Agron and nasir relationship trust

Spartacus: War of the Damned "Men of Honor" Review: Matters of Trust -

agron and nasir relationship trust

Relationships, Varro (Friend, deceased) Duro (Brother However, his trust can be gained, examples being Crixus, Lucius, and Nasir, respectively. He also . Agron and Nasir interrogate one of the slavers about Naevia's whereabouts. Agron and Nasir have had a loving & trusting relationship from the beginning but the presence of pirate, Castus changes things. When Agron's. Even if neither can trust the other's honor, each knows that their goals are Agron and Nasir's relationship, though a minor aspect of the series.

Castus had overstepped, true enough, but Agron's reaction had been over-zealous. This led to Agron declaring that he would battle anyone, even the gods, if they tried to take Nasir from his arms.

This in turn led to Nasir's assurances that no one could do such a thing, as Agron was the only one who held his heart. Nasir then showed Agron how true his words were This should have been the end of the problem concerning Castus, but alas it was not. Even though Agron was forced to deal with the pirates, and that included Castus, since he appeared to be the leader's right-hand man, he never failed to show his displeasure being around them.

He was content, however, knowing that Nasir made a promise to him to avoid Castus during their stay in the city, right after they made love that very night after the fight. Agron suspected the promise was only made to quell his concerns, but it was taken to heart.

It didn't matter to Agron why the promise was made, as long as it was kept. Then the relief Agron felt over Nasir's promise turned to shit. How was Agron to know the true reason behind Castus and Nasir's joint arrival while looking for their leaders on this one day that Crixus lost control of himself and went mad with blood-lust?

The emergency was too immediate for Agron to pause and inquire why his lover was standing right next to his would-be rival.

He only had enough time to order Nasir to keep an eye on the Silicians He had no time to witness the irritated look on Nasir's face as he glanced at Castus on his way out the door. Nor did he see the pain that Agron's suspicions caused him.

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Once the madness of unbridled slaughter of the Romans by Crixus, Naevia, and his people was finally brought under control, things quieted down. Tensions ran high among the rebels, happily fostered by the disguised Roman, Caesar. It offered only one benefit for Agron. The conflict gave him all the excuse he needed to remain away from Nasir and their bed.

He told himself that he had no choice. The truth was too painful to contemplate. He felt betrayed and had no desire to confront Nasir about it. He refused to admit to himself that what he feared most was that he was right Agron knew he was not a man that could share his lover with another.

If Nasir did favor Castus too, then he knew he would lose the fucking Syrian for good. It was a thought Agron was not prepared to face. And so, he let his feelings fester.

agron and nasir relationship trust

The next day brought a tense calm over the city. Nasir awoke alone in their bed and hurried away to where Spartacus had set up his headquarters. His hope was in finding Agron, but he found only Spartacus and Lugo. The two men were given the task of gathering all the dead Romans into one central location.

It was there that Nasir finally saw Agron some hours later.

agron and nasir relationship trust

Spartacus arrived with Agron behind him to instruct the two men in what needed to be done with the bodies. As Spartacus and Agron were leaving, Nasir tried to get Agron to stay long enough for them to talk. Agron was clearly not ready, telling his lover that he had neither the time nor the desire to stay, even going so far as to suggest that Nasir find Castus instead.

There was nothing Nasir could do to change things All of this led up to Agron's unconscionable mistake. It was hours later before Nasir saw Agron again.

Nasir was helping Laeta and the few surviving Romans, providing them with food and water, when Agron walked past while completely ignoring Nasir. Nasir begged a moment of his time, but again Agron rebuffed him and tried to hurry away.

It was the last straw.

agron and nasir relationship trust

Nasir accused Agron of running away from a fight. Agron let his anger out. He, in turn, accused Nasir of breaking trust with him. Nasir protested that he had done no such thing. That's when Agron said it It was a red flag in front of a raging bull.

In battle, Nasir would willingly follow any command made by Agron, or any of the leaders of the rebellion, but this was a personal thing.

It was as if Agron had struck a mortal blow to the very heart of Nasir. Nasir's reaction was immediate and volatile. He harshly reminded Agron that he no longer wore the collar of a slave and would not ever put it on again Agron was too caught up in his own fears of losing Nasir that he didn't even recognize his grave mistake in that moment. He did try to calm Nasir down, but he declared that Nasir would have been just as angry with him if he had broken a promise made.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

That finally gave Nasir the chance to explain how he came to be with Castus in the first place, making a point of the fact that he and the pirate didn't even have time to speak to one another in their search for their leaders. Agron questioned whether he should believe Nasir's story and received a response that literally knocked the wind out of the blustery gladiator.

Nasir simply declared that he would believe Agron It wasn't just the words that impacted Agron Agron knew immediately that he had been in the wrong all along. In that moment, he knew that Nasir was his and that he owed him apologies. Agron would have done so if not for another emergency that reared its ugly head before thoughts could be gathered. A group of Roman advance scouts were spotted outside the city walls.

Rebellion among the ranks festered again as Agron and Nasir rushed to the main gate of the city. There was no time for talk as everything changed on this singular day. First the Roman prisoners were released so that Spartacus could pursue his plans to escape from the threat of Crassus and his army outside the city. Agron and Nasir each had their duties to attend to in order to accomplish those plans. Neither knew the mortal danger they were in because of the spy, Caesar, who was ready now to put his plans in motion to retake the city from the rebels.

With the help of the pirates, minus an unaware Castus, the Romans were able to breach the defenses of the city. A fearsome, furious battle waged as Roman soldiers invaded the city, driving the rebels out. During the battle, Agron and Nasir were separated. Once Agron met up with Spartacus again to reveal the treachery of Caesar, he frantically inquired about Nasir's whereabouts.

When no one could tell him, he announced loudly that he had to find him. His desperate search led him to an alleyway where Nasir was fighting for his life against the Romans. He had just been saved from a Roman sword by Castus, but Agron only saw a Silician traitor. He attacked Castus, but was stopped just before slicing the man's throat by Nasir's shout that Castus was aiding him. Agron had learned the hard way to trust Nasir, although he was sorely tempted to follow through with his blade's intent.

There was no time to debate the issue.

agron and nasir relationship trust

He chose to accept what Nasir said, but warned Castus not to take up any other weapons. He would allow Castus to live, but only as a prisoner. And now, at this day's end, with little hope of survival facing the rebels and their followers, Agron at last had the time to face the event that nearly severed his relationship with Nasir. They were no longer living in some comfort within the walls of the Roman seaside city.

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They were now forced onto a snowy ridge of a mountain Any attempts to get to the other side of the trench was met with death from the wooden wall built on the other side of the trench and manned by more of Crassus's men. To make matters worse, the cold seeped into one's very bones. That didn't mean anyone still able to perform tasks could hide away in their shelters. Tasks had to be performed to settle in first. As the moon rose that first night on the ridge, Agron retired to the tent reserved for he and Nasir.

After cleaning himself off from the results of the battle and forced trek onto the ridge, he arranged their bedding while waiting for Nasir to join him, being grateful that he would feel Nasir's body next to his again after the debacle of the previous night. He now had the time to take in all the events that had led him to the state he was in at this very moment Agron knew in his heart that Nasir was being totally honest with him.

After all, nothing forges newfound trust like a common enemy A good half-dozen lines made me laugh out loud turn eyes towards notae aliae for choice sample. And the festivities inspired sensuality to spare for viewers of any orientation why hello, Saxa and Sybil! And good day to you, Agron and Nasir!

Spartacus: War of the Damned – 3.05 – Blood Brothers

I hope these scurvy dogs stick around. Heracleo can be the Larry Dallas of the Tyrrhenian coast. Spartacus has seldom gotten credit for regularly portraying male homosexual romances as progressively as any show around.

True intent shrouded behind mask of kind and gentle face. There was clearly a note of self-loathing when he warned her to stay away from him and from men like him, but what incited it?

Guilt over Melitta resurfacing, weariness at years of hedonism taking its toll, or something else? That brings the season count to What did you think of the episode?