Who was the straight man in abbott and costello meet

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who was the straight man in abbott and costello meet

Abbott, Bud. Bud Abbott, Straight Man To Lou Costello, Is Dead . in after the production of “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy. Abbott and Costello were an American comedy duo composed of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, with Abbott as the devious straight man and Costello as the dimwitted comic. . The following year they made Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (); then Comin' Round the Mountain (), a hillbilly comedy. fame as the "straight man" of the comedy duo Abbott and Costello. and Costello Meet Frankenstein () and Abbott and Costello Go to.

Max Baer & Joe Louis interviewed by Lou Costello - Rare !

Which made it a little difficult for a few minutes. But once they got into their routines, they just wrecked the audience. But we could see it occasionally.

Abbott and Costello - Wikipedia

The team shuttled between Wilner's two showcases -- the Apollo on 42nd a few doors down from Minsky's Republic and the Shubert in Philadelphia. Bud and Lou developed their consummate sense of timing and honed their classic material -- including Who's On First? By the time the team's contract with Wilner expired in April,burlesque itself didn't have much longer to live.

Abbott and Costello worked at the Star Theater in Brooklyn for just two days before Mayor LaGuardia ordered all the burlesque theaters closed on April Bud and Lou were forced to go legitimate. Fortunately, the boys had already been booked for a second summer at the Steel Pier Then we went to work for Eddie Sherman. Finally, a booker for the Loew's circuit caught them in Washington, D.

Ted went but was not impressed. This detracted from the effectiveness of the bit, since, as Lou put it, "the listeners couldn't tell who was asking and who was answering. Abbott and Costello continued to perform on stage, and in opened on Broadway in Streets of Paris. By now Hollywood began making overtures. Abbott and Costello fully expected to do one picture, One Night in the Tropics, then return to New York and continue working on radio and Broadway. Fortunately, that's not what became of Abbott and Costello.

Their talents had to be captured on film. Most of you don't know me, but I'm Bud Abbott's first grandchild. My grandfather was retired when I was born, yet everyone still knew who he was. When my mom his daughter, Vickie was in labor with me, my grandfather came to the hospital.

He was having fun flirting with the nurses as everyone awaited my arrival. That was at a time when family was not allowed into the birthing room.

My grandfather and dad had to wait in the waiting room and began celebrating by drinking Vodka out of styrofoam cups. When I finally entered the world, my grandfather handed out cigars. I'm named Jennie Mae after my grandmother, Bud's wife.

And thus, is the start of my life as Bud Abbott's granddaughter. I never looked at him as being famous. He was simply grandfather to me and my younger brother and sister.

As I grew up, I remember spending time and staying over with my grandparents. With grandfather being retired, he was home and loved to kid around. His favorite was for me to try and kiss him on his cheek when he hadn't shaved. I also remember him having a favorite chair in the living room. Here he would sit and smoke his cigarettes that were attached to a long black cigarette holder. He had a table that went with the chair. It was here where he would autograph his pictures for fans.

I was told who grandfather was. You could see his entire career in their home. In the living room was a beautiful piano along with antique furniture. The walls had individual paintings of grandfather, my grandmother, mom and my Uncle Bud. In one of the extra bedrooms, this was considered as one of my grandfather's wardrobe rooms where he kept all of his suits and wardrobe from his films.

But, my favorite room was where they had the one-arm bandit slot machine!

who was the straight man in abbott and costello meet

As kids we would always win a few quarters and grandfather thought the machine was rigged so that we'd win. I also recall the pool that had a blue dolphin painted on the bottom.

Abbott and Costello

He loved to go outside to sit and watch me swim. My grandfather was also a quiet man, but could kid at a moment's notice.

who was the straight man in abbott and costello meet

He was very much loved by his family, and is still missed today. As an adult, I followed in my grandfather's footsteps and into the entertainment business.

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I've had the pleasure of working at all the major studios, including their home studio, Universal, of which has a building named after Abbott and Costello. However, one account suggests the boy was kidnapped and taken to Norway.

Abbott eventually returned to the United States to become a cashier at a casino. Costello had a partner before Abbott.

Could you imagine watching Williams and Costello? Before Costello paired up with his eventual partner, he teamed up with a man named Al Williams. However, Williams died of a heart attack after performing only a few shows together with Costello. The duo had quite an age difference.

While most people think of the duo as peers, Costello was actually nine years younger than Abbott 11 years, depending on sources. The pair didn't meet until they were in their 30s. Costello had to change his voice. After several appearances on radio programs, including The Kate Smith Hour, Abbott and Costello were told by producers one of them had to change their voice. Apparently, they sounded too similar and listeners couldn't distinguish between the two men.

That's when Costello adopted the higher pitch, for which he became known in his later years. They had to lie about their most famous bit. The only way for them to get it on the show, however, was to lie about not having any new material for the week. Each year they made two new films, while Realart Pictures re-released most of their older hits; their filmed television series was widely syndicated, and they did the same routines frequently on the Colgate program.

Writer Parke Levy told Jordan R. Young, in The Laugh Crafters: Universal dropped the comedy team inand after one more independent film, Bud Abbott retired from performing.

who was the straight man in abbott and costello meet

Inthe Internal Revenue Service charged them for back taxes, forcing them to sell their homes and most of their assets, including their film rights. In they formally dissolved their partnership.

who was the straight man in abbott and costello meet

On March 3,shortly after making his lone solo film, The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock, Lou Costello died of a heart attack just short of his 53rd birthday. Bud Abbott attempted a comeback inteaming with Candy Candido. Although the new act received good reviews, Bud quit, saying, "No one could ever live up to Lou. Candido would then do a comedic monologue in his own persona while Abbott took a break backstage, then the finale consisted of both men performing the classic "Who's on First?

who was the straight man in abbott and costello meet

Abbott made a solo appearance on an episode of GE Theater in In he voiced his character in a series of five-minute Abbott and Costello cartoons made by Hanna-Barbera.

Costello's character was voiced by Stan Irwin. Bud Abbott died of cancer on April 24, Legacy During the height of their popularity in the s, Warner Bros. The other cartoon was "A Tale of Two Mice. The revival of their former television series in syndicated reruns in the late s and early s helped spark renewed interest in the duo, as did the televising of many of their old film hits.

The video was nominated for two prestigious video awards inand in The Disney Channel did six special airings of the video. Inthe United States Postal Service paid homage to the team by enlisting them as part of their "Comedy Legends" commemorative stamp booklet.

Incomedian Jerry Seinfeld hosted a Thanksgiving television special Abbott and Costello meet Jerry Seinfeld the title refers to the duo's popular film series in which they met some of Universal's famed horror picture characterson NBC. Seinfeld has always acknowledged that The Abbott and Costello Show was an inspiration for his own popular series. Perhaps the most successful of the routines "Who's on First? On one of their radio broadcasts, the duo preceded yet another version of "Who's on First?

Cultural references In the movie Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman's autistic character Raymond Babbitt recites an affectless "Who's On First" as a defense mechanism when others become upset with him or something does not go his way.