Meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction fifty

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meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction fifty

A 50 chapter story starting when Franny and Cornelius met, to their first date, " Wilbur Robinson!" Franny smiled and lead him to the lab where his father was sitting at his desk, Cornelius and Franny exchanged glances. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination A 50 chapter story starting when Franny and Cornelius met, to their first date, Four months after the proposel, Franny and Lewis set the wedding date. Fritz and Petunia had just moved into the Robinson household two months back when they were. Short, fluffy one-shot of Franny and Cornelius in the lab. Meet the Robinsons - Rated: K - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 6.

The only person who didn't think of her as crazy, nutso or wacky. She imdeditaly felt a happiness when she looked at him. She packed up her box and moved out into the hallway, waiting for the boy to come out.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction fifty

When he did, he didn't notice her. He just walked past her.

She picked up her box of frogs and followed him, keeping a safe distance away. She followed him until he went to his home, which was a shabby orphanage. He trotted up the steps and entered the building. She sighed happily to herself and took a piece of paper out of her box and wrote down the address of the building.

Franny entered her kitchen with a content smile on her face. I wrote down his address, and I am going to visit him forever until I marry him," She answered. I won't have it! Franny glared at her mother, then went into her room where her only friend was. His name was Frankie the frog, and she was going to teach him to sing.

She knew she was going to do it one day. On her bed, lay tiny Frankie, straped down onto a plate, a scared expression on his face. Above him was Frannys elder brothers, Gaston and Art, giggling obnoxiously. They held a scalpel in their hands. She held Frankie tighter, causing the frog to turn blue. Franny threw Frankie onto her bed and pushed her brothers out of the room. She stamped over to Frankie, who was breathing hard and getting the color back to his face.

Not very much at all. I can't pull that one off. We will find your match. He didn't look angry…not like earlier. Though…that didn't necessarily mean anything. Dad had one heck of a poker face.

Unlike him… Rubbing the back of his neck, eyes glancing everywhere Wil asked the dreaded question, "Is Mom furious? If I make a mess of things, I'll clean it up alright? Wilbur closed his eyes, silently counting to five, before gritting out "I don't want to talk about this right now. But you, your mother, and I are going to have a looong talk about ALL of today. More often than not those family sessions were interrupted by R.

If he played his cards right, prolonging it as long as possible, they'd forget about the heart-to-heart, assign him a punishment and all would be done and over with. I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier-" "I broke your invention.

As though that made everything alright—a child's logic twisting the situation until it seemed fairer.

That was an accident. I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings. Wilbur looked over lazily before his head snapped back for a double-glance. Sheesh Dad, whaddya think I'm up to, huh? Your Mother searched your trash. But I know you, and that whatever it is—as long as it's not illegal and doesn't endanger anyone…or explode anything" he added hastily "—is your business.

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Yeah, it is" Wilbur agreed, trying to work some conviction into his tone, but failing. I am NOT crazy" the inventor countered. Cornelius floundered for a moment; the Universe sure had a lousy sense of humor.

He took a seat on the bed, staring at a crooked poster emblazoned with TCTF.

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I mean what I've learned from Dr. I mean…I know this much" he pinched his fingers together. I'd like to help, if you'll let me. The mercurial temper raged. Taken aback by the venom, Cornelius sought to soothe the tension with a sincere truth, "Wil I love helping you. The disciplinary lecture could wait until tomorrow. Hopefully though doubtfully Wilbur would use this pause to unload more details to the story. If he could explain WHY he chose this course of action, all this secrecy, they'd all be better off and they could lessen his punishment.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction fifty

The anger had already dispersed, but she was still reigning in her indignation. If it was one thing Franny abhorred it was lying: She entered Wil's room, nerves tightening as she heard their tones escalating. And if it's repeating a mathematic principle a hundred times or a hundred million times, I WILL be happy to do it.

He would, could, and did move mountains for the sake of their child. Six years ago, space exploration led to the discovery of the off-world element Quaturium. When melted down and combined with several earth compounds that escaped her memory—Earth Science was never her fancy it formed Beltrellyne—a versatile compound with seemingly limitless potential as a new and improved power source.

Revolutionary compounds made him giddy. He went to town experimenting with it—eagerly testing its liquid, solid, and gas forms. Its gaseous form was of particular interest. It burned cleaner than gasoline, was safer than hydrogen, and more reliable than electricity. In short, strange smells and powders floated around the lab—nothing unusual with that.

Nor was her or Wil's presence, they loved watching Daddy work. So when he called them both in for a demonstration, they'd eagerly agreed. What the first batch of scientists failed to discover was that one in three hundred people was affected by a severe allergy. Like the worst form of asthma attack. His little lungs just closed up and he collapsed wheezing.

In seconds, he was gasping desperately for air. Fortunately her brilliant spouse realized the cause of Wilbur's distress. He immediately shut the burners off, removed the child from the room, and set him on the emergency oxygen tank they kept for just such occasions. Meanwhile Carl dialed paramedics, and her brothers tried to keep her quivering form from hyperventilating with horror and fear.

All she can think till this day is Thank Goodness her husband hadn't froze the way she had. Ever resilient, Wilbur recovered within the week. She's not sure if Neil ever fully did. So upset…so wracked with guilt…horrified that his passion for his work could ever harm those precious to his heart. It had been difficult comforting him, let alone convincing him that it was not his fault—that he'd had no way to know Wil would be hurt. No, the only person whose actions were unforgivable was her own.

No, she'd done worse than nothing. She'd fallen to her knees and cried. What help was that? She made a resolution to never be so useless in a time of crisis again.

Though the past was altered, she still remembers the T-Rex attack. Fear of failing in her duties as a woman and mother—had her dashing forward. She needed to protect the children. One was still safe inside. Lewis was the one in danger. She wouldn't allow it! No baby was going to be hurt! Not on her watch! Though in retrospect, technically she failed. Yes, Lewis was momentarily spared.

But Wilbur was nearly eaten. And again, technically, her husband albeit being a child himself managed to save their son. Cornelius was brilliant, caring, and driven.

And he was especially protective of Wilbur…even before knowing their connection. Ugh, Time-Travel made her brain hurt. His reaction to the Beltrellyne movement was swift, tactical, and merciless. He made it his personal campaign to remove the chemical from society. The RI board of directors was furious—wanting to compete with other companies that were already selling merchandise using Beltrellyne. However, Cornelius downright refused to allow his corporation to mass-produce anything that harmed his child.

Instead, he'd thrown his company into researching a vaccination and while they'd yet to find a cure—they did succeed in designing inhalers and injections to combat attacks. Using the clout of his company, he brought the dire reality into the media. Unfortunately, it wasn't until mortality rates accumulated that he finally received full support. Nowadays, only unpopulated full-on automated industrial sites were allowed to use it.

And she knew Neil was still fighting to have it banned completely. She'd seen some letters involving it on his desk just last week. Wilbur fiddled with a crumpled sheet, simultaneously embarrassed and touched—no matter how much he messed up, his dad was always there for him. Wilbur reached for the frames. His father relinquished them, watching the boy flip them over, studying them carefully before slipping them on. Pensively, he murmured, "I don't think it suits me Dad. I don't know if I can enter your world.

Neil reached over and pulled his son close. You are an integral part of my world—born to it—belonging in it always. They'd work through this, he knew they could.

There was more here than a bout of vanity—somewhere along the way a wall had raised between them. Teenhood just brought it into the open—which was good: Franny kept telling him he was living in the past—untrue—he valued the past, but he didn't want the relationship they'd had—clearly their communication was poor—they could rectify that. Wilbur was older now—he could express his feelings more adeptly.

He would move forward—THEY would move forward…together. Standing on the second floor now, Franny had yet to be detected by the pair. Her husband thought if he saturated Wil with enough affection, he could fix it all. Smothering wouldn't help the situation; she started reaching for her spouse, ready to pull him back a little—give Wil some breathing room.

Teenagers had personal space boundaries and they managed them ruthlessly. She didn't want Neil to be hurt when Wilbur pulled away. Only he didn't…Wilbur buried himself in his father's embrace—latching onto him. Just the way he used to when he was little—convinced there was a bogeyman in his closet. Though one time, Carl really HAD been in the closet—hoping to get Wilbur back for mixing honey in his polishing grease.

Poor bot had been covered in bees for ages—had to hose him down twelve times before he was allowed back in the house. Long story short, Father and Son both had quite a fright opening that door on that particular night. Franny watched her husband rub comforting circles into Wil's back, talking softly to him.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction fifty

She blinked…hand falling away. Or maybe SHE didn't know everything. Maybe Wil clearly sought and appreciated the affection his father offered.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction fifty