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RODEO DRIVE IN “Lade Without Pa**port' -I 07, The Great Jewel Robber —* 4*. . Copelate ll 45 CoHefiate-Kcwa News Harlem Jamboree Two Best Tim* Two Crest Day* In Sport* Great Day* tot Sports Great Day* tn Sports I OO Life Can. KCWA has seen a phenomenal growth in the past 29 years in terms of membership, activities and achievements. This has been possible only with the great. the elders mingle and meet fellow Mangaloreans and enjoy a rewarding day. Not lagging behind in the Sports field, KCWA is organising Cricket and other sports As Mother Theresa said “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small.

Knowing that she can't take the child with her to the heaven, Menaka left the newborn infant in the forest. As fate would have it, Sage Kanava happened to pass by that forest where he spotted the newborn child, surrounded by Shakunta birds.

Taken by kindness, he decides to take the child home and names her 'Sakuntala', which means one fed by Shakunta birds. Sakuntala grows up to be a beautiful young lady just like her mother Menaka. One day, King Dushyant, while returning from a deer hunt, happens to stop by the hermit's cottage. There he sees Sakuntala engaged in a friendly banter with her friends and immediately falls for her. In the absence of the sage, they secretly marry in the ceremony of "Gandharva Vivaha" with Mother Nature as the witness.

After some days, the King gets news of unrest in his city and is summoned to return. He leaves half-heartedly, but promises to return soon and take his beloved with him. As a token of love, he gives her a signet ring and promises to send an envoy to escort her to the palace.

One day, sage Durvasa, infamous for his mercurial anger, stops by the hut for hospitality.

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Lost in her love thoughts, Sakuntala fails to acknowledge his presence. This infuriates the temperamental sage and he censures Sakuntala, cursing that the one whom she is thinking about will forget her. Sakuntala begs for mercy and explains her situation. On the plea of Sakuntala and her friends, the sage relents and says that if the king sees any significant souvenir that he gave her, he will remember everything. After months of waiting, when she fails to hear anything from the king, Sage Kanava arranges for the visit of Sakuntala to the royal court of King Dushyant.

On her way, she stops by a lake to drink water and unfortunately the ring slips out of her finger and a fish swallows it. She reaches the royal palace, but Dushyant fails to recognize her because of the curse. She then remembers the ring but realizes that she has lost it somewhere.

He also had the responsibility of training the University team in athletics. Utchil was always seen at Athletics Meets either as a competitor or as an active member. He rejoiced in teaching others whatever he knew concerning Athletics. He had a wide knowledge in this respect. Being well versed in the style and technique of the game he knew by heart all the Records established so far in the field. Utchil led a happy contented life with his wife Sheela R.

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Who ever dreamt that this vibrant life would come to an end so soon? Affected by a severe attack of Typhoid, the year before, he still maintained his enthusiasm in life. Utchil, along with his comrades, established the Olympic Athletes Union and held the Olympic Athletic Meet successfully.

On the morn of 9th MarchMr.

R.N Utchil, Our Great Athletic Legend

Utchil suffered an ache in his chest. But he did not give much importance to it and went on with his routine as usual.

While at a game of Carrom, with his neighbors after lunch, he suddenly felt sick. Due to severe pain in the chest, he fell unconscious. The family doctor tried to revive him with injections, but in vain and Mr. Utchil breathed his last.

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The sudden departure of this great athlete was reported as an irreversible loss to the field of athletics by all newspapers that day.

A great soul who loved athletics with all his heart, who could speak on athletics authoritatively, who rendered his knowledge to one and all freely, had suddenly departed to the unknown world.

When the sudden death was announced at the Tata Sports Meet at the Brebourne Stadium, it was received with utter shock and grief. The body was draped with the National colours and accompanied with a large number of mourners, and people who came to pay their last respects, left the residence at 9 P.