Asuma and kurenai relationship trust

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asuma and kurenai relationship trust

Read Replay, Hit Rewind from the story Naruto Future Relationship's: The Next Generation by QuillsGirl with reads. shikatema, kankuro, Her mother then approached Asuma and Kurenai. + "Take my advice and trust your friends. Kneeling eight and a half months after the death of Asuma, Kurenai stared at her Now she counted the days until the birth of their child, with him. be there, Shikamaru made sure Kurenai had Hinata – or anyone he trusted. Well out in public kurenai and asuma appeared pretty much average together like two friendly coworkers, but they were secretly lovers.

He is a bit shy and I believe it is from people being scared of him when he was younger — due to the bugs. Kiba Inzunka, is loud, brash, hot headed and a pervert" when she said that she got a tick mark on her head "After I gave him my special treatment I believe that will now lesson" The males in the room shivered, to get Kurenai's special genjutsu was hell on earth and could scar a man mentally for life "Hinata Hyuga, is the opposite to any hyuga you could meet.

She is warm hearted and very kind, not keeping a cold hyuga exterior. She is however very unsure of herself and that leads to her inferiority complex, should she come out of her shell she could become a very proficient ninja. Sakura Haruno like Ino Yamanka is a fan girl and has small chakra coils which need a lot of development, however she has near perfect chakra control which makes up for it.

Sasuke Uchiha, Rookie of the Year and the last remaining uchiha is as the reports say, cold and distant. He is however an able shinobi and has untapped potential. Asuma chose to voice his confusion and spoke up, "what do you mean?

This caused kakashi to turn to him and speak "well one minute he was loud hot headed just as the reports said he was, then he goes on and talks about me and my ranking in strength in the konoha military.

Hell he even possesed knowledge on The Golden Storm, and as far as I know only the clan heirs knew about him from what their parents had told them". Sarutobi chose this moment to speak up and difuse the situation "that is irrelevant at the moment, tomorrow you will give your team a test to decide shall they pass or not, from what I hear this batch of teams has the highest chances of passing, dismissed" he heard a chorus of 'Hai's' and turned around to look at konoha through the glass behind him.

Oh things will certainly get interesting from now.

As for the jonins out side, Asuma was about to continue on his advancement on Kurenai but before he could say any thing she had shunshined away.

Thinking about all he had completed in his life so far and yet now was the beginning of it.

Kurenai Yūhi

He was 5 when he was first trained by the Hokage in complete privacy, no one knew about it. It all started after one assault on Naruto turned bad and he was in intensive care. A gang of men thought it would be funny if they would try and kill the demon — as they so beautifully said it.

He had both of his lung punctured, a broken spine, internal bleeding in six different places and a broken neck. If they were allowed to continue then he would have surely been dead, but they did not continue as for Naruto that night was his worst and best night of his life.

It was the night he met Kurenai. Flashback Naruto slowly opened his eyes and quickly shot up wincing when he felt it hard to breathe. He looked around and could tell he was in the hospital.

Just then a nurse came in the door and looked at him before running away some were. He sighed people were always either running from him or trying to hurt him, why he didn't know. He then noticed another presence in the room and turned to see the seat next to him, on there was a young girl no older than 12 sitting there sleeping peacefully, she had long wild black hair that reached her mid back, she wore black ANBU style pants with a mesh under shirt and a red jacket to go over it.

In his eyes she was beautiful, too bad when she woke up she would run like all the others. The door to the hospital room was flung open and there walked in Hiruzen Sarutobi, The Sandaime Hokage. Naruto gave a small smile and replied "I'm much better now thank you Jiji". The Hokage gave a sigh and spoke "you gave us quite a scare you know, you've been knocked out for almost two weeks now".

Now Naruto blinked in surprise "t-two weeks?

asuma and kurenai relationship trust

Naruto stared down at the covers and started thinking, 'two weeks ive never been unconscious for that long, KAMI! Then it clicked in Narutos head, "we? The Hokage smiled and nodded before speaking "yes, you see if it were not for Kurenai-chan there then we may have arrived too late". Naruto instantly looked at the girl next to him, she was his saviour? That meant that some one cared! She had saved him and by the looks of things kept on coming back to visit him! She was like his guardian angel.

Kurenai started to shift in her sleep, slowly blinking before yawning and giving a stretch. Only to be met by a smiling Hokage and the small young boy she had saved two weeks ago.

Kami the kid was a mess when she found him she only wondered how he was alive now. She had been coming home from team training when she had heard people shouting and went to investigate. What she saw horrified her, she was seeing four fully grown men beating and stabbing a young boy!

She had instantly gotten into action, as a gennin of Konoha she had the right to stop and apprehend any crimes, so she killed them. It was her first kill and she didn't care, they were scum the lowest of the low torturing a young boy. She rushed him to the hospital and she was shocked when she was refused service of the boy, luckily the head doctor rushed to her side and helped the boy out. Since then she had been coming back to see him every day and wait for him to wake up.

Kurenai blushed, she was truly embarrassed. While she was sleeping the young boy had woken up and was with the Hokage. Naruto saw her eyes and was instantly captured by them, they were so, so red and warm, so inviting. Now Naruto didn't know what he was feeling at the moment, whether it was gratitude for what she had done, or some thing else all he knew was that this girl had helped him in his time of need and he would be forever in her dept. Naruto instantly returned back to normal and got up on his feet, his whole body ached but he felt he had to do this.

Naruto slowly went up to Kurenai and gave a deep bow "thank you Kurenai-chan, for saving my life and caring for me You have no idea how much it means to me" at first Kurenai had no idea what to do. Of course she knew who he was, Naruto Uzumaki the host of the Kyuubi no Yoko, she was there at the sandaims announcement and at first she had hated him, like all the villagers. However when she started to go to the academy and learnt more about sealing she had accepted that it was not his fault as he was just a baby at the time, he did not choose to bear the burden.

But for him to say that one simple act of kindness meant so much to him She started to tear, how could he be so young and so broken? So she did the one thing she could think of, she hugged him.

She gave him a full hug with all her heart. At first he was frozen but slowly he reacted to the hug and hugged back and whispered in her ear "thank you". At that moment she decided she wouldn't let him be alone again, not as long as she still had a breath in her body. Flashback End After that the Sandaime had explained to him about the kyuubi and why people hated him so much, he thought it was stupid and now he had a idea of what they may have felt.

For if he ever lost Kurenai there was nothing that would stop him upon getting revenge. After he was released from the hospital the Hokage had started to train him in private, while leaving a Kage Bushin to do his normal paper work. When he was seven Naruto was already an A ranked ninja, and sarutobi had decided to tell Naruto of his parents. Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, his dad and mum.

To say he was shocked was a understatement, he had cried when he was told finally able to be at rest with who he was. He had searched on both his mum and dad for any information on family, he was torn up when he learnt that his mum was the last survivor of the Uzumaki clan — he had a clan!

But what realy upset him was to find out that his father had no data on parents, at all. It was just one big blank. That had made him strive to become stronger to live up to his parents name, and it worked.

By the time Naruto was 10 he was a S class ninja in all but experience. So to work around it The Hokage had given him a undercover identity known as 'Gold' it was at this time when he started taking A and S ranked missions for the village, and at that time he started to learn his fathers signature moves and how to control his bloodlines.

He held three bloodlines. Three very unique bloodlines, the first was from his father who had a godly affinity for wind, water and lightning. Which led to him possesing the Ranton and Hyoton release.

Now his third bloodline was one he never expected to gain, not in a thousand years. Mokuton, he had the sacred wood element of the Shodaime Hokage. How he achieved it was beyond him but he was very thankful for it, as it did come with a lot of bonuses. Upon activating the bloodline a couple of months before his eleventh birthday, his whisker marks disappeared.

Due to Mokuton being able to subdue biju it was also able to stop the features he received from containing the beast. At first he was worried if it would mess with his healing rate. But that was what made it all the much better, because the seal slowly leaks kyuubi chakra into Naruto, the Mokuton instantly dilutes it changing it into Naruto's own chakra. He was worried that if he was ever to go into his jinjuriki cloak tailed form it would seriously back fire upon him.

That however was shot down by a discovery that is no less than amazing. Instead of going into a orange chakra cloak Naruto goes into a golden version. He had yet to fully control the kyuubi but that would be in the future. Thanks to his bloodlines Naruto had seven elemental affinities including his bloodlines. Another help was Naruto's water abilities, thanks to his Hyoton and Mokuton leading to a strong water affinity he was able to pull water out of the molecules in the air, like the second Hokage.

All of these factors led to Naruto by the time he was 12 being classed as a SS ranked Ninja. However even through all his prowess he never let it once get to his head. He even started dating Kurenai after she kept on seeing him and looking after him Well not exactly dating more like boy friend girlfriend as they wanted it to be a secret until Naruto was a legal ninja.

After his tenth birthday Naruto had asked Kurenai to marry him and she had accepted, they had gone to the Hokage who had completed it in private and pronounced them husband and wife.

Now the rings they wore were very special they were white platinum enhanced in strength by chakra, they had two sealing arrays on them one for Naruto's Hirashin jutsu — which was red for some reason — and another for Kurenais genjutsu which hid the rings.

As long as there was chakra through the ring the genjutsu would stay activated. He stopped his train of thoughts as he heard the door to his house close. He was currently living in a house close to the outskirts of the village. The land and house were purchased under the Hokages name so no one would question it, it was also hidden and protected by hundreds of seals each one had its own part to play. And there she walked into the room, his princess and whole life.

He budged over on the bed and motioned her to lay down with him which she quickly complied to.

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When she was on the bed she gave him a passionate kiss on the lips which he followed suit. They then laid there enjoying the silence with Naruto having his left arm around Kurenai, and Kurenai resting her head on his chest above his heart, listening to his heart beat. Naruto broke the silence when he spoke up "when did you decide you wanted to be a sensei? Its not a problem, is it?

She couldn't handle that he was her world and she loved with all her heart, she didn't want to be the reason of making him angry. Naruto looked down only to see Kurenai's own red orbs stair back at him, he continued to look into them mesmerised by her beauty, before speaking.

Why would it be, you can certainly take care of yourself if need be and I think it's great your passing on your knowledge and expertise. I mean who doesn't want to learn from you!

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It was just some thing like this was a huge decision, and usually one discussed with your partner. The two stayed in silence again for a few minutes before Kurenai broke the silence.

I mean the Hokage said that in five months thats when he will reveal who you are" she asked genuinely curious of what he would do. He sighed while using his right hand to flow through his hair, "I was thinking only using my normal affinities during the time, and only going at a fith of my speed But then I was thinking, what if the situation called for it and we were up against a S rank or a group of A rank missing ninja.

So I thought about it and decided ill show them who I am IF the situation calls for it and ill take charge, however I highly doubt it I mean ill only be a gennin for 5 months or so" he finished with a smirk on his face.

God that will be hilarious! Kurenai giggled, "don't forget Kakashis face, now that will be price less. Especially when he finds out who you are".

They shighed and calmed down. Naruto looked down at her and raised he chin to look him in the eye befor kissing her with all his heart. She smiled and replied "I love you, my prince" The two got changed into their night clothes before getting into bed.

Kurenai came from behind Naruto and hugged him from behind, wrapping her arms around his waist. It made her feel secure to be able to hold him tight, he was her teddy bear that protected her. He responded by taking her hand and kissing it, and turned around to face her. He gently kissed he forehead and they went to sleep.

He was currently wearing black ANBU pants with black shinobi sandals, he had his ankles bandaged up over his pants. He wore a yellow t-shirt under a black sleeveless hooded jacket "tsk, dobe"- "teme" they exchanged there nicknames before smiling at each other.

They had a sort of rivalry — not in strength because naruto would kill him there not that sasuke knew. No they had a insult rivalry where they would try and insult the other into submission, no one won. Naruto just sighed and rose a eye brow, "if it is I who is late then were is sensei? Naruto sighed before staring into the field they were in, it was a open space with trees all around with a lake nearby.

Naruto had trained here on his own before, once it was sealed off and secure no one would see. Just then kakashi appeared "Yo! Kakashi just eye smiled and spoke in a mock pride voice with anime tears flowing from his closed eye, "finally some one who understands my genius!

Coughing loudly kakashi just got back into sensei mode, or kakashi's version of it. He took out a alarm clock and placed it on top of one of the stumps behind the gennin. Kakashis — if possible — eye smile grew, "How very perceptive of you sakura, yes there are two bells and the reason behind this is simple.

Only two of you will pass, while the other will be sent back to the academy". Like you could even hit Kakashi-sensei, as I said he's the third strongest ninja in the village, excluding Jiraya and tsunade" that comment caused Sakura to get a tick mark on her forehead, "what did you say Baka! Kakashi was watching Naruto wearily now, this is the side of him he saw when talking about him yesterday, the serious side.

Now kakashi didn't know if he had multi personalities or something but he was interested in which one was the real Naruto, he had a feeling that he would find out soon. Much to his surprise and annoyance Naruto was grinning back and said "I bet I get a bell before you Teme" Sasuke stoped to think for a while before getting a full blown grin, "fine then winner gets to be team leader" as soon as Sasuke said that naruto was infront of him shaking to make it official they turned to see a eye smiling Kakashi.

Kakashi turned around only to see no one there, he turned back to see a still smiling naruto in the place he was before. When he looked at the place he was before he saw naruto there with one palm extended. Shit what is this kid? Kakashi quickly adjusted himself in mid air landing on the ground with a slight skid. Looks like I need to go all out, sigh kakashi moved his head band to reveal a red eye spinning madly at Naruto.

Naruto said it himself, Kakashi is the third strongest ninja in Konoha, sasuke knew this was true, by reading the bingo book and seeing kakashi there.

He had also had a look at The Golden Storm and was amazed, this guy was one of the strongest ninja alive and was quite clearly strongest in Konoha. The picture of him though was weird as in the picture was a boy who wore ANBU clothes with a Golden Mask covering his face. Sasuke caught Kakashi move towards his headband, as he saw him remove it to reveal the sharingan eye. Of course sasuke knew Kakashi had that eye, he had read through the events of how kakashi had obtained the eye in the Uchiha files.

But for naruto to make him do that Just who are you Naruto? Naruto kicked kakashis leg effectively making him loose balance, naruto then punched him square in the chest making him skid a few feet back. Naruto charged at him, only kakashis own skill and sharingan were able to follow naruto's speed, he was definitely faster than Gai.

Thinking of Gai was when kakashi imeadiatly recognised the taijutsu style he was was using. It was one that Gai had tried to learn and had kakashi help but no no avail, as his body was too rigid and stern, no way near flexible enough to use the style.

The style was called Muay Thai. The two continued furiously in there taijustu spar, Kakashi swung a right hook towards narutos temple, who quickly responded by leaning back. This caused Kakashi to slightly lean forward, but it was all he needed. Quickly naruto had brought up his right knee up and made connection with kakashis chest, effectively sending him flying into the air, to which naruto quickly jumped up and gave a axe kick to his back. Only to have shattered a log. Kakashi was now panting while standing behind a tree, panting tremendously, that kid was unreal!

Kakashi quickly ducked under a punch that shattered the tree trunk were his head was, and jumped away. He was quickly followed by naruto who charged at him at insane speeds and started to engage in another taijutsu fight. Naruto jabbed kakashi in his ribs which made him wince in pain, kakashi recovered quickly and sent a punch to naruto's temple, which was batted aside by naruto. Kakashi knew he couldn't compare to him in taijutsu so he jumped back and started to do some hand seals, "Suiton: Water Dragon jutsu " Naruto cursed as he saw the water dragon explode from the lake and did a four hand seal sequence which finished on dog "Doton: Mud Wall " creating a giant earth wall in front of him.

The Dragon crashed into the earth wall, which didn't budge until the dragon stopped, then it crumbled. Kakashi was surprised that naruto was able to counter his jutsu, so he decided to take it up a level, "Suiton: Water Shock Wave " when he shouted that he jumped on the lake as a wave formed and started heading towards naruto at extreme speeds. Naruto cursed for having to do this but the situation needed it. Kakashi was testing naruto, and he knew it. Behind him was saukura and Sasuke and if he moved or didn't stop it they could get seriously injured or even killed.

He cursed under his breath for having to do this, "Hyoton: As soon as the wave made impact with the fog it instantly froze how it was, Kakashi upon seeing that jumped off of his wave just in time, to see a thirty foot frozen wave. They both graduated from the academy at the age of nine and placed on a team together, along with Raido Namiashi. Apparently, at some point, Kurenai and Asuma started dating each other as an open secret.

asuma and kurenai relationship trust

On the night of the nine tails' attack, Kurenai and Asuma were both forced to wait outside the village and prevented from doing anything, since it was a "domestic issue" and therefore not something for their ninjas to get involved with. Kurenai was furious and argued against her father for not letting them defend the village. Asuma tried to calm Kurenai down. Her father told Kurenai that she should live and bare children to pass on their will of fire instead of being so hasty to die.

Later, Kurenai and Asuma became jonins and took on genin squads of their own. Asuma hangs back, and later promises Choji that he will jump in to protect him just like the jonin had done to protect Hinata. At the finals, Kurenai sat next to Asuma to watch the matches. Kakashi happens to pass by and notices the two of them.

He pointedly asked if they were out on a date together today. Kurenai quickly blushed and tried to change the subject, claiming that they were just on an errand. Engaging in battle, Asuma defends Kurenai while Kurenai traps the two Akatsuki members in a genjutsu. Before Asuma leaves for his mission, he is shown staring at an apartment window.

It was quickly revealed that apartment window belongs to Kurenai. Sensing this, Kurenai quickly turns to her window but by that time, Asuma and his team had already left. She then returns to water the flowers that Asuma had given her earlier. As she waters one of the flowers, one of the petals fall off, leading Kurenai feeling uneasy.

Their Newborn "King" During the time of Asuma's absence from the village, Kurenai is shown to become increasingly uneasy as she waters her plants. During his mission, Asuma is fatally wounded. In his last moments he tells Shikamaru that he must protect the "kings" -- the children of the village.