Step up 2 moose and andie meet - Waitwhen did Moose like Camille back??

step up 2 moose and andie meet

Main article: Step Up 2: The Streets. Moose acts as Andie's guide on her first day of school, when he first meets her sitting in his seat at lunch. He didn't ask her. Step Up 2 The Streets not only boasts the best sequel title in film history, it's also The leading lady this time is Andie (Briana Evigan), who we learn via a school element entirely (holdover character Moose now attends NYU). . we know the film will be the first to center around leads we've already met. Camille Gage is a female character on the Step Up franchise, that was Andie West · Camille Gage · Sean Asa · Moose. party, but they make up and dance to "I Won't Dance", the song Moose claims they met to in Freshman year at MSA, in the street. Camille later joins the Pirates, along with the MSA crew from Step Up 2 .

Andie talked to Sean about Chase and about how it was difficult to mantain a distant relationship, and about how eventually, she and Chase broke up. As the crew make their way into glittering Las Vegas, sparks begin to ignite between her and Sean.

Andie West

They share a dance on the notes of "Every Little Step" while on a carnival in Vegas and almost kiss, but Andie pulls back.

While performing the duo parts of the various dances, they are each other's partner. Sean wants Andie and him to add a spectacular move to their number and tries to convince her to get up on his knees and then hands so he can hoist her up and launch her. She would then have to make a backward flip in mid-air and he'd have to catch her. Andie refuses because she considers it to be too dangerous and explains to him she is afraid of falling since she the last time she did she broke her knee.

Sean tries to convince her she can do it but she refuses again and tells him she doesn't necessarily need to win because she's already happy to be back and dance with all her friends. She is disappointed because he only seems to care about winning.

While battling The Mob he once again tries to force her to do the trick in front of everyone, but she angrily refuses and after the dance storms off. He follows her and once again they clash over the fact that the only important thing to him is winning at all costs and that he's willing to disregard her genuine fears and limits.

As the two have their ups and downs, Sean begins to realize what is important and that he has feelings for Andie.

step up 2 moose and andie meet

Sean comes to the realization that while winning would be very important because it would mean they'd all have not money, not glory, but a job, he also understands they all chose this life, chose to be dancers and worked hard to get there. They love what they do and that's what really matters, living in the moment while they're dancing together and savour every second of it.

Andie overhears him and is genuinely happy. He and Andie also perform their trick, perfectly succeding. Their crew ends up winning the contest and Andie and Sean share a passionate kiss and end up together while dancing with all their friends to celebrate.

Quotes "I miss my drug dealer. I don't even like moose. They make up with a kiss and a hug. They are both shown dancing in the final dance for the competition.

step up 2 moose and andie meet

Physical Appearance Edit Camille has long brown hair and brown eyes. It is shown in the movie that she likes to tie her hair a lot and has a funky style.

Camille Gage

She is very tomboyish and mainly wears trainers or converse. However, by Step Up: All In her style seems to have changed to be much more feminine and sophisticated. Personality Camille comes across as a nice and kind-hearted person. She appears to prefer break dancing, hip hop and ballet.

step up 2 moose and andie meet

He said he likes Dance but he Likes her More. The only thing that ties this movie to the others is Tyler Gage and Dancing. In Step Up 3D Camille says the ice cream truck song was from when they first met. Considering she's introduced to the Pirates along with the MSA crew in the "slow motion" sequence, and she was nowhere to see in Step Up 2, it's safe to believe she got into MSA after the second movie.

So, my wild guess is that they actually met and became friends between second and third movies. Only there was no overt explanation about it in 3D. Was she an MSA student in that film? I know Moose was in the 2nd and Camille wasn't. It's a bit confusing.

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Gamera is really neat He is made of mystery meat! They do this wee little dance thing in the first movie. She wouldn't have been old enough to go to MSA in the first movie I am the darkness that hides in your wardrobe Re: