Sokka and suki meet joe

sokka and suki meet joe

He once seriously considered leaving Aang behind in order to meet him at a military Sokka and Katara developed a habit of calling her "Gran-Gran". Atla, avatar: the last Airbender, sokka, suki Suki is such an underrated character I love her .. "Sapphire Fire, nice to meet you. My life goal is .. Rachel Joseph. Aang, Sokka, and Suki all watch sadly from the spirit world. . After seven years of separation, Aang is wholly unprepared when he meets an alluring version of Toph, and cannot resist the attraction. Venom of Konoha by Uncle Joe reviews.

It was during the night that her feelings for Sokka were made more clear, though he was reluctant to jump into a relationship with her due to his inability to stop Princess Yue giving her life to save the Moon Spirit during the Siege of the North.

Before her departure, she apologized to him, telling him she had acted rashly, but Sokka stopped her, and immediately made up for the previous night by kissing her back.

Later, she and a group of Kyoshi Warriors discovered an injured Appa, who was attempting to reunite with Aang after being kidnapped. After calming the jittery sky bison, she and the other warriors tended to Appa and cleaned him up. The Kyoshi Warriors and Azula's team fought a short duel, during which the warriors were overpowered despite holding the advantage in numbers, and soon only Suki remained standing.

She was forced to drive Appa away with a burning branch to keep him safe before clashing with Azula. Suki was found by Sokka, who had initially sneaked in along with Zuko in the hopes of finding his father. After an awkward official introduction with Zuko, during which he apologized for burning down her village, Suki readily joined the breakout plans.

When Sokka decided to remain behind in hopes of finding his father, she chose to stay behind with him, risking imprisonment again. When the group started a riot to cover their escape, Suki quickly captured the prison warden. When Azula and Ty Lee attacked the group on the prison gondolas, Suki joined Sokka and Zuko on the roof of their gondola in an attempt to defend it. Calling it "a rematch [she had] been waiting for", she clashed with Ty Lee in an even duel.

When the cable carrying their gondola was about to be cut through, Azula and Ty Lee retreated, though due to an intervention of Mai, Suki an the others managed to safely reach the end of their cable ride and escape on Azula's airship to the Western Air Temple.

When Zuko went to Sokka's tent to ask him about his mother, he collided with Suki, who suspiciously denied her true intention of seeing Sokka and rushed back to her tent. When Zuko entered the tent, it was apparent that Sokka was waiting to have a romantic evening with Suki, but was surprised and embarrassed to see Zuko instead.

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After Zuko left the tent, Sokka called out to Suki and, seeing Zuko was still there, whistled guiltily to make him go away. In the play, her character was portrayed most accurately, though some physical details, like her headpiece and her physique, were slightly exaggerated.

Sokka's relationships

During the play, she exchanged looks with Sokka during the scene where they practiced using Kyoshi Warrior outfits and acted jealous when Sokka shushed her during the scene where Yue became the Moon Spirit. She cringed when the actor playing Toph screamed as a way to "see", and when Sokka desired to sneak backstage to help out the actor playing him, Suki assisted him, saying that her years of training in the art of stealth should help. Sokka showed his jokes to actor Sokka, which caused Suki to hit herself on the head.

Contrary to her original thoughts, however, actor Sokka found the jokes funny, and used them in the next scenes. Suki called the play horrible and never referred to it again in the series. Sokka created a crude sand sculpture of Suki that bore no resemblance to her, but she said that she thought it was sweet of him, resulting in him kissing her. When Zuko informed the group of the Fire Lord 's plan to destroy the Earth Kingdom, Aang ran off, and Suki aided in the search for him.

When she was unable to find the Avatar, Zuko decided to track Iroh instead, leading the group to Ba Sing Se, where they were approached by the Order of the White Lotus. It was decided that Suki, Sokka, and Toph would destroy the airship fleet. Sokka drove one airship into the others, bringing them down. In the process, Suki was separated from her friends as the airship fell apart underneath them. She insisted that Sokka carry onward with the mission. Suki went on to manipulate the rudder of the airship she had fallen onto, thereby taking control of the entire vessel.

Noticing Toph and Sokka hanging helplessly from another airship, she saved the two by steering her captured aircraft into the other vessel. After Aang had removed Ozai 's firebendingthe reunited group landed the captured airship and began to taunt the fallen tyrant.

Suki also made a lame attempt to do so, earning Toph's criticism of her, "Leave the nicknames to us, honey. After discovering how well her team bonded with Ty Lee while in prison, Suki allowed her to join them. However, when Sokka tried to set a date between them, Kaya became upset and left the scene. After one of Sokka's lapses, Kaya came to believe he was the Avatar, a belief that was further supported by Aang who provided Sokka's airbending prowess.

Kaya quickly accepted Sokka as her boyfriend, and soon presented him to her entire family.

sokka and suki meet joe

She briefly enjoyed her status as the "Avatar's" girlfriend before the Rough Rhinos invaded her village. Of course, as Sokka could not bend at all, Aang, Toph and Katara stopped the attack on the village.

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Kaya, however, came to believe Sokka had let his "servants" enjoy a hero's day of their own. Sokka's attempts to court Yue were first reciprocated; however, Yue eventually said she could not see him anymore because she was already engaged to a young man named Hahnthough in reality it was a political union [27] and she did not love him. She explained that she had feelings for Sokka, but could not abandon her people and their customs.

Sokka's former love now exists as a reincarnation of Tui, the Moon Spirit.

sokka and suki meet joe

Sokka envisioned her confronting him and asking why he was unable to protect her, [29] a task that her father Chief Arnook had asked him to do. When she commented how beautiful the moon was that night, Sokka agreed in all literal how it truly was.

Sokka subsequently expressed reluctance toward kissing Suki under the moon. Suki teased Sokka about this, and an emotional Sokka shushed her as he watched the scene intently. Suki expressed notable jealousy at this. I treated you like a girl when I should have treated you like a warrior. His presumption that women were incompetent fighters was tested when he met Suki, a young female warrior, on Kyoshi Island. Humbled by her skill, he turned to her for instruction.

The two bonded over sparring matches and, before parting, she kissed him on the cheek, causing Sokka to blush. She decided to accompany Team Avatar on their journey across the Serpent's Passmuch to Sokka's worry. He was extremely overprotective of Suki during the trip, and continued to be overbearingly cautious even after she confronted him about it. During the night, Sokka and Suki talked where he explained to her how he did not want to lose anyone he cared about after his tragic experience with Princess Yue.

As they talked, the moon was visible behind them, implying the presence of Princess Yue, the first girl he ever fell in love with, and whose death he blamed himself for causing. Suki expressed how important Sokka was to her and the two almost kissed, but Sokka drew back reluctantly because of his painful memories of Yue. However, the next day when she bade him good-bye and apologized about the night before, he kissed her twice to confirm that he loves her before departing.