2pac and kadafi relationship help

Yafeu Akiyele 'Yaki Kadafi' Fula was Tupac's Godbrother. - Everything You Need - Capital XTRA

2pac and kadafi relationship help

Yafeu would visit Tupac daily after he was jailed in , and vowed to form the Outlawz with him. We have updated our Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement to help you understand how we Yafeu Akiyele 'Yaki Kadafi' Fula was Tupac's Godbrother. The Complete History Of Nicki Minaj & Drake's Relationship. Yafeu Akiyele Fula (October 9, – November 10, ), better known by his stage name At one of these visits, Tupac and Kadafi decided to form the rap group Outlawz which would bring many members back from Tupac's earlier groups; . Help · About Wikipedia · Community portal · Recent changes · Contact page. Tupac Shakur Remembered by Closest Collaborators, 20 Years Later . He was such an anomaly, such an ingénue, that you couldn't help but sort of become his surrogate, his lap dog; I grew up with them in Jersey, and Kadafi was 'Pac's half -brother, basically. .. We had a great working relationship.

2pac and kadafi relationship help

Kadafi and Tupac were inseperable, both growing up together living in the same households at times. Tupac served as Kadafi father figure and mentor. Always schooling him on the ways of the world, along with his mother. When Tupac was incarcerated in on the sexual assault charges, Kadafi would visit Tupac daily during visits, and it was there in one of those visits that Tupac and Kadafi came up with the rap group "Tha Outlawz".

Kadafi was known as a local rebel by many in his community, he always spoke his mind and challenged the local authorities.

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Tupac kicked Kadafi out of Tha Outlawz briefly because of Kadafi defying him, amongst other things. When Tupac was released in late '95, Kadafi went with him to DeathRow Records, and it was there in which Kadafi guest starred on Tupac's biggest album titled "All Eyez On Me", kadafi was featured on 3 songs.

But sadly on September 7, Tupac was shot in a drive by shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, he clung on to life for six days. Kadafi was in the car directly behind Shakur, and saw the white cadillac pull up alongside Shakur and open fire.

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Kadafi was believed to have said that he could identify one of the shooters. On September 13,like one of his prophetic rap songs, Tupac Shakur took his last breath and died. Kadafi was stunned by his loss, and immediately returned to New Jersey, before any detectives could interview him. Kadafi was wearing a vest but it didnt save him he had been shot in the face between the eyes at point blank range "Execution style".

Here was the witness the police say they were looking for over the past 2 months.

Yafeu Akiyele 'Yaki Kadafi' Fula was Tupac's Godbrother.

The day after his murder Kevin Manning stated "I dont even know how to pronounce his name, let alone spell it, we had a hard time finding him and we didnt know where he was till he showed up dead. We don't die nigga, but we multiply, we like legends nigga I'll make you famous motherfucker" Kadafi was Tupac's half brother this is why you see many pictures of the 2 of them together when they were smaller.

Was the true reason behind his death because he knew who killed 'Pac and was going to tell the police? It turned out that the killer of Kadafi was Napoleon's own cousin. Critics of both Los Angeles and Las Vegas police have stated that if Tupac and Biggie would have been white both cases would have gotten more attention from the investigators.

2pac and kadafi relationship help

All the detectives can say is that the witnesses were uncooperative. Cathy Scott who also is on the DVD wrote a book called "The Killing of Tupac Shakur" and in her book she reported that Kadafi was the only eye witness of the shooter and he told the police he could maybe identify the shooter. Why now are they changing this story. We can't ask Kadafi because he is dead a victim of a "random" shooting which was done execution style by the way. Any way you want to look at this someone wanted Kadafi silenced and in less than 2 months after Pac was shot Kadafi was shot to death.

Two bloods were shot and killed by an assailant who fled on foot.