Opening to alvin and the chipmunks meet frankenstein vhs

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein | All Hallows Haunts

opening to alvin and the chipmunks meet frankenstein vhs

Find great deals for Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein VHS. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Alvin And The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein [VHS] at Read honest and unbiased product. Meet Frankenstein (Released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment in ) Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman There were also VHS releases.

I like this film, because it paints a solid picture of the amount of work and stress involved in running a haunt, even without the genuine paranormal happenings. This Australian supernatural drama follows two teen boys reconnecting on Halloween night. Throughout the night the boys are forced to confront death and learn some very painful, very adult lessons.

Like the works of Ray Bradbury, this film captures the beauty and sadness of Halloween.

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This Mick Garris film is an adaptation of a Stephen King story. It revolves around a suicidal artist forced to hitchhike on Halloween night to see his dying mother. The film is set in and uses some of the best music of that era. In addition to the music, there is an uncanny quality to much of the imagery.

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Take for example, the school bus full of people in costumes on an otherwise empty road. The documentary details the experiences of three different families as they plan, build, and tear down their haunts. He went on to direct Best Worst Movie, a documentary that explored the making of Troll 2. The film manages to be humorous, awkward, and endearing all at the same time. Murder Party This is a low budget, high enjoyment film.

opening to alvin and the chipmunks meet frankenstein vhs

He puts on his finest cardboard robot costume and heads to the address on the card. When he arrives he discovers a group of college students who wish to murder him in the name of art. This situation would be terrifying, except the group of wannabe creators are woefully incompetent.

Combine the wacky cast with Halloween mischief, and this film is an all around win. I mean, the cover looks dreadful. However, it ended up being an excellent Halloween treat. In the game, you have to help Satan kill people to win. When he spots a guy dressed as the devil killing someone, he interprets it as fate and this is where their merry killing spree begins. This film is both wildly funny and twisted. Though only the Wolfman one seems to be set around Halloween.

Anyway, these straight to video movies were meant to be homages to the Abbott and Costello Universal horror-comedies. While these films may have been marketed to kids, I think the adult fan will enjoy them even more.

The Chipmunks learn that the monster whom Theodore has nicknamed "Frankie" is truly good-hearted. Dave goes to the park to book a concert that night to celebrate the premiere of an anticipated film. Frankenstein tracks Frankie to the Chipmunks' home, and, angered at the monster's benevolence, kidnaps Alvin. Simon, Theodore, and Frankie hurry back to the park to rescue Alvin.

Frankenstein force feeds Alvin a potion and induces a powerful electrical shock.

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Alvin is released by Frankie, and after Simon swipes the doctor's potions book, the four of them escape back into the park.

Shortly after, the process Alvin underwent takes effect, transforming Alvin into a zany cartoon monster. Alvin escapes to the premiere, causing chaos and havoc in his path. Using the potions book, Simon and Theodore mix an antidote using various food items from a buffet, and feed it to Alvin during his rampage.

Alvin returns to normal, and the Chipmunks go to perform their concert.

opening to alvin and the chipmunks meet frankenstein vhs

Before the concert begins, Dr.