Rio meet nico and pedro

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rio meet nico and pedro

Nico, Pedro, and Rafael walked into Blu and Jewel's house. The macaws know that Nico and Pedro are best friends. When they got it, they fist. Read Nica & Alette meets Nico & Pedro from the story Rio- Nico x oc by SkylarKeeney (Random Fanatic) with reads. luiz, rio, nigel. As Nica & Alette exited. Bio. Rio. Pedro and Nico meet and befriend Blu when he first arrives in Rio de Janeiro. They give Blu advice on how to attract Brazilian ladies. Pedro then tries.

Rafael shook his head. I even had to put my binder on my head. Pedro was with the cool kids and Luiz. Then the flashback ended.

rio meet nico and pedro

And then I laughed. Nico used one of his math worksheets. Then he really looked like a nerd. Pedro even called him a nerd. Luiz called him a looser. Nico flew into the bathroom. He wanted to call his mother, but Pedro and Luiz found him.

Trying to be the tough guy huh? Okay it was now math. I had to do some word problems with a partner. There was another flashback. The math room was roomNico saw Pedro. They started to argue.

Then the teacher told them to stop and they had to work together on some math problems.

rio meet nico and pedro

Nico and Pedro did not like that idea at all. When they were doing the math problems, they started to yell at each other about math. The teacher had it. She told them to get back to work. In the hallway, Pedro and Nico were talking. So that's why you act like a nerd? You see, just like you, I had other bullies.

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Before I came here, I was in a school like this one, but things happened. So this year, I tried to make no eye contact with anyone. Near by Nico was a young Red-crested Cardinal enjoying the midday. Though something was bugging his mind, he tried to put that empty feeling in his heart aside. He had been having it quite a long time already, and was getting confused with it.

Maybe he was just lonely, living all alone. Suddenly he heard something Pedro flew in the way where the sound was coming.

There were so many people that you would he'd have had hard time finding a certain little bird, but the voice was so perceivable that he indeed succeeded at finding the owner of it.

Nico And Pedro

The Cardinal settled few feet behind him and listened in amaze. It was like honey. He wanted to go to him and tell it, but it would mean that he would stop singing and maybe even fly away from him Pedro took his gaze away from the Canary for a second and spotted a human youngster, who was slowly drawing closer to the singing bird with a bucket.

Pedro gasped at realising what he was about to do. But Nico was in his own world right now. Just as the human raised the bucket towards him, Pedro crashed in between. Nico was brought back to earth and stared blankly at the random bird who croaked at the human angrily. He was about to capture ya! One more angry look a the human, and he flew after his new acquaintance. And no need to thank me, lil' rascal. Nice to meet you, Pedro. And where ya staying? From his chocolaty brown eyes Pedro noticed this.

Come on I'll show you my place. Lemme take you Rio! Here's so much to see! And we have a samba club I'm the samba master!

rio meet nico and pedro

Yeah, it seemed like he got a new friend. Not only a new friend, but his first friend. After the incident with his family, he couldn't What he didn't know was that he was Pedro's first friend too. La casa de Pedro!

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Hey, it's not that bad! But now when Nico mentioned it. Nico was eating a strawberry and noticed Pedro looking around his nest with pensive expression. We can decorate together, I'll help. He smirked at Pedro who didn't give up, throwing another one.