddie was in the kitchen. Then, he had locked Eddie in the barn after he followed Patricia, Alfie, and Fabian that one day.

Eddie cringed as he realized he had had many opportunities during which he could have gotten his revenge on Rufus, yet he didn't.