Alfred hitchcock and alma reville relationship

Mrs Alfred Hitchcock: 'The Unsung Partner' - Telegraph

alfred hitchcock and alma reville relationship

Like Margaret Thatcher, Alfred Hitchcock was the child of an English his long marriage to Alma Reville coincident with the making of Psycho. 'Hitchcock' examines the relationship between “Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins)” and his wife, “Alma Reville” (Helen Mirren), during the. Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville were married for nearly 54 years. The Girl is a dark portrait of the filmmaker's relationship with actress Tippi.

Unlike the Thatchers, who were strict Methodists, the Hitchcocks were Catholic.

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Alfred attended Catholic schools in London staffed by men who didn't spare the rod. At the end of his life he was still dwelling on it.

Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren in Hitchcock. A boy would naturally put it off and that only increased the agony … The sting was absolute. I can feel it now. As well as the school thrashings, Hitchcock's psyche was seared with the memory - whether real or imagined has never been ascertained - of his father getting him locked up briefly in a local police station cell after a very young Alfred misbehaved. Then there was his portly stature which among other things led to his rejection for military service in World War I.

Being broad in the beam didn't stop him getting a smashing wife, though, and it's the period of his long marriage to Alma Reville coincident with the making of Psycho on which the film Hitchcock focuses. Advertisement Helen Mirren plays Alma in the film. He waited four years before speaking to her again.

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They started going out together in a manner that was restrained, even by the moral codes of the era. His sexuality, hampered by his appearance and weight, was more complex than most.

alfred hitchcock and alma reville relationship

Although his interest in sex was clear, it was as a spectator rather than a participant. The voyeur and the embryonic director were beginning to merge.

Mrs Alfred Hitchcock: 'The Unsung Partner'

Gilligan records that Alfred proposed to Alma on a storm-tossed ferry while returning from another shoot in Germany.

Alma was lying in a bunk, so seasick that she could barely speak, when he produced an engagement ring. From then on they worked as a double act, with Alma standing intently at his shoulder, script in hand, monitoring every second of the action. Following each take on set he would turn to her and ask: The success of their enduring relationship was based on professional respect.

Their personal lives were infinitely more complex and shadowy. Tippi Hedren, Janet Leigh and Kim Novak have all said that his treatment of the stars who worked for him especially blondes could be ruthless.

Yet he was also charming, kindhearted, self-sacrificing and above all a dedicated romantic. She climbed the ranks so quickly that articles about her appeared in the press. Photographs of her relaxing in her California homes in middle age show her reading with knees drawn up to her chest like a child, hair swept off her high forehead, horn-rimmed spectacles resting on her nose. Like Hitchcock, she was always impeccably dressed with an enviable wardrobe custom-made by Edith Head. Rebello wonders if her confidence was shaken after some badly received screenplays or perhaps she was just falling into the more traditional role of a supportive wife and mother.

Film and food is where the passion in the Hitchcock marriage lay. It was a sexless relationship. In Hitchcock, Reville comes perilously close to having an affair with the bisexual writer Whitfield Cook. As for Hitchcock, much has been written about his hopeless longing for the cool blondes in his films.

She was an utter professional.

alfred hitchcock and alma reville relationship