Akane and ranma relationship questions

Annalyn's Thoughts: Ranma, Tell Akane She's Cute

akane and ranma relationship questions

It's time to remember a classical comedy and action anime from the eighties. Its creator, Rumiko Takahashi, has kept active and surprising us. So, I very admire the love story of Ranma and Akane. It almost feels like a "love -hate" relationship; they can´t stand each other, but they can not . to Ryoga, then I got older and became way more sensitive to feminist issues. This page describes the romantic relationship between Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo. Ranma generally does not want to admit any affection for Akane but it is shown in the episodes "P-Chan Explodes! On Ice!", "The Abduction of P-Chan", "Kuno Becomes a Marianne!", and "Ranma the Lady.

Although the idea of a guy who can turn into a girl might have been novel in those times, Takahashi decided to carry it out simply because if the protagonist had both genders, she would be able to draw many boys and girls. The story of the karate trainees Ranma and Akane, betrothed by their fathers against their will, gave away to 38 volumes of manga, anime episodes, 3 films, several OVA, T.

Although in the case of Ranma and Akane, there were good reasons to dislike each other, good reasons to be fond of each other… and even more good reasons to laugh at the messy situations they went through.

Still, Ranma keeps his strong minded, friendly and playful personality at all times, not showing particular traumas. On the contrary, he has taken advantage of his female looks on several occasions, either to get more food or to enter into martial arts competitions for example in the Ice skating battle of episode And of course, who can forget when he accidentally saw Akane naked in the first episode of the anime?

Ranma did not lose his chance to tell her that he had a better body than her. Which takes us to our next reason… 2.

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Notice how she wears dresses and feminine accessories, while Ranma usually appears in Chinese style clothes that can fit him in both of his genders. And she insists on such behavior despite that her father is more than expecting that Ranma will be the heir in charge. This girl is focused on being a good karateka and does not pay attention to boys… which explains why every time she heads to school, an army of admirers tries to defeat her in hopes of going out with her.

But strong willed Akane always sends them flying through the skies, just as she does with Ranma whenever he mentions that he is cuter or more feminine than her. Chapter 10 up Ranma - Rated: D this is listed below 'children', but actually goes before, in storyline terms Ranma - Rated: KamiSama decides to alter certain events in answer to a young girl's prayer. Ranma finds herself with a thrice locked curse and a new calling. Complete Ranma - Rated: However, will an extension to the Jusenkyou Curse indefinitely lay Ranma on one side of the gender fence?

One Shot, bit fluffy but it's my first fanfiction so why not? But is that entirely a bad thing? Setsuna looks to retire; unfortunately, not everyone can be Sailor Pluto Of course, losing something important also shows you what strengths you have to draw upon.

Can you guess what it is? It's not the nudity, although I dislike that element. No, not the gender-bending part of it, either, although I think that's why I initially marked it "won't watch" on Anime-Planet.

I take issue with the way Ranma treats Akane.

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He attacks her femininity almost constantly. His most common insult is "you're so not cute.

akane and ranma relationship questions

They're both frustrated about the whole arranged marriage thing, and they take it out on each other. This setting becomes a common one for their spats. I know what you might think.

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It's just an anime, Annalyn. Tsunderes and insensitive boys are always throwing out insults they don't mean. You should be used to it by now.

akane and ranma relationship questions

Ranma just says those things because he's immature and can't process his true feelings. I've told myself the same things. Here's my response to the second and third defenses: Yes, the audience knows what's really in the characters' hearts.

Ranma and Akane: 5 Reasons Are the Most Hilarious Couple

But the characters don't. Those are hurtful words.

akane and ranma relationship questions

It's just anime, you say? So, why am I so annoyed by this very common comedic device? Because I think Akane really believes she isn't cute, that she's boyish and not a desirable wife. I think she gave up on being "truly" feminine years ago, because she doesn't have traditional beauty, interests, or skills, like her oldest sister does.

Sure, the guys at school are all after her. But they treat her like a trophy to be won, and they miss her heart. She's raised her defenses around her heart and invested her whole being into martial arts, because that's safe.

Yes, it's just an anime. Akane and Ranma will probably live happily ever after.

akane and ranma relationship questions

But what about the real Akanes? How many girls and women believe that they have somehow failed at womanhood? How many believe that they aren't cute, pretty, beautiful, or otherwise desirable? How many believe that they will never be married, because no one could possibly love them that much?

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How many married women believe they still don't measure up? When Ranma tells Akane that she's not cute, or that she's otherwise unfeminine, he tells a lie. It's not a lie just because he really thinks she's cute. It's a lie because she is a woman.

The mangaka, Takahashi, created her to be lovely. And he created her in the image of real women, who are all the more majestic, because we were created by God himself, in his image.

God created man in his image, too, and men are thus amazing. But that's a different topic. We're beautiful by nature, both on the outside and inside, although we don't always feel like we can show it. We're not just desirable. Each one of us. It doesn't matter if we, like Akane, can beat up boys, and it doesn't even matter if we've beaten up boys we really shouldn't have. But we're still feminine. We're still passionately loved and pursued by God.

I don't care if they mean it, and I don't care if the perpetrator is just an anime character.

akane and ranma relationship questions