Rey and luke meet

rey and luke meet

Dec 20, On Ahch-To (gesundheit), Luke asks Rey what she knows about the Force. Her weak “Darkness rises, and light to meet it.” The next is the key. Rey is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise portrayed by English actress Daisy Ridley Kennedy stated that, "Rey is the new generation's Luke Skywalker." Rey's background as a scavenger . Rey reunites with Finn and Leia , and meets Poe Dameron for the first time aboard the Falcon. Rey feels Luke's death. Rey, a Force-sensitive human female, was a scavenger who lived on the forlorn Rey saw Luke Skywalker kneeling before a burning temple in her vision. and she goes off a journey where she meets Luke and then defeats the villain.

Creation and casting[ edit ] Rey's costume from Episode VII Screenwriter Michael Arndt said that he found Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy 's offer to write the Star Wars sequel trilogy daunting in mid, but he became interested when it was explained to him that the tale was about the origin story of a female Jedi and he met with George Lucas.

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Abrams originally intended to name the character "Keera", however during filming in Abu DhabiAbrams revealed to Ridley that he was thinking of going with "Rey". He said that "We always wanted to write Rey as the central character" and that other female representation in the story was also important.

Ridley said that she auditioned many times for the role over the course of seven months and had to keep her casting a secret for three months. She only had experience with small parts in TV shows.

Her inexperience and lack of exposure were a crucial part of what convinced Abrams to give Ridley the role, as the previous installments had featured relatively unknown talent that would not experience heightened degrees of scrutiny. She simultaneously works from the inside out and the outside in.

She epitomizes that optimism where anything is possible. And I think that's probably me, because Americans tend not to understand me, so it helped, slowing down the speech and everything just made it softer than I am. It just so happens she's a woman but she transcends gender. She's going to speak to men and women. She's cool and smart and she can look after herself," adding "Young girls can look at her and know that they can wear trousers if they want to.

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That they don't have to show off their bodies. He said that her theme doesn't suggest a love theme, but rather a strong female adventurer character infused with the Force for a mature, thoughtful theme. She rescues the astromech droid BB-8 and encounters the runaway stormtrooper Finn.

The smuggler Han Solo and his partner Chewbacca capture the Falcon in their freighter ship. When dangerous gangs confront Han on the freighter, Rey mistakenly unleashes Han's vicious cargo.

Star Wars 8: 'Rey IS a Skywalker but NOT the daughter of Luke or Han Solo and Kyra'

She saves Finn and they escape the freighter in the Falcon. Impressed with Rey, Han offers her a job on the Falcon; however, Rey declines his offer, feeling that she has to return to Jakku.

Rey is drawn to the castle's basement vault in which Maz has stored a lightsaber that belonged to Luke Skywalker and his father before him. Upon touching it, she experiences a terrifying vision: Maz argues that whoever abandoned her will never return to Jakku, and her only option is to seek out strength in the Force.

Feeling overwhelmed, Rey rejects the lightsaber and flees into the forest. Ren takes her to Starkiller Base, where he probes her mind for the map piece that BB-8 showed her. Ren uses the Force to read Rey's mind, revealing Rey feels that Han is like the father she never had. Rey then resists him and reads Ren's emotions, exposing his fear that he will never be as powerful as Darth Vader.

Ren reports to his master, Supreme Leader Snokewho commands that Rey be brought before him.

rey and luke meet

Left alone with a stormtrooper guarding her, Rey uses a Jedi mind trick to get him to help free her. After sneaking around inside the base looking for a way to escape, she is elated to find Finn, Han, and Chewbacca have come for her.

They watch in horror as Ren kills his own father, Han. Rey scavenged his helmet, sidearm, and comlink before giving the pilot a proper burial. She then heard a sound and realized she wasn't alone in this ship. Two persons surrounded her and demanded that she give them her comlinks. Rey declined and instead attacked the two persons. Rey by mistake then set off a chain reaction and the ship started to blow up. Just as everyone managed to escape, the ship exploded together with the mysterious person's speeder bike.

Rey took her speeder away from the ship, leaving the two persons stranded.

rey and luke meet

When she came back to Niima Outpost she realized that something was wrong. She asked Crusher and he revealed that an off-worlder called Zool Zendiat and his gang had taken Plutt. Rey asked Constable Zuvio why and he answered that the rumor was that Zendiat was looking for an old J9 droid that Rey had sold to Plutt, two weeks prior.

The Gabdorin Krynodd then appeared, stating that he was the new junkboss in Nimma Outpost and that his boys were the law now, instead of Zuvio. When Bobbajo walked past Krynodd, the Gabdorin hit him and said that he needed to show some respect. Rey helped the old man capture his creatures who were running away. As thanks she received a few corn-clusters. Realizing, that Krynodd would be even worse than Plutt, she decided that she had to rescue him.

She returned to her home and took a look at the head of the J9 droid which she had kept so that she could clean it and sell it later for more portions. She then headed out into the night to find Plutt.

When out, she heard Ripper Raptors in the Kelvim Ravine and decided to go there to see if that was the location of Plutt. She then used one of the comlinks she had brought with her to make the sound of a bloggin.

Rey attacked and managed to beat all except Zendiat.

rey and luke meet

She then attempted to remove the restraints holding Plutt. Instead she got an electric shock.

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Surrounded by Zendiat's gang, Rey pulled out the head of the J9 droid, which had been the very droid that had gotten Plutt captured in the first place. Rey proposed that they let her and Plutt go and she would give them the head.

Zendiat then asked why he shouldn't just kill them and take the droid but Rey then threw the droid's head up in the sky to show him why.

In the meantime she freed Plutt but he pushed her away and grabbed the droid's head. He then took Rey's corn-clusters and threw them on Zendiat's gang so that the Ripper Raptors would attack them. They did, and Rey and Plutt escaped but Rey threw the head of the droid to Zendiat's gang. They drove back to Niima Outpost on Rey's speeder and she told Plutt that Krynodd had taken over his business.

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When arriving, Plutt stormed away without thanking Rey. The following day when Rey woke up, she found a crate with at least 30 portions outside of her home, leading Rey to consider that Plutt was not as rude as she thought.

rey and luke meet

And Unkar knew that, didn't he? Plutt reluctantly gave her the coordinates but placed a collateral on Rey's speeder if were to fail the errand. Rey responded by placing a bet of twenty portions since she was risking her speeder. Rey traveled on her speeder to the site, which turned out to be a wrecked quadjumper. She found a happabore lying beside the spacetug.

Realizing that Plutt had set her up to fail, Rey tried to get the creature to move. After trying to push it, Rey realized that the happabore was having trouble breathing because something was blocking its nose.

Steeling herself, Rey dug into the creature's nose and retrieved a piece of machinery that was obstructing its nasal passage. Fortunately for Rey, the grateful happabore helped her push it back to Niima Outpost where Unkar Plutt angrily gave Rey the 20 portions. At some point, Rey was salvaging a battle cruiser when a sandstorm forced her to retreat to the Hellhound Two, where she decided to wait out the storm by practicing on her flight simulator.

The next day, after trading with Plutt for rations at the Concession Stand, she took her speeder out to the Starship Graveyard, where she decided to climb the Spikethe keel of an Imperial ship that had crashed into what would become the Crackle. From her perch, she spotted a ship that, upon closer inspection, she realized to be a reasonably intact Ghtroc light freighter.

Realizing that the whole repaired ship was worth more to Plutt than its salvageable parts, she decided to work on it so she could sell it, discovering panels inside that she could use to hide her ship from other scavengers. As it had become dark outside, Rey opted to spend the night in the ship.

Her decision to not give some parts to Plutt eventually attracted the attention of the scavengers Devi and Strunkwho asked her about it. She refused to tell them anything, and they told her that they might not have been the only ones to notice Rey's unusual behavior.

rey and luke meet

After Rey explained that she was going to sell the freighter to Plutt once it was complete, Devi and Strunk brokered a deal with her: While Rey was wary of the others at first, she came to think of them as friends as they proved their trustworthiness by keeping watch over the ship at night, and helping to protect it from a group of Teedos.

Together the three scavengers restored the ship to working order, and Rey was able to pilot the craft over the desert with the skills she had learned from her flight simulator program. Once the ship was complete, Rey flew it to Niima Outpost with the others.

However, as soon as she stepped out of it to barter with Plutt, Devi and Strunk stole the ship and fled the planet, leaving Rey with nothing to show for her work. Later that night, Rey punched the lenses out of a battered stormtrooper helmet before turning back to testing her skills on her flight simulator.

I did just save your life. She used it when she entered a Star Destroyer which was notably in danger of falling apart. After finding a room with some scattered components she was sure would be useful, she noticed a component still attached to the ship. Upon attempting to detach it however, the room and the whole ship began to show signs of stress.