Alex and piper relationship fallout

alex and piper relationship fallout

Jun 14, Laura Prepon (Alex) and Taylor Schilling (Piper) in 'Orange Is the New Black' for the pair with the most tumultuous relationship at Litchfield. Jun 29, This Is What The Real Life Piper And Alex From Orange Is The New Black Look Like and she entered into a serious relationship with a man named Larry and they didn't speak much during that time because of a fall-out. Oct 13, In flashbacks, we see the development of Piper's intense romance with Alex Vause. The flashbacks tell us that Alex is the first woman Piper.

If she heads back to Litchfield, though, she might not see Piper at all.

Alex Vause + Piper Chapman [All Scenes - Seasons 1 + 2]

Figueroa has struck, transferring Piper to a facility in Virginia — ostensibly for overcrowding reasons, but in reality, in retribution for the newspaper and the interaction with the reporter. He socks Larry once the realization sets in, leaving him with a pretty good shiner but a nice reset on his life. I could use a bit of mild, hey-who-left-the-door-open domestic comedy-drama in the show. The aftermath of the botched assassination attempt has fallen on Red and her gang; any advantage they could have ever had is gone.

They attempt — furtively — to spin the assassination attempt as a warning to Vee, to no avail. She goes ahead and takes over their tunnel. We rejoin her gang, along with a younger Taystee, as the kingpin Vee gets her first dose of onrushing mortality, personally and professionally.

She sleeps with RJ some very disturbing Oedipal themes hereand then arranges for one of her police informants to murder him. Big Boo, of course, takes delight in the b.

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In the midst of the rain and the storm, Red makes a desperate move, attempting to strangle Vee to death with a length of plastic wrap. Red falls for it too. Clearly, there are few football fans among the writing staff — most Giants fans are more likely to throw a shrimp cocktail at Tiki than to fawn over him at a party.

But I digress from football and that horrible, horrible team that caused me so much pain in and Seriously, how did Manning make that pass to Manningham?

Tough year for fictional upstate New York politicians. Rough times in the Empire State. Chapman is still dealing with her transfer, sitting around pondering her future after Litchfield — as established in the 40 oz. Caputo hates Figueroa even more than Chapman does. The beating has garnered the attention by two officials, who sit down for a series of interviews with the prisoners — all of them blaming either Vee or Crazy Eyes for the assault, as a bed-stricken Red refuses to name her attacker.

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The Littlefinger of the prison strikes again. Caputo shuts the truth down, but that budding prison-management friendship looks to be over before it even really started.

alex and piper relationship fallout

That truth and a likely Pornstache return is something to look forward too in season three. Even Black Cindy and Watson have their doubts, and the Crazy Eyes ploy pushes them over the edge and out of her gang.

He scrambles to fake work papers with Luschek, getting Crazy Eyes off the hook.

alex and piper relationship fallout

She then decided that the honorable thing to do, would be, turning herself in, so she did. In prison, after a horrible first day, she was shocked to see her former girlfriend Alex standing in front of her. After that they didn't do much talking, until Larry lied to Piper that Alex wasn't the one to turn her in.

alex and piper relationship fallout

Then, Piper apologised to Alex and they sort of became friends, but as Alex said these two were never really friends. Later on, after Piper gets out of the shue, she kisses Alex, and then they are kind of a couple, but the problem is that Piper is still engaged to Larry, who doesn't return her calls after finding out that she was with Alex. Larry is really mad so, he confesses to Piper to Alex was indeed the one who turned her in. After that Piper pretends that everything is alright, but Alex doesn't buy it, so she pushes her until she finally breaks and says the classic line "I love you and I fucking hate you".

At the end of the season, Piper is found with a choice between Larry or Alex, but she choses Larry, which is something that makes Alex upset and heartbroken yet again. After Piper's fight with Doget she gets thrown into the shue and doesn't she Alex for over a month, until they are both moved into another prison because they have to be in a trial.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Recap: Season 2, Episodes 10-13

Alex tells Piper to lie and at first Piper refuses to, but when she finally does, Alex decides against it. So, that gets Alex free and Piper thrown into jail. After a long while, Alex comes back into prison, and Piper hugs her and comforts her.