Meet and play 2 chimbote beach

Jarron Dale Brown: Quick trip to Trujillo & Chimbote

meet and play 2 chimbote beach

Feb 16, Two years ago Keith Guerico (El Martillo) of Waypoint Church Monday was a tour of the area and to meet the families of the Play ball, paint nails, distribute candy, do whatever Rev does. On Thursday afternoon we took a group of disabled kids and some of the neighborhood families to the beach. And so, we all decided to meet up to spend a few days at the beach, have some . I enjoy reading fantasy series, still play Pokémon, have seen the Lord of the Rings We arrived in Chimbote at am, and immediately grabbed a taxi to my. Table 2. Description of areas meeting the EBSA Criteria in the Eastern Tropical and .. These centres are: 1) Punta Aguja (5°47´S); 2) Chimbote (9°5S); 3) Callao (12°59´S); .. The coastal zone of the islands comprises beaches, cliffs, dunes, coastal .. Canyons play an important part in the linkage of the ecosystems of the.

Suffice to say we built 5 fine houses for 5 fine families. Friday night was the final celebration mass and we threw the neighborhood a party.

meet and play 2 chimbote beach

Complete with goat stew and a band. Most of our house families showed up to celebrate. There were more hugs and more dancing. The rest is kind of a blur.

F3 Last year the 6 of us noticed that there was a marked lack of male involvement in the families and community. We took it upon our mission to deliver some of what F3 has to offer. To invigorate male leadership in the community. We planned to hold a daily workout with the Peruvian men and then deliver a leadership lesson at the conclusion; tell the men how we are good fathers and husbands. It payed out in spades.

We had upwards of 25 local men and boys with us every day. By the end of the week Tolkien had the Peruvians leading the exercises. When you get down in the dirt with a fellow man, you make that connection — that bond.

It goes just as far down there as it does here. And Dredd said it would never work South of Ballantyne.

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The workouts themselves were Core-centric. COP, partner work, loops, ladders, The Roxanne, we threw it all at them and they kept coming back for more. Although Dredd had the worst FNG naming week of his life, others were there to bail him out. We even had Peruvians with us on extra credit runs at 5: But they came out to see us. They came out to be with us. They came out because they wanted what we had.

Little did the Peruvian FNGs know, but they offered just as much. Well, maybe some sort of farmer does. None of us was that. Mostly lawyers and bankers. This is the sort of thing that we saw. This particular chicken lost his or her life at the local village. The culture was different for sure.

I think most of us fell into it pretty well. Very few knew no Spanish. Obviously it helps a lot when integrating. Little did most of us know, but the locals love to play the gringos in soccer and volleyball. The girls absolutely killed us in volleyball. I mean we were horribly embarrassed.

Soccer was a different story. We actually beat the Peruvian men. I mean, Rev was in goal, bingo. The Refrigerator You know how every really memorable trip has something unscripted?

Maybe even something that started off with eyes rolling. But it later goes down in infamy and becomes synonymous with said trip. If you were there, you know. I will describe it as such. The leadership team underestimated the zeal of those involved. One team ended up going to buy a refrigerator for their family. This caused a slight disruption in the force. The next thing you know, all of us are in a room. Not until we deal with the fridge situation. Dredd led a classic large-group leadership exercise to get everyone on the same page.

Some wanted out, but it HAD to be discussed. In the end it was a lesson for the ages. A well-intended mission creep threatening to derail the plan, saved by a country lawyer and dinner waiting at the door.


It had to be mentioned. He was the crazy Mongol in your face with the GoPro morning, noon, and night. It speaks for itself. It tells the story the best. Drone footage by GOP.

This thing is already too long. It was an emotional week. It was a long week. It was a short week. It was a life-changing week. So much happened while we were there. I think the answer is because this trip presented myself with the raw me. This trip has a way of tearing down your shields, all of your defense mechanisms, and letting the real person out. We learned a lot about each other this week. Some of the things I heard scared me. Men are experiencing some of my greatest fears. Failed marriages, failed businesses, and estranged children.

And yes, I felt guilty. Guilty over my excesses.

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I have so much and I saw how people can have so little. Sometimes all they had to give was love, and they gave it freely. So, hell yes, it was an emotional week. It was the emotions that changed us. Magic happened this week. Transforming lives, transforming men. Fixing the broken, giving hope to the hopeless. So thank you to everyone who made this trip possible. Thank you to Waypoint Community trip who sponsored us and watched over us in prayer as we went out to serve their mission.

Thank you to all of our families and friends who held down the fort while we were gone. We love you for it. Thank you to Keith who gave us the idea and took Chicken and showed him this special place. Thank you to the leadership team who planned this seamless trip; it went amazingly smooth with every little aspect planned out perfectly. Chifas -that is, Chinese restaurants- which can be counted by the hundreds if not thousands, are usually down-to-earth neighbourhood eateries, offering a fare rich in seafood and chicken.

Japanese restaurants, on the contrary, are less widespread, and more upscale and expensive. Their forte is, of course, a year-round supply of the freshest and most variegated seafood. Peruvian food tend to be spicy and heavy. Try it with method and ask if any dish is picante spicyand if you are not fond of that, avoid it since it may be really picante.

A full meal may be really heavy and cause problems even if it's perfectly nice and well prepared with fresh ingredients. Travelers longing for a delicious falafel or shwarma sandwich will be pleased to learn there is an excellent cafe along Parque Kennedy that serves these type of Middle Eastern foods at reasonable prices. Places such as Chili's and Friday's are scarce, but can be easily found around Miraflores.

meet and play 2 chimbote beach

Also, you shouldn't miss Peruvian-style hamburgers at Bembos or traditional Peruvian sandwiches in Pasquale if you want to give your everyday fast-food a local twist. Lima is home to aroundrestaurants, cafes, juice bars and runs a program Restaurante Saludable to recognise clean and healthy restaurants.

Only around or 1. Drink[ edit ][ add listing ] Pisco Sour is the national drink of Peru, made with Pisco, a brandy made of grapes. It is highly recommended that all adult visitors to Peru try this drink at least once before exiting the country. Visitors might be amused to learn that a controversy exists between Peru and its neighbor Chile over whose country really created the Pisco Sour, although the Chilean and Peruvian recipes are somewhat different.

Just be careful with it; the fresh and sweet flavour makes easy to drink too much, and you can get drunk so easily. Inca Kola is the most popular soft drink in Peru, one of few sodas that Coca Cola couldn't defeat until they bought the company. It's a yellow-fruit flavored drink that tastes like cream soda. Jugos You can find great fresh fruit drinks all over Lima.

Surtidos, containing several different fruits are quite tasty. Chicha Morada A non alcoholic refreshing purple drink high in antioxidants. It's made by boiling purple corn with pineapple, cinnamon, clove, and sugar. Several new coffee shops and artesanal roasters have opened around the city, with the largest concentration in the Miraflores, Barranco, and San Isidro districts.

Places to find particularly good coffee prepared by excellent baristas include Puku Puku cafe, True Artisan cafe, Arabica cafe, and Origens Coffee. Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro are some of the nicest and safest areas in the city.

Although they sometimes come a bit pricier than the old city center and other parts, some budget accommodation options do exist. Miraflores Vacation Rentals in Lima, Av.

Beautiful apartments for tourists and visitors, weekly rentals, direct from the owner, do not pay commissions. The only hostel in Lima with a pool, located in the heart of the beautiful and safe tourist district of Miraflores.

Located in the historic center of Lima, in front of the Museums of Art and the Metropolitan of Lima, offers you a really good option for a good experience in the Old Town. Friendly staff and plenty of travelers would make your stay really special. One of the newest hotels in Lima, the Hilton features a stunning rooftop pool and magnificent accommodations, next to its Social Restaurant, 4 more fantastic dining choices on the same block. A top luxury hotel in Lima, the JW Marriott Hotel Lima offers ocean views from every room, an ideal Miraflores, Peru location and superb facilities and service.

Run by a friendly old lady who has a couple of rooms to sleep, shared bathroom. There is wi-fi, and every room has a refrigerator. She says herself that the neighbourhood is safe, but she also takes security measures. Cleaning is done by the guests, but it is relatively cheap. In general, a tried and true technique for staying safe in Lima is to simply maintain a low profile. Leave the Rolex at home, don't wear the fine suit and don't carry a laptop when hailing taxis on the street, and keep a relaxed, friendly, smiling attitude.

If you do need to go out dressed like a gringo, call a taxi rather than hire one in the moment - the few moments you wait and the few extra soles you pay will be worth it. Thieves[ edit ] While there is not much violent crime against tourists, opportunistic theft is rampant.

Watch out for pickpockets constantly.

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If you carry a purse, a camera, a backpack or just a pair of sunglasses hang on to them at all times. In crowded areas, put your back pack on your front and hold shopping close to you. Just keep your eyes open and be aware of people around you. In any case, if someone extremely friendly approaches even wanting to shake your handjust try not to talk that much, and they'll go away. It's normal to find polite people around trying to help tourists, but stay away from the extremely friendly ones.

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Ask for advice if you plan to go there or thereabouts. Very infrequently, but occasionally, even in nicer tourist areas, gangs of youths, sometimes supporting rival football clubs, or strikers involved in a labor dispute may brawl.

If you find yourself caught in the middle of such a confrontation, just try to move out of the way, preferably behind a closed door - these youths generally do not carry lethal weapons, and the worst that is likely to happen is that someone will get hit with a rock before the police arrive to break it up. Districts of note[ edit ] Some areas of Lima are safer than others: Miraflores and San Isidro have large populations of well-to-do and wealthy Peruvians, not to mention large tourist groups, so they have large police presence to protect the population.

Other districts, such as La Victoria, are much more dangerous. Visitors would be well advised to stay out of these areas unless accompanied by an experienced native or visiting busy areas during daylight hours.

Downtown Lima is normally well patrolled but be careful anyway. Callao the port, technically a different city is rather rough: The area around the airport is generally safe and well guarded but use common sense while lugging your luggage outside the airport.

Beware of women approaching you asking if you can escort them home on a bus because they don't feel safe. They will take you out of Miraflores and into a dangerous district where you will be robbed. Tell them if they don't feel safe then ask a police officer for help, but do not take them home. They have no business at all asking a tourist, who doesn't know Lima, for help.