The league rafi and dirty randy meet

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the league rafi and dirty randy meet

When their friend is murdered, Rafi and Dirty Randy head to L.A. to avenge Rafi: It's like Sleepless in Seattle meets The Proposal meets non-consensual sex. Dirty Randy & Rafi - They first met in a mental institution after, the then named ' Clean Randol', accidentally killed Rafi's family by squashing them with his. Last season's “Rafi and Dirty Randy” was easily the most divisive The League has decided to try again with tonight's “When Rafi Met Randy.”.

the league rafi and dirty randy meet

I will forever imagine him with a Sharpie-drawn dick on his face. The therapy session continues with Raphael and Randall proving to be extremely rational and eloquent individuals.

The doctor moderating the session, Dr.

Rafi and Dirty Randy

Pam is a freaking psychopath herself and she's got the most slappable personality of anyone I've seen on television in a while. She prescribes electroshock therapy to Raphael and Randall, who end up actually enjoy the feeling of frying their respective brains.

They become addicted to the shocks and eventually, it erodes their personalities so they transform into the crude jokesters we know and love today. They are now Rafi and Dirty Randy. Pam and her assistant "Spazz" catch Rafi and Randy having an unsupervised shock therapy party, they takes away their roommate William's lunchbox as punishment.

This incites fury in everyone and Rafi wants revenge. Some mysterious guy in a tracksuit - Greg - appears suddenly and wants to help. He gives Rafi intel about where the doctor who took the lunchbox retreats. Rafi, Randall, and their gang of fellow patient friends go to the attic Greg told them about and they uncover a Goonies-worthy treasure trove of random things.

the league rafi and dirty randy meet

This is the birthplace of Randy's signature puka shells and Rafi's moto jacket. After leaving the attic with their new stash of toys, the men decide to plot to escape.

Dirty Randy

The conversation to escape somehow devolves into talk about tacos and this prompts "Spazz" to give the men the key code to get out the front door of the ward. This show never ceases to surprise me with how nonsensical it can get editor's note: When all the patients are hanging out in the movie room, they give David Krumholtz's character a ton of pills so he starts foaming at the mouth so they have a distraction.

They then put on Randy's homemade porn starring "Spazz" and all of the patients start collectively jerking off. It's like the real life version of that "lemon party" website. Mayhem continues to ensue until finally guards come in to quiet everyone down.

Rafi, Randy, and company make a break for it as the guards tend to everyone else. The following scene takes a note from the Breakfast Club book and has William take on the role of Judd Nelson, in that he acts as a decoy when the team realizes they need another distraction.

Rafi's Funniest moments from The League

William gets naked with his lunchbox and runs down the hospital hallway. The distraction allows the gang to get to the door but after realizing that Rafi's been imagining Greg and he can't recall the door code, they're thwarted by the body guards.

Pam arrives and tells Rafi and Randy that they're scheduled for lobotomies the following day. Things are escalating quickly.

the league rafi and dirty randy meet

Randy is not down with the lobotomy so he admits that he's in the ward voluntarily. He signs a release to get the hell out of dodge but not before telling Rafi that he is the one responsible for killing Rafi's family. Their quick bonding is due in large part to shared antagonism toward a "Nurse Pam," who's the MVP of the episode; the hilarious June Diane Raphael blends matter-of-factness, institutional bureaucracy, and unbridled sadism to create the fun version of Nurse Ratched while in the process hooking Rafi and Randy on electroshock therapy.

Nurse Pam steals every scene she's in with dialogue as sparkling as her pressed whites and comic timing sharp as the razors Randy tries to smuggle into the place; here's the ranking of her best lines and exchanges.

Oh, In That Case! After an escape attempt, Pam is there to lay down the law Both of you have exceeded the state limit for electroshock therapy.

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You've both been scheduled for lobotomies tomorrow morning. You can't do that. The brain's the biggest erogenous zone! While we were sleeping? No, I mean it's done…as in it's definitely happening. I know how to get out of this lobotomy.

You know, the state would really prefer you stay here for further treatment.

the league rafi and dirty randy meet

And get lobotomized like this idiot?