Sebastian and blaine meet

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sebastian and blaine meet

Mar 26, Sebastian's Kiss. By: tbc What happens when Blaine and Sebastain kiss, and there's picture proof? Includes Finn, Kurt and Burt. Dec 12, "Sebastian doesn't mean anything to me," he was lying when he said that. Ever since they first met, Blaine had kept in contact with him. Read When Sebastian meet Blaine from the story Seblaine by divachick ( Rubiana) with reads. fanfiction, glee, seblaine. Blaine walks down the stairs of.

Includes Finn, Kurt and Burt. Fiction T - English - Kurt H. He was finally ready to go back to school after his eye surgery. He was interrupted a light knock at the door. Blaine turned to face him, "Morning Gerard, Thanks for the offer but…" He reached for his own station wagon keys, "I thought I would drive myself to school today.

Blaine started to protest but stopped himself, Blaine's family had Gerard working for them since Blaine was a baby. He was practically part of the family in Blaine's eyes, Blaine had a deep respect for him having put up with his father all these years never once raising his voice. Gerard smiled softly, "Not a hair out of place Mister Blaine, dapper as always. I will be out front whenever you are ready. And as usual, park half a block away from the school?

Blaine turned back to the mirror, his hair was perfect.

sebastian and blaine meet

He took a deep breath. He picked up his phone and sent a quick text to Kurt, Gerard taking me to school today be there at His phone vibrated on the dresser next to him. That was fast he thought. He picked it up, a text message. But it wasn't from Kurt, it was from Sebastian. Heard you're headed back to school today. Mybe we can talk after. Me and the other guys would rather apologize in person. Sebastian Blaine's stomach dropped a little. He had not thought about Sebastian in the past week at all.

Kurt had filled him in on the last day of Michael week, and the Warblers joining in with the New Directions in song.

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He was proud that Kurt had taken the high road, knowing that Kurt wanted to get even with Sebastian. Blaine grabbed his bag and ignored the text He would think about Sebastian later. His phone vibrated again, this time from Kurt.

Excited that you're coming back today! Glee club surprise ; Meet you around the block.

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He got in the back seat of the car. Gerard adjusted the rearview mirror and chuckled. Gerard started the car and reached to turn up the radio. Blaine looked out the window again and sighed. He pulled out his phone and his recent test messages. He tapped Sebastian's name.

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Hey, I have practice with ND after school until four thirty. We can meet after.

sebastian and blaine meet

Blaine Blaine hesitated, then hit send. He knew it was risky but if anything the Warblers apology meant more to him then Sebastian. Less than thirty seconds later his phone vibrated. I'll let the guys know. Hope your eye is better, hate to see a good looking guy go to waste. He saw Kurt in the distance biting his lip impatiently. He put his phone away. Blaine hesitated, "Actually can you pick me up at Dalton at six?

Kurt and Finn will drive me there after school. He chuckled, "Sure, tell Mister Kurt I said hello. Blaine smiled, "Okay, thanks Gerard see you later. Kurt trotted up to him and hugged him almost knocking Blaine over. Blaine couldn't help but laugh. Kurt looked around and kissed him hard against the mouth.

Kurt laced his fingers through his. But we are going to be late if we don't hurry. Wes, David and Thad of course, had a list of critiques they were going to bring up at the next meeting. But they had noticed Kurt too, and instead of being angry that another teen from a rival show choir had been sent to check out the competition, they were intrigued. Jason was captain on the lacrosse team. He liked to keep himself in good condition months in advance.

As it turned out, Sebastian was one of the only ones who'd agreed to run with him as long as Jason didn't wake him early on weekends to do it before the season started.

He checked his watch. He's gonna kill me if I stay any longer. Anderson, you know the rules. May I take it outside? Blaine hurried out of the room without another word. Blaine didn't come back for the rest of the period, and that worried Sebastian. Charleston made him promise to have Blaine get into contact with her as soon as possible, to which he agreed, in addition to passing on the day's homework assignment.

sebastian and blaine meet

He walked out of the classroom and saw Jeff's fourth period Algebra class letting out down the hall. The blonde turned around at hearing his name. Wasn't sure if he texted you or one of the other guys about it 'cause I got nothin'.

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He wouldn't bail on a lesson unless he had a good reason. Sebastian, however, chose to navigate through the throng of students leaving classes until he found an empty classroom. He pulled out his phone and typed out a text that he sent to Blaine. Blaine You missed one hell of a lecture on chemical bonds, Killer. I'll be back before curfew. The public high school that the Warblers were competing against at Sectionals this year. What was their name?

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Oh right, the New Directions. Sebastian vaguely remembered Blaine mentioning it after he, Wes and David had confronted the 'spy' that had come to their performance of Teenage Dream. Blaine had told him briefly that Kurt was having problems in school, and had left it at that Blaine Blaine's response took a couple of minutes before it popped up in Sebastian's messages. He sighed and headed for lunch.

He would talk to Blaine when he returned to Dalton. Sebastian actually didn't get a chance to talk to Blaine until the weekend, as Blaine had to play catch up after missing the second half of the school day thankfully he had covered his bases by emailing his teachers and so had avoided detention. It was Saturday, and Sebastian, surprisingly, was studying for an upcoming Latin test he had on Monday.

He normally used Saturdays to sleep in if he didn't have lacrosse practice, and since he had until spring to wait for that, he was taking full advantage of his weekends. This, unfortunately also meant much more studying time.