Meet the press and carly fiorina

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meet the press and carly fiorina

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina fields questions from the its brain – exists as well,” Fiorina said on NBC's “Meet the Press. Two interviews, two different (and revealing) answers on “Meet the Press” Sunday The new NBC/WSJ poll on the GOP and Dem races . CHUCK TODD: Carly Fiorina, Welcome back to Meet the Press! FIORINA: Thanks so much for having me, thanks for coming to New Hampshire.

Our Sunni Arab Allies, and the Kurds have fighting forces on the ground. They have asked us for very specific things. We have not provided them.

meet the press and carly fiorina

He has asked us for bombs and material for his troops. We are not providing that, so he is going to the Chinese. How self-defeating is that? Not only that, he goes into Cairo, he addresses them, he tells them that there is a cancer in the heart of Islam that is the truth, he has been asking us for support.

There are many things we have been asked to do by our allies in this region that we are not doing. So you think there is a whole bunch of things you can do before the last resort of we have got to do a surge? You said something interesting, you said the worlds moved on.

You are very critical of the deal. Oh I actually think something different. What I was actually trying to say is this. Even if congress votes this deal down, and I sincerely hope that they will, the rest of the world has moved on in terms of the money flow.

China and Russia have never been negotiating on our side of the table, they have been negotiating on their side of the table. They have wanted for a very long time to open the Iranian economy. So are the Europeans. So, we must cut off the money flow. I would make two phone calls on day one in the oval office. The first would be to my good friend Bibi Netanyahu, to reassure him that we will stand with the state of Israel.

The second will be to the supreme leader of Iran. He might not take the phone call but the message will be clear. Until you open- TODD: How are you going to do this, it is an international agreement? Because the international agreement that was negotiated is not in our interests.

So the new deal will be this, The United States of America will make it as difficult as possible for you to move money around the global financial system unless and until you open every military and every nuclear facility to real anytime anywhere inspections.

We can do that. That will have an impact. We can continue to cut their access off to the swift global payment system. We need to do that. This is a terrible deal. Iran will use the money, to fund their proxies, to sew conflict in the Middle East which has been their thirty year strategic goal, and they will move forward towards a nuclear weapon. He broke every rule of negotiation.

I have never negotiated a nuclear deal, but I have negotiated a lot of really big deals and there are some cardinal rules. Number one, know what your goals are and stick to them. President Obama laid out a set of goals and rolled on every single one of them.

Number two, walk away from the table. We never walked away, we just talked and talked and talked. Should we have walked away at least once? My rule is at least three times.

And rule number three, never celebrate a deal until you have the deal that you want. When President Obama walks into the rose garden celebrating a deal before it is a deal, what are the Iranians going to say? Can you run the government like a business? Not precisely, because we have three co-equal branches of government. On the other hand, there are some disciplines that come from business that matter in every organization.

Whether it is a charity, a think tank or a government. So, for example- you need to know where your money is being spent. We have no idea where our money is being spent.

How is it possible that the federal government spends more money every year, has done so for almost 50 years under republicans and democrats alike, by the way. And yet, every time they are asked to do something important they need more money.

We need to build up our military, sorry we need more money. We need to answer tax-payer questions on tax-day, sorry we need more money. We need to secure the border, sorry we need more money. We need to repair roads and bridges, sorry we need more money. This is why people are utterly frustrated. Seventy five percent of the American people now think that the federal government is corrupt, eighty percent of the American people think that we have a professional political class that says whatever is necessary to get elected.

Do you agree with that? Yes I do, it is why I am running for president. And yet, nothing ever changes.

meet the press and carly fiorina

I am a political outsider! No I think it sounds like someone who believes this is a citizen government. It was always intended to be a citizen government. And so citizens have to be engaged in the process. Of governance and politics. We need more citizens in politics, we have too many professional politicians. I have relevant experience. I also understand how the economy works, how the world works.

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How bureaucracies work, which is important because the government is a vast, bloated, inept bureaucracy. And I get how technology works, which is matters as well. Donald Trump likes to criticize your business career. Is your business experience better than his?

meet the press and carly fiorina

Or more applicable to presidency than his? You know, I started out as a secretary in a nine person real estate firm. I went on to lead, what we turned into, the largest technology company in the world. And then I have to stand, as a CEO and answer questions, any question. I can be held criminally liable if I misrepresent our results.

Imagine if we held politicians to that standard. My point is this- the democrats, Donald Trump, they can say whatever they want about my record but here are the facts.

We took a company from forty four billion and doubled it in revenues. We quadrupled the revenue growth rate. It was vastly more profitable when I left it than when I found it. We went from lagging behind to leading in every product category and every market segment. We tripled innovation to over eleven patents a day, we did all of that.

During the worst technology recession in 25 years. That is public record. And by the way, some of our most formidable competitors disappeared- Sun Microsystems, Gateway Computer. It was my mission to transform a company from a lager to a leader so it could prosper, and Hewlett Packard continues to prosper and grow. I will run on that track record all day long, people do not get to make up their own facts.

I am going to give you a chance to respond to something, earlier this week Andrew Ross Sorkin column in the New York Times, and he quoted Jeffery Sonnenfeld a senior associate dean at the Yale School of Management, and he was pretty tough on you.

He will never be trusted with a public leadership role, captains of the industry must also be held accountable. Well I was held accountable, absolutely. Stand by my record.

He has been saying that for 15 years. The conventional wisdom is frequently wrong. I will stand by my record. Let me go back to Donald Trump here. I have never been asked a single question about Donald Trump by a voter.

The only people who ask me about Donald Trump are the media. I think the media is kind of obsessed with Donald Trump honestly, and I think Donald Trump is using the media. So, what I care about is what voters ask me. Voters ask me about my business record, voters more often will ask me what I will do to actually fix the festering problems that have been in government for twenty five years.

Every election cycle we talk about the same things. We talk about immigration. We talk about debts and deficits. We talk about the same things, and yet, it never changes. What people look to me for, is a track record of problem solving and leadership and getting things done.

That is what I will bring to the Whitehouse.

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Will you explain where you are on this issue? And by the way, this has been talked about for twenty years as well, you see, Donald Trump may not be a politician but he sure is acting like a politician in this regard. There are two fundamental things that must be done and they never were done. We must secure our border.

It is not rocket science, it is our job to do it, not anybody else job to do it. It takes money, manpower and technology. We must fix the legal immigration system, which is contributing to this problem. So we have people come on illegal visas, they overstay, nobody does anything about it. We hand out border crossing cards for a day, we never check if anybody comes home. We do not have an employer verification system that works.

Every single one of the problems I mentioned has been festering for 25 years, but what do politicians do. Every election cycle they hold up some bright shiny object.

meet the press and carly fiorina

Even if you like that idea, the chances of you getting a constitutional amendment passed, the chances of having the 14th amendment overturned by the Supreme Court are extremely small.

So let us focus our political energies on doing what the government is responsible for doing. Secure the border and fix the legal immigration system.

That is what my priorities will be. What do you do with the [inaudible]? Well once we get through securing the border, and fixing the legal immigration system, then we can have that conversation. And no one can run away from it. But given that the videos are accessible to all, she will continue to get questions about them from the reporters following her. She has become an unlikely fighter for the anti-abortion movement — a movement that sometimes believes the GOP takes them for granted.

The numbers on the Dem side: Just to be clear: This is NOT a fall for Trump in our poll, as some are trying to claim. Or is he the compromise choice in a crowded field that helps the party shore up a significant weakness — which could allow him to run the table in Iowa and New Hampshire John Kerry? Outsider surges out of nowhere Dean while a bunch of establishment types flounder Gephardt, Kerry etc … Eventually, the establishment strikes back and a Kerry benefits as the compromise candidate.

Fix things in a month — or else!

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meet the press and carly fiorina

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