Ryback and curtis axel meet again song

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ryback and curtis axel meet again song

He sang the Cops theme song until the audience joined in. The Miz, Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. . Rusev and Jack Swagger Meet Again. On the next two episodes of Raw, Ryback again confronted Punk after he threatened Jim . Ryback and Curtis Axel as RybAxel in April . The Ryback character has been described as "Goldberg meets The Ultimate Warrior "WWE NXT: "Wild & Young" by American Bang is the official theme song of WWE NXT". Ryback & Curtis Axel def. Los Matadores. Los Matadores vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel: SmackDown, April 11, Los Matadores square.

Early life Reeves was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He started watching wrestling at the age of eight; he was allowed to ring the bell at a live World Wrestling Federation event, and was the guest bell ringer at the age of He was nicknamed "Silverback" as a teenager, after a childhood friend joked that he resembled a gorillaand later adopted it as a part of his ring name.

Mark Henry def. Ryback

He also played college baseball during his freshman year at the Community College of Southern Nevadabut broke his leg and ended up missing two seasons. He attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and entered in its fitness management program.

ryback and curtis axel meet again song

During the first week of training, Reeves suffered from bronchitis and a rib injury. He eventually became one of the eight finalists to appear on SmackDown! He spent time healing from his injuries in Las Vegas before heading to Atlanta, Georgia in March The supplements he was using were later taken off the market due to this effect and, although his suspension remained in place, Reeves eventually returned to the roster after passing a second test.

Skip Sheffield in Florida Championship Wrestling After his previous day suspension, Reeves returned while sporting bleached hair. On October 18, he and Bolen also lost to them in a handicap match. As a result of their victory, they were allowed five minutes alone with Shawn Osbourne but he was able to escape with the help of Craven and Kruel.

Reeves also took part in a four-way Elimination Christmas Present match with Kruel four days later. Ryback soon formed a tag team with Sheamus O'Shaunessy and the duo unsuccessfully challenged for the Florida Tag Team Championship on a few occasions until O'Shaunessy was called up to the main roster.

He was one of three eliminations that same night, behind Bryan and Michael Tarverand said he would be back. Sheffield eliminated both John Morrison and R-Truth from the match before becoming the third member of the Nexus to be eliminated.

Ultimately, the Nexus lost the match. Over the following weeks, he would squash jobbersas well as more established wrestlers but still in the "jobber" ranks like Heath Slater and Derrick Bateman.

Later that night, Ryback attacked Punk with a ladder and chair before finally powerbombing him through a table. Punk suffered a legitimate knee injury during to the attack, and the title match was postponed. Ryback would then later interfere in the match by slamming Punk through a table.

On the September 30 episode of Raw, he was defeated by R-Truth in a non-title match, which gave him a title match at Battleground.

Mark Henry def. Ryback | WWE

R-Truth picked up the victory for his team, pinning Axel. At Hell in a CellAxel was scheduled to defend his title against Big E Langstonhowever the match was cancelled due to Axel's legitimate hip injury. Axel had his rescheduled rematch with Langston on November 18 episode of Raw, where Axel would lose the title to Langston, ending his reign at days. At Survivor SeriesAxel would challenge Langston to a rematch in a losing effort. On the April 14 episode of Raw, along with nine other superstars, they would attack The Shield again under orders from Triple H.

RybAxel would continue their short feud with Cody Rhodes and Goldust from earlier in the year at Paybackwhich RybAxel won, before losing the rematch at Money in the Bank. Shortly after, Ryback took time off for surgery, leaving Axel to compete by himself.

On the November 6 episode of Superstars, Ryback, after returning from injury, would tell Axel that he needs to focus on his singles career, officially ending the team. At the Royal RumbleAxel was set to enter the Rumble match at 6, but was attacked by Erick Rowan on the entrance ramp, rendering him unable to compete.

ryback and curtis axel meet again song

On the May 11 episode of Raw, Axel turned face when he shook hands with Damien Sandow dressed as "Macho Mandow"similar to the handshake of The Mega Powers when they formed a tag team. Battlegroundtaking them out of action. Irrelevant" due to being the last draft pick for Raw, Axel then stated that they "saved the best for last", before he was defeated by a returning Neville. On the October 24 episode of Raw, Axel cemented his face turn in his home state of Minnesotareceiving a pop from the crowd, before losing to Dallas.