John and dave meet

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john and dave meet

Before he became a successful record company promotion man, Dave Morrell was an y.o. music fan who dug the Beatles. Here's an amazing story from his. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Meet Dave ( Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on Discogs. Meet John & Dave. John Gordon grew up in the Chicago area and graduated from Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA. Upon graduation he embarked on a.

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I was listening to a brand new Beatles album that I never heard about and it was thrilling. I wondered if this was original material or a cover. Their room contains a complete 16 mm editing room, a powerful stereo system, Chuck Berry albums everywhere you look… plus a rare copy of a withdrawn Beatles album cover of the boys dressed as butchers and holding bloody, decapitated dolls and slabs of meat.

To me, the Beatles Butcher cover was a holy grail.

john and dave meet

Thirty days later, on December 7,I was holding it in my hands. I got home… and there was a message for me from Howard Smith.

john and dave meet

Everyone behind the console stood up to stretch and John said to me: John was looking over the song titles I had written out. As we were talking, I pulled out the Savage Young Beatles album and he screamed: John was in such a playful mood. He was sarcastic and witty and enjoyed seeing all the Beatle goodies. John picked up the phone, called his apartment and spoke to someone and told him where to find it and to bring it over to the studio.

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The guy brought it over and John showed us. He handed it to me to look at. I held it in my hands for a moment and gazed at it.

john and dave meet

The very record I read about a month ago was in my hands. We needed to rebuild and restore the farm. EQIP offers practices to correct problems and financial help to pay for materials. The labor and earth moving, Carey did himself. They say it takes years to build one inch of soil. Carey and Dave used three EQIP contracts—two for David and one for John—to install several conservation practices for slope, water, soil health, and pasture establishment.

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EQIP does it all! All their EQIP solutions manage and control water and livestock. Carey primarily uses ONE practice to rebuild his soils.

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Everyone thought I was crazy. At this point, I have a surplus. We're selling high quality forage and alfalfa to others.

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The soil is improving and producing. His forage pastures and cover crops do well. Early on, Carey invested in a German-made wet baler and wrapper. It wraps and seals wet silage onsite, saving time and fuel and it secures the nutritional value of the feed. They are so resistant to change.

john and dave meet

Carey currently has five paddocks and will soon add new fencing, new pastures, and more paddocks as part of his Grazing Management Plan. At the start, he conducted soil tests to see where things were. Those results confirmed his soils were badly eroded.