Beerus and whis relationship quizzes

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beerus and whis relationship quizzes

Lord Beerus is as interesting as he is powerful. Ball Super, and Beerus, along with his attendant/teacher, Whis, . Beerus' relationship with Frieza actually places the god of . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. Whis asked Beerus if he'd ever had the opportunity to try out the . As with many relationships in the Dragon Ball universe, both Beerus and. What's different about this quiz is that your knowledge will reveal which Saiyan you'd be! . can inflict a tremendous amount of pain to just about any person alive. Beerus of good, and he has a close relationship with Goku's son Gohan. in the history of the series. Shenron Roshi Beerus Whis Dr. Gero.

The other main duty of an Angel is to act as their Destroyer's attendant. This might seem like a vague term, but it essentially means that Whis tends to all of Beerus' basic needs; keeping his schedule, bringing him to meet with different planets, keeping him fed, etc. It might sound a bit boring, but they wouldn't put an all-powerful deity in charge of it if it wasn't an important job.

Well, as his title implies, Beerus' job as a God of Destruction is to rid the universe of beings that are a threat to mortal life, meaning people like Frieza or other planet-conquering murders. Beerus isn't perfect, and he has destroyed a few planets because of his short temper or because of the destructive power of his sneezes.

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Because of this, Whis is equipped with a special power made specifically for cleaning up Beerus' messes whenever he accidentally destroys something he wasn't supposed to. This ability is known as a Temporal Do-Over and it allows Whis to turn back time three minutes; just long enough to fix a mistake without damaging the flow of time. It says a lot about Whis' confidence in Beerus that he developed this power, doesn't it?

Though he attends to his needs and takes care of his messes, Whis is, in a lot of ways, Beerus' superior. Though he might not command him or control his actions directly, he outclasses him in terms of power and reports directly to Zeno about the Destroyer's actions. While there, Zeno is informed by Whis that Beerus has not been takin his duties as a God of Destruction seriously, stating that he is more concerned with napping and eating food than anything.

Put the ki blast away! I'm sure it's not going to take your catnip. It just looks that way. Surprisingly, Beerus did as you told him and dispersed the ki blast.

An anime vein appeared on your forehead, though your expression stayed the same.

beerus and whis relationship quizzes

You swore to the Kais that you'd murder him later. It didn't take much longer for the three of you to arrive back at Beerus' Realm. Once on flat ground, Beerus began to stagger a lot. While traveling with Whis, you could sit and rest a bit, but on the ground, Well, let's just say that Beerus was so drunk it made it nearly impossible for him to walk straight. His words were very slurred and he appeared as though he'd collapse at any moment.

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So, what's the game plan? How are we gonna do this? I am not drunk! You would have chuckled at him had you not been too busy figuring out the meaning behind Whis' suggestive smirk and his choice of words. You blushed and pointed your finger at him.

I am not helping Beerus get dressed! I'll help with brushing his teeth, but that's it! Just use a clothes beam like Piccolo does! I'm sure you can do it. Besides, Beerus was so drunk, you felt a bit of sympathy for him.

beerus and whis relationship quizzes

You were the one to cause this after all. Several minutes passed before your and Lord Beerus' bickering could be heard.

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Oh, this was just too golden. He kinda enjoyed your distress and the arguments that ensued between you and a drunk Beerus. When Beerus learned that he could find a Super Saiyan God on Earth to fight, he remembered he'd been to the planet before. While there, he said he killed off the dinosaurs.

beerus and whis relationship quizzes

He originally planned for Beerus to infect others with evil like a virus, leading him to name the character "Birusu" a Japanese pronunciation of the german pronunciation of "virus. Because of this mistake, Toriyama continued naming similar characters after alcoholic beverages; Beerus' attendant, Whis, is named after Whiskey, Beerus' brother is named after champagne, and every other God of Destruction and their angel attendants are named after some form of alcohol.

Funnily enough, the virus concept for the character was also abandoned once Toriyama got involved. Despite their rivalry, the two actually seem to show some care for each other, like when Beerus used the super dragon balls, the prize of their tournament, to revive the Earth of Champa's universe so he could enjoy their food.

beerus and whis relationship quizzes

Because of this, Beerus has had some history with the Saiyans, specifically with the royal family. When Lord Beerus shows up to Bulma's birthday, Vegeta fearfully recognized the deity and has a flashback to when he was young.

Beerus was disappointed in King Vegeta and used him as a foot stool to punish him, doing so in front of his son.