Balthier and ashe relationship test

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balthier and ashe relationship test

Basch and Ashe just seem to have more of a connection to what's going on in the story at more points than the others. .. Well let's test it. Test your speed and spelling! Fran is very much a no nonsense kind of Viera, and Balthier likes his freedom. like being tied up (that fact that he asks Ashe right after if she likes it tends to make one believe that there's nothing between Balthier and Here's my take on the Bal x Fran relationship mrgreen. Final Fantasy XII, a role-playing video game released by Square Enix in , revolves around Yoshida feels this connection is sparked by the style of color used by both artists, which involves a color consistency . When Archadia attacked Nalbina Fortress, Basch and Ashe's husband, Lord Rasler Heios, led the defense.

Hell, Ashe has more meaningful moments with Vaan, of all people. Also, Balthier x Fran. But, as per the norm with Matsuno games, romance isn't much of a thing.

Balthier and Ashe have one conversation, that's not a relationship. But you can realistically say there's 3 couples in the game: Vaan and Penelo in revenant wings at leastbalthier and fran zoophilia ewwAshe and Basch Penelo letter hints at it Final Fantasy XII is the greatest video game of all time.

Vir27 Vir27 1 year ago 9 I had never heard this one before. Like Reks, he too was tricked into thinking Basch was responsible for killing King Raminas. After the battle, he fled underground, and joined the Resistance, alongside Princess Ashe. For the next two years, he protected the Princess, as well as trying to restore their lost Kingdom. Skeptical of the traitor, Vossler eventually learns to trust his friend once again.

Vossler dons an Archadian judge armor to fool the guards and enable them to rescue the Princess, and escape to Bhujerba where they plan to keep the Princess safe. However, the Princess decides to take matters in her own hands and travel to the Tomb of Raithwall to obtain the treasure of the Dynast-King. Vossler catches up, after being left behind, at the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, while on their way to the Tomb.

He offers to protect Princess Ashe once again, despite objecting to Balthier and Fran's invading the royal tomb.

balthier and ashe relationship test

Here, Vossler reveals that he, embittered by their "profitless battle", has made a deal with the Archadian Empire so that Dalmasca's sovereignty could be restored. As Ashe and the others escape in an airship, the nethicite explosion from the Leviathan annihilates the fleet, Vossler is presumably alive because the Shiva was seen able to escape the explosion, albeit badly damaged.

Filled with guilt, he abandoned his post and took on the name "Reddas", arriving in Balfonheim where he cleaned up the town and became a patron to pirates. When Cid activated the Sun-Cryst, Reddas sacrificed himself by using the Sword of Kings to destroy the crystal, unleashing an explosion which vaporized him and most of the upper Pharos. He ensures the complete subjugation of Nabradia and Dalmasca and exterminates their royal families in order to acquire their deifacted nethicite.

He confronts Dalmasca's resistance movement with absolute ruthlessness, accepting no surrender. He even goes so far as to murder his own ailing father and frame the Imperial senators, to put an end to their scheming against himself and Larsa, and to level cities in nethicite testing experiments.

He is Basch's twin brother, and in the introduction to the game is responsible for the deaths of Reks and King Raminas, which are blamed on Basch. Noah, however, remained with their mother and moved with her to her home country of Archadia, where he took on his mother's surname of Gabranth. After his mother died of her illness, Gabranth began to hate Basch for abandoning his homeland and family.

Noticed by Emperor Gramis, Gabranth joined the Archadian Judges with the Emperor's backing and rose to become a Judge Magister, the position that he holds at the beginning of the game.

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Bur-Omisace where Larsa agrees to return with him, to avoid any trouble. Gabranth later was sent to Pharos to "test" Ashe if she would take revenge, attacking the group in rage when they refused to exact vengeance for the wrongs against them as he had; he leaves after his defeat and the arrival of Cid.

He is fatally injured by Vayne in the process. He dies after the battle, requesting that Basch replace him as the protector of the new Emperor Larsa. He is the man responsible for discovering the technology behind airships, as well as for the creation of manufacted, or artificial, nethicite. Under Venat's guidance, Cid helped Vayne encourage the war to gain shards of the Sun-Cryst in order to help him create manufacted nethicite.

Cid is confronted by Vaan, Balthier and company at the Draklor Laboratory, which results in a fight that Cid loses. Cid survives the encounter and flees. Cid goes to the Pharos lighthouse to invoke the Sun-Cryst's full power, revealing himself to the main characters there once Gabranth is defeated. Enraged, Gabranth tries to attack Cid, who teleports out of the way as Venat throws the judge against a wall. Cid fights Vaan, Balthier and the rest of the party once again, and again loses.

Cid dies after the battle, dissolving into energy absorbed by the Sun-Cryst before it is destroyed and fully activates his final airship, the Bahamut. He made his debut appearance in Final Fantasy II, though this appearance is the first Final Fantasy game to feature a Cid character as a villain. At the opening of the game, Ondore appears to have yielded to Archadian rule, though he secretly supports the resistance movement.

He is being blackmailed by Vayne who forced him to announce the execution of Basch and the death of Ashe in an attempt to keep the resistance from trusting him or accepting his support. Ondore is the narrator character in the story, as his memoirs are read during certain points of the game. Although he succeeds in keeping the two countries from fighting for most of the game, Rozarria does join the resistance in a strike against Vayne at the end of the game.

Grimoire of the Rift when Vaan requests his aid. After Vaan and Penelo join Luso's party, Al-Cid requests membership as well to lie low from his duties as royalty. The Kingdom of Dalmasca is a small city-state in the world of Ivalice, a neutral party in the past wars between the neighboring Empires of Archadia and Rozarria. To strengthen the kingdom's status between the Empires Dalmasca had its heir to the throne, Princess Ashemarry Prince Rasler of the neighboring small kingdom of Nabradia so that the two kingdoms could stand as one against Imperial oppression.

Despite the marriage's political nature the prince and the princess were in love. The couple's happiness was short-lived, as Archadia moved to invade Nabradia to steal its royal heirloom passed down from the Dynast King Raithwall: In a mysterious event the entire capital of Nabradia, Nabudiswas reduced to ashes, and Archadia advanced toward Dalmasca.

Rasler led the Dalmascan army against the Empire at the Battle of Nalbina Fortressbut its paling fell and the prince was struck by an arrow and killed, his body taken away by the captain of the Order of the Knights of DalmascaBasch fon Ronsenburg. The fortress was lost and Rasler was buried in Rabanastrethe crown city of Dalmasca.

Dalmasca was conquered by Archadia and to be reduced to the status of an occupied state when its King Raminas would sign the kingdom into Imperial rule, seeing no other way to save his people. Rumors spread that the treaty-signing was but a ruse to murder the king, and Captain Basch led the remains of the Order of the Knights to save him.

Reks finds the King murdered. Reks was separated from the others, and as he caught up he found the king and the other knights of the order killed with only Basch still standing. Basch stabbed Reks, and gloated he murdered the king for his betrayal. Basch was captured by an Imperial official, the Emperor's son Vayne Carudas Solidorand Reks's witness testimonial was used to prosecute him for high treason.

balthier and ashe relationship test

The mortally-wounded Reks stayed at a hospital where he was looked over by his younger brother, Vaan, until becoming increasingly unresponsive before passing away.

Marquis Ondorehead of the neutral skycity Bhujerbaannounced the King's daughter, Ashe, had committed suicide and Basch executed for high treason. With both King Raminas and his daughter Ashe dead, Dalmasca was left without a ruler and became governed by the Archadian Empire. Vaan's misadventures Edit Two years later, Reks's younger brother, Vaan, an orphaned street urchin living in the Dalmascan capital Rabanastre, wants to steal treasure from the Archadian Consul's residence in the old Royal Palace of Rabanastre to take back Dalmasca's riches he deems were stolen by the Empire.

Balthier and Fran ambush Vaan in the Palace treasury. While looting the treasury Vaan comes across the Goddess's Magicite hidden inside a statue, and meets Balthiera sky pirate bent on stealing the Consul's treasures, and his companion Frana viera warrior.

Balthier demands Vaan's treasure, but Vaan wants to keep his find and makes his escape. The underground Dalmascan Resistance movement assaults the royal palace in a military coup to remove the Consul.

Vayne was expecting this and had the Imperial forces ready.

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As the Resistance forces engage with the Imperials on the palace courtyard an Imperial airship Ifrit blasts apart the Resistance forces and opens a gash on the ground. Balthier, Fran and Vaan escape on Balthier's hoverbike, but the Goddess's Magicite Vaan had pilfered from the treasury saps the bike's skystone of power and they crashland into the Garamsythe Waterwaythe city's sewer system that was exposed during the attack from Ifrit. Though Balthier still wants Vaan's treasure, the three decide on a temporary truce as they look for a way out of the sewers.

They meet the leader of the Resistance, Amalia, separated from her companion Vossler, retreating through the sewers after the failed attack on the Consul.

balthier and ashe relationship test

Vaan and the others help her escape although she detests their thievery from the palace. The group is captured by the Imperial Guard led by Vayne under the assumption they are thieves, and Amalia is escorted away. Vaan, Balthier and Fran are to be sent to the Nalbina Dungeonsand as Vaan's childhood friend Penelo sees Vaan being escorted away in chains, she runs to the group. She is halted by Balthier who wants to avoid a scene and promises to bring Vaan back safely.

Nearby a group of bounty hunters notes the guard capturing their mark: Balthier, and his interaction with this girl, Penelo. In the Nalbina Dungeons Fran senses there is a way out.

As a viera she is keen to the scent of Mistand locates a leak somewhere in the dungeon that suggests an opening to a cave system, but the way deeper into the dungeons is blocked off. After Balthier and Vaan battle the seeq dungeon masters, an Archadian Judge Magister Gabranth enters and allows the bounty hunter Ba'Gamnan search the prisoners for Balthier. To avoid Ba'Gamnan Vaan, Balthier and Fran follow Gabranth and gain access to the deepest reaches of the dungeon, recovering their weapons and other belongings on the way.

Basch imprisoned in the Nalbina Dungeons. In the dungeon's deepest area they find Gabranth confronting an emaciated Basch fon Ronsenburg, mocking his disgrace. Basch asks how long they intend to keep him locked up, but Gabranth claims they need Basch as collateral to keep Marquis Ondore in line. As Gabranth removes his helmet, Vaan's group spies he has the same facial features as Basch.

After Gabranth leaves Fran points the deep pit below Basch's suspended cage as "the way out. This rouses the nearby guards and Fran asks everyone to jump onto the cage as she drops it into the pit for an escape route. The fall breaks the cage and Basch is freed. The four have ended up in an abandoned mine in the Barheim Passage.

balthier and ashe relationship test

Basch asks to accompany the others as another swordarm and explains he was framed as the king-slayer by his twin brother Gabranth and Vayne to strip Dalmasca of sovereignty, by having the former slay the king while posing as Basch. The four escape the Barheim Passage back to Rabanastre where they part ways. Balthier and Fran decide to move on after enjoying a drink at a local tavern. Basch sets out to meet with the local Resistance, and Vaan decides to look for Penelo and show Old Dalan the treasure he got from the palace.

He can't find Penelo, but Old Dalan has already heard a certain Basch fon Ronsenburg has returned from the dead and asks Vaan to deliver the sword of the old order to Vossler of the Resistance to remind him of the pact he and Basch once shared as comrades in arms. Vaan comes to the Resistance hideout amid an argument between Vossler and Basch.

The past two years Vossler has looked after Amalia alone as the two started the local Resistance, and he has become paranoid and no longer trusts Basch despite his insistence on being innocent. Vaan yells out that Reks was no liar, to which Basch affirms Reks was the perfect witness needed to frame him.

balthier and ashe relationship test

Amalia has been taken by the Empire and Basch wants to help rescue her, but is unable to convince Vossler. Basch asks Vaan to take him to Balthier to request passage to Bhujerba on Balthier's airship, as being a known king-slayer travel by commercial airship could prove risky. Basch wants to go to Bhujerba to talk to its leader Marquis Ondore, who is a secret Resistance sympathizer although superficially allied with the Empire.

Penelo held captive by Ba'Gamnan. The bangaa headhunter Ba'Gamnan and his group, who are looking for Balthier, kidnapped Vaan's best friend Penelo under the assumption she has a connection with Balthier who would thus come to her aid. Vaan begs Balthier to take him to Bhujerba so he can save his friend promising the Goddess's Magicite as payment.

Balthier reluctantly agrees to help and takes everyone to his airship, the Strahl. Vaan is excited as his dream is to become a sky pirate one day.