Tony and steve meet peter fanfiction

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tony and steve meet peter fanfiction

Tony knows that this is the first time Peter's actually meeting the Thor jumps in right after Steve lets go and scoops Peter up into a great bear. Peter. Look at me Peter." Peter cracked an eye open, staring at Tony. Steve walked over and shook the now recovered Peter Parkers hand. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

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I'm open to anything. And your wish is granted! Spidey on the way! V He glared at Tony's retreating form. How could he not tell them how much it hurt?

Then, something Tony said seemed to kick in. V "Sir, I have finished the calculations. It appears that anyone in close contact with you within the past 24 hours has been affected, villains not included. It seems whoever was with you before the attack had a delayed reaction.

tony and steve meet peter fanfiction

Reintroducing Hope by Fernandidilly-yo reviews Mute, and living on the streets after his aunt has a heart attack, Peter isn't sure life could get much worse. He desperately waits for his 18 birthday when he can finally have a life again. Until a seeming to be normal friend, Sam Wilson helps turn his life back around.

With the help of the rest of the Avengers of course.

The last person he expects helps him pick up the pieces. Or, another Tony adopts Peter story but hopefully with an original twist! That is, until Iron Man swoops in and changes his life forever. Can he get close to Tony, or will he keep him safe, by keeping him at arm's length? And can Tony fill a hole in his life with this secretive orphan? T - English - Family - Chapters: Unfortunately for them Fury has decided they need to do a mission together with the Avengers. It also doesn't help Tony is trying to find out Spider-Man and the other Ultimates' identities.

With danger lurking around every corner, it's up to the Avengers to help their youngest recover from his ordeal. I'm sorry the summary sucks, I suck at writing summaries. With nowhere else to turn, Peter Parker goes to Tony Stark.

tony and steve meet peter fanfiction

It was only supposed to be a few days - a week at the most. Now Peter's about to have a new dad and Tony's about to have a son.

tony and steve meet peter fanfiction

So what happened along the way? And what happens when Peter finds out Richard Parker wasn't his real father, all while S. D wants the Avengers to find Spideman, and Tony knows he has to keep his son safe. Peter had lost all senses. He says he doesn't want to go with you, because you'll be mad at him. Tony was already grumpy, as he knocked on the bedroom door. Peter, come out of there right now! You can't get mad at him every time.

peter & tony being father & son for 3 minutes straight

Let me do this. Steve gently knocked on the door. It's Steve, Ned said you needed some help, are you okay? So, I can help? I think it broke.

tony and steve meet peter fanfiction

But it was an accident and I saved the lady. Can you open the door, so I can take a look at it? Maybe get you back to the compound so Bruce can fix it up? The other man sighed and stood closer to the door.

We just need to fix that ankle, buddy. Come on, it has to be hurting. Just say you'll watch a move with him or something, he really likes hanging out with you guys. Peter's voice was hesitant and small. Tony took a few seconds to consider the pros and cons, before shrugging. He was going to meet the Avengers.

God, Peter was the best. Finally, they heard another web being shot, followed by a soft thump as it landed on the door, and the lock being clicked.

tony and steve meet peter fanfiction

Steve pushed the door open and they all walked through, to see Peter curled up under a blanket in his web hammock. Tony walked over to him, smiling a little as he sighed in relief at seeing the kid okay, as he brushed the teenager's hair back, voice soft.

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The drugs had worn off, leaving him tired and in pain again, and he didn't want to even think about walking on his bad ankle, which was why he didn't protest to being carried. Steve lifted Peter onto his back as the teenager wrapped his arms around the super soldier's neck.

Ned couldn't believe that Captain America was giving Peter a piggyback ride, it just seemed so strangely soft for the both of them. Tony turned to Ned's desk and took a pen and paper from his supplies, scribbling down a bunch of numbers before handing it to him. And we both know Peter is like a magnet for trouble, so if something like this happens again, just call me.

I put Steve's number down too, and Happy's if it's not so serious.