Monster high cleo and deuce meet

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monster high cleo and deuce meet

This is story of how Cleo and Deuce fell in love. It didn't Monster High and wasn't in the country, she kept tabs on Cleo. . "Nice meeting you. Monster High And you thought Cleo was a - We meet Cleo's Mom. Secret Lives of Monsters - We see what Cleo and Ghoulia do on. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Cleo was staying at the Wolf's household for a week while her father went to Egypt. While they were playing, Clawdeen's father had yelled at her to clean up the mess she'd made in the kitchen or she'd be grounded for a month.

Clawdeen had laughed it off but Cleo had gone pale. There isn't anything interesting going on for a while anyway.

Calwdeen laughed and looked at Cleo's paled complexion. Cleo explained to her, that when her mother would ground her, she would lock her in a sarcophagus for years at a time.

The last time, most of human history had passed her by before Cleo's dad had gotten custody of the girl. She also admitted that she was deathly afraid of the dark ever since then. It's the reason Cleo had brought a nightlight with her. Clawdeen gave her friend, at the time at least, a hug before they both went and cleaned up the kitchen.

monster high cleo and deuce meet

She could still see the expression on Cleo's face at the mention of being grounded. She felt so sorry for the ghoul. Cleo frowned as she looked at the experiment in front of her. She started to combine the different chemicals and animal parts. She wasn't very good in chemistry, which was why she usually teamed up with Ghoulia. She glanced around again. She wondered for the th time if Frankie had gotten her note.

Cleo had finally figured out how her mother was spying on her but she couldn't do anything about it herself and she didn't have much time left for her plan. Suddenly there was some coughing behind her.

He frowned and waited for them all to leave. Cleo smiled as she too waited a moment. She noticed an empty spot on the ceiling where the smoke didn't seem to go, and then it fell to the ground. Her eyes narrow a moment as she debated stepping on the invisible bug. She decided that would be a bad idea, instead Cleo left the room keeping her eye on the empty spot.

She stood there with Draculaura, Frankie, and Ghoulia. I don't want him thinking I've abandoned him. I can do that. Cleo started to whisper her plan to the pair.

What can I give you to go along with it? Clawdeen was about to say "nothing" when she smiled and whispered something to Cleo. She looked at Draculaura to get her answer. It's been a while, so I'll do it. She won't be able to argue, however if she does decide to ground me, I'm going to make certain I've done something really special to deserve it.

It'll only be until my father gets back. A month at the most. Naffratina De Nile was the talk of the social pages for a night. She had put together a party, bringing together all the VIMs Very Important Monsters for a night of socializing and dancing. The movers and shakers of the local and even national Monster scene attended. Part of her reason for doing so, was to introduce her daughter to the monster high society.

She only wished she'd had a little more time to pick out a date for her daughter. She didn't like leaving it to her, but she did get Cleo to promise she's find a royal, noble or demi-god the escort her. Naffratina was wearing a very glamorous, Hollywood version of a Cleopatra outfit. In truth it looked like something one might find on a high end Barbie Doll. Her outfit was getting her many positive comments, although in truth it left little to the imagination.

She was looking forward to seeing her daughter. The pair had picked out Cleo's dress together, keeping in mind Cleo's insistence on wearing outfits that had her mummy chic style. Surprisingly, Naffratina was happy with her Daughter's dress design. While she was busy socializing, her daughter walked in, escorted on the arm of another individual. Cleo walked up and spoke demurely to her mother. Cleo stood there wearing a long sleeveless gown that went over one shoulder, in a gold and brown, which simulated mummy wrappings.

It cinched around her waist, with a slit along the right side, that ended mid thigh. She wore a pair of nude pantyhose under that, with a pair of strappy high, stiletto heeled shoes. The thin straps of the stilettos were also simulated mummy wrappings, which wrapped up her legs like ballet toe shoes. Her hair was loose and flowing around her face, with the gold highlights she liked. A small gold tiara with a cobra was on her head. A gold chain was wrapped around her wrist and continued towards the floor.

Draculaura stood next to her, wearing, a pink tuxedo shirt, with a dark red vest and a black, tailed tuxedo jacket. She had a pink rose pinned to her pocket. Instead of pants, she had a long skirt with a slit up each side, ending just above mid thigh. A pair of fish net thigh highs covers her legs, clipped to a black and red garter belt. A pair of black, high-heeled boots covered her feet, and a small top hat sat upon her head, just off to the side.

Her hair was in a thick braid at her back. She held a black and dark red umbrella like it was a cane. I started to date her, as she is the only other person of nobility currently at monster high. Her mother was about to speak but stopped short. It was not a passionate kiss, per say, but it was certainly more than a friendly kiss.

Cleo's mother went pale as she took a good look at the pair. She was extremely homophobic. Naffratina glanced at Cleo's wrist, where the gold chain was, and followed the "loose" end until it reached a golden collar around a partially transformed werewolf.

Her eyes went wide, and she paled even more.

monster high cleo and deuce meet

She knew her beliefs were rather old fashioned and not really acceptable in today's monster society. This time it was Cleo's turn to pale. She saw Clawdeen's father rushing towards them. She had not been expecting him to be there, but she should have. He was the local pack leader, and he was in full human form, something Clawdeen had yet to master. In fact she was a only a little more wolf-like than her normal everyday form.

Her eyes were fully wolf, she had a tail, and her limbs were more suited to being on all fours, but her face and hair were how they normally were. She also wore a very basic, traditional Egyptian slave outfit. Clawdeen leapt in position between Cleo and her father, growling in low tones with her tail wagging slowly.

The human werewolf stopped and frowned a moment, then nodded, all without Naffratina realizing what was happening. She was still standing there in stunned silence, nearly ready to faint.

She took a few deep breaths. Cleo replied happily, in a much louder voice than her mother would have liked. You did say werewolves were nothing better than beasts that should have remained our pets, so I got myself a pet werewolf.

She's so pretty too. Thank Ra Draculaura was there. If it wasn't for your command, I never would have realized how utterly special and delicious she was. The people around them were whispering quickly, those whispers were joined with other whispers, none of which sounded as if there was any approval in their tones.

Naffratina looked around, sweat on her brow, panic in her eyes. Cleo pulled out her cell phone, and pressed a few buttons. The voice of Cleo's mother came forth. The whispers got louder, and people started to leave the party. She looked as if she had been trapped in a corner.

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As people were leaving the party, Ghoulia, Frankie, and Lagoona each stood in an elevator, passing along a message to everyone. It basically went like this. She was trying to make a point with her mother. On the other hand, Naffratina was shaking in the room as people left, and she was watching each one go, counting as they did. Cleo stood there defiantly.

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Finally all that was left, was Cleo, Draculaura and the partially transformed Clawdeen. I see no problem with all of the different monsters being together as classmates and especially as friends.

I am not willing to give up my friends simply because you do not deem them to be of proper status. Draculaura stood next to her. Draculaura and Clawdeen gasped surprised by the sudden movement. This time I will put you someplace your father will never be able to find you. She was ready to spend a little time trapped in her sarcophagus, but if her mother did hide her away so her father couldn't find her.

monster high cleo and deuce meet

Cleo shrieked and started to fight against her mother's grip. Naffratina chanted something under her breath and suddenly Cleo was frozen, except for her legs. Clawdeen and Draculaura rushed towards them only to have a wall of sand appear and block them.

Suddenly the wall fell apart. Her hold on Cleo loosened and the girl could more again. He grimaced a moment. Stein was able to speed along my recovery. She knew that was Frankie's father. Had the golem girl asked her father to help out? She wondered and smiled a little at the happy surprise. Do not worry about our daughter. I shall return to being her guardian. Your 'help' is not longer needed. It was clear Cleo was daddy's little girl. Now if you would please leave. The girls left the penthouse with Cleo's father, meeting everyone else at the elevators.

She held a neutral expression on her face. I was not sure what else to do. I will find a suitable, and reasonable punishment for you later.

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For now, feel free to enjoy your time with the friends you fought for. I must get a little more rest. He smiled at her and nodded before entering an elevator that they girls noticed Frankie's father was also in. Frankie followed, as did Lagoona. Draculaura, Cleo, Clawdeen and Ghoulia had an elevator of their own to ride down.

I didn't realize you were such a good kisser. Cleo blushed just a little. Cleo shook her head. Clawdeen frowned a moment.

Cleo looked at her like she had no idea what she was talking about. I did not do that for you. As far as looks went, they were the beast. Yep, they complimented each other nicely, Clawd respected Cleo's vanity and she respected his uncontrollable enthusiasm for sports. In public, they were ideal. When not in public, they respected each other's differences more by not bothering one another until situation called for it.

Outside the Wolf house Clawd was playing ball with a new pal of his. The guy was good, knew how to play hard without ever letting his sunglasses slip off. The wolfman recommended he go out for the team, but snake-haired boy politely let him down. Something about not being into competition and all that.

He had a good humor about him too. Clawd liked that and invited him to watch the televised game at Cleo's house. Clawd hadn't noticed he never mentioned her before. I didn't tell you? It was all for play, Clawd gave a growl, Deuce's hair gave a hiss and then he accepted the invite to the De Nile House. By Cleo's loud request, Clawd's friends were all to take their shoes off before entering her home. Her servants made the large living room 'guest appropriate' but the princess still demanded that they touch as little as possible.

The TV was the center of attention, not her, so Cleo wasn't having as much fun at this pow-wow as she should've. She watched her boyfriend cheer and punch his friends. The mummy tried to get his attention by putting on better clothes or complaining she needed things but didn't gain his attention.

She pouted on the love seat. Remembering pouting was not what future queens did Cleo tried to strike up conversation with a girlfriend that came along. Unfortunately, none of the ghouls that came along were dressed well enough to talk to.

Bored to tears, Cleo walked hotly into her kitchen. She'd usually ask someone else to get her a snack, but she needed the excuse to leave the room.

In her kitchen she saw someone at the fridge, door wide open. Not giving anyone permission to be that welcomed in her home Cleo made an 'ah-hem' sound, very loudly. The guest raised his green head, and looked at the ghoul. Depending on the perspective, you could think the first meeting went two ways.

One way had the two young monsters just looked at one another. One way was The Mummy's daughter saw through the boy's sunglasses and shot into his soul. Medusa's son saw a radiant force of nature return to earth. The other way was Cleo saw this stranger as a rude guest that needed a good verbal-spanking. We're inside in case no one's told you that either.

I mean the lips are full and great, and what comes out of them… With her high eyebrows narrowing, Cleo just nearly screeched. Sorry if that's how you received it. He had a cup of ice for his drink.

Cleo thought he was calling her old. In all truth, she was over five thousand years old, but only a jerk would call her a hag as he just had. She took his cup and splashed it in his face. If she were a dude Deuce might've decked him; but she was a girl…a babe even. Walking past the fuming Cleo, Deuce called out for a girl named Elflen. A part of Cleo felt guilty for letting her temper get hold of her like that.

The majority of her remembered she was royalty and that was license to do whatever she wanted. Everyone else just had to work around her. She stood alone in the kitchen.

The relationship only lasted a week and a half but he heard enough about how inefficient fearleaders were in the preforming arts world to be sick of bubble-brained fearleaders and pretentious ballerinas. What they lacked in preforming skill, they made up for in lack of skirt. The ghoul Deuce went to the field for was a funny Cyclops named Tilly. Noticing Cleo's screeching voice, Deuce smirked a little. He waited until she told them to take a very short break, took a drink out of a blue-long-haired zombie girl and said, "So do you squirt water when these poor ghouls mess up, or I am just lucky?

The zombie noticed Cleo's eyes change size for a second. For second longer she stayed on her high hippogriff.

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The Cleo she knew would sooner set fire to rain than try even something this close to empathy. And yet she had Ghoulia be her in-between than just demand Deuce jump in a crocodile infested river. Happy to not have an enemy, Deuce was going to say something nice about her commanding voice, but before he spoke two hands covered his glasses.

Tilly was just being silly, she didn't know how touchy Deuce was about people touching his sunglasses. He didn't comment, just gently moved her hands and turned around to face her pretty eye. Her one violet eye was gleeful as she told him how her Vrolley-ball practice went. Taking Deuce's attention away that day was to be the reason Cleo would put soap in her contact lens. It would be a week later in gym, but the poor ghoul had no clue about the connection that was being made.

What the Egyptian princess gathered in that short time was Deuce liked getting ghouls to like him. He was a philandering snake with a checklist and that disgusted her.