2004 corvette horsepower and torque relationship

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2004 corvette horsepower and torque relationship

The Commemorative Edition Corvettes featured LeMans Blue paint and Shale interior. Convertible, Coupe, and Z06 models were available in this special . Sully C5's Avatar. Member Since: Nov Sully C5 is offline. Sully C5 The relationship between horsepower and torque is mathematical. Corvette Specifications - The Corvette marked the peak of the evolution of the C5 generation. Learn the vehicle, engine, mechanical, and production.

Ironically, the Commemorative Edition Z06 would not be made available as a European export. It came equipped with non-EMT tires on the stock coupe. R neared retirement, its final season was nothing short of spectacular -and a fitting sendoff for a car that had proven, without question, that Corvette was a serious contender on the racetrack. Every race run during this season was won either by the No.

To capture the magnitude of the difference in the cars drivability with these upgrades in place, the Z06 was distributed to a number of professional automotive critics. Each was encouraged to drive the car and review its handling accordingly. Its weight is within pounds of [other models], yet it feels like hundreds less.

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Its structure also feels twice as rigid. Yes, it filters out less road noise and harshness but at least each bump is felt just once…The [Commemorative] Z06 is clearly the [Corvette] that best rewards expert driving. Other reviewers were equally complimentary to both the Corvette and the team behind its latest technology.

2004 corvette horsepower and torque relationship

Moreover, it was hailed as the best combination of performance, comfort, and value in the automotive world. In the end, there were really no negative comments directed by any of the major automotive reviewers towards the Commemorative Edition Corvette — save for one. From tothe Chevrolet Corvette C5.

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R earned a total of 33 1st place finishes including three wins at the 24 Hours of Lemans — in, and And successful it had been. The C5 was one of the most respected and most celebrated of all Corvettes to date, and it had the awards to prove it. Eleven ninety-seven--that's a tough number to fathom. Even more so because this thing was dead stock.

We didn't pull the air filter. Shit, we didn't even check the tire pressure! And it is so easy to drive fast. Only two parts of the Z06 Drag Race Experience are cause for concern: And a powershift can be dicey without optimum traction--this thing makes hella power and will go skating across lanes.

Otherwise, looking like a drag-race hero is cake in the Zmy automatic-driving ass pulled a 1. Several more passes were made that afternoon, but Incidentally, the radar gun was hooked up to record some times, and even with approximately 50 percent of the track's original grip left, it only took the Corvette 3. But let it be known that with Baur behind the wheel, the best stop came in at feet.

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The Z06 also recorded multiple foot readings. Brake fade came into play only slightly, and Steve touted the It doesn't get more effortless than this. The harsh Jersey winter really beat on the E-Town asphalt, and we had a few new dips and chunks of pavement to deal with besides the usual nails, wingnuts, etc. Regardless, the foot circle was marked off with orange cones, the G-Analyst computer was hooked up and calibrated, and we were off.

2004 corvette horsepower and torque relationship

Its steering weighting is magical--light at low speeds and progressively heavier once it is pushed. The car refused to give up its tenacious grip on the less-than-perfect asphalt, offering up only a bit of understeer and a slight squeal as the Supercars started to slide around the cones at high gs. At no point in the test, no matter how hard we pushed it, did the Corvette lose its balanced handling characteristics, and it took a hard whomp of the gas pedal to spin the car.

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In checking with the G-Analyst, the Z06 turned in. We also found time for a leisurely mph jaunt down the Shore to Toms River, and approximately miles later, we had a pretty good bead on the Z06's personality. The FE4 suspension is definitely a firm ride, but it's much softer than you would expect from inch rims and profile tires.

Whether it's the re-valved shocks or just three years of refinement on the SLA double-wishbone suspension, it just works. Although there's little chance of you ruffians ever seeing this feature in action, the skip-shift won't activate unless you're really dogging it; once you get over rpm, it goes away.

2004 corvette horsepower and torque relationship

As far as the Active Handling system, even with it on in the rain it will still let you get away with some hanky-panky in First until it and traction control shuts the party down in Second. Audio input, from mechanical to road noise, was always present, but in a muted, subconscious sort of way.

2004 corvette horsepower and torque relationship

In Sixth at 60 miles an hour you're only turning rpm, and can't even tell that the motor is running; the whip of wind around excellent-sealing windows is the only indication. But drop the Tremec down a few gears, and the fury of a high-compression small-block rips through the titanium exhaust and straight to your soul. The LS6's awesome power, combined with brakes capable of turning any object not bolted down into a flying projectile, allows the driver to surgically insert himself into any crack in traffic.

The C5 has received numerous interior complaints sincebut save for the dopey Head Up display, we had a hard time figuring out why. We loved the black leather buckets with Z06 embroidery, the six-way adjustable driver's seat, the dual express-down windows, and the dual-zone climate control.

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The Z06's gauges are way cool, and are dead steady over the hardest bumps. Above those gauges, outward visibility is what you would expect from a supercar killer: The fender bulges will always make parallel parking an adventure, and although side visibility is fine, checking the blind spot can be a chore with the hardtop's lack of glass. Although going WOT in Second is a great way to erase a blind spot! The stereo is acceptable fare, with the Bose speakers being the best part.

Although the head unit's speed-sensing volume control is a nice touch, CDs will skip if you push the car hard enough on the street. And take it from us, you will push it on the street.

2004 corvette horsepower and torque relationship

The Corvette team has its work cut out trying to improve on this performer. By the way, let me take this time to thank the Corvette engineers who crunched numbers for that Active Handling algorithm.