Beneatha and george relationship questions

beneatha and george relationship questions

and find homework help for other A Raisin in the Sun questions at eNotes. The dignity of George Murchison is one defined by his relationship to other people. A Raisin in the Sun Reading Questions How would you describe Walter and Ruth's relationship so far? Why does Beneatha say she won't marry George?. and find homework help for other A Raisin in the Sun questions at eNotes. is resolved when Beneatha refuses to kiss him and ends their brief relationship.

What does she say she wants to do that makes her mother and Ruth laugh loudly? Why does Beneatha really not want to marry George Murchison? Act I, Scene 2 1. Which detail offers a complete picture of the environment in which the Youngers live and explain why it does so 2.

beneatha and george relationship questions

Why is Ruth upset when she returns home? Why do you suppose this makes her so unhappy? Who is Joseph Asagai? What is implied about the relationship between him and Beneatha? What does Asagai give to Beneatha as a gift? Why is Beneatha pleased with it? How does Asagai react? What stereotypes about women does Asagai reveal? Why does Beneatha thank Asagai for the nickname? Explain her conflicting feelings. What does Walter ask as soon as he comes in the door? Why does he shout? How does Walter explain his discontent about his job and his future?

Why does Walter crumple his papers, make an angry speech, and head out of the apartment? What news does Mama tell Walter about Ruth?

What are his dreams, his frustrations, his problems? By the end of Act I, what have we learned about Ruth? By the end of Act I, what have we learned about Beneatha?

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What positive aspects may help them resolve their problems? Act II, Scene 1 1. What is the setting at the beginning of this scene? How is it different from the end of Act I? How does this definition present conflict for Beneatha?

How do Walter and Ruth describe their relationship? What news does Mama bring home, and why do Ruth and Walter react as they do? Why is this both good news and bad news? Act II, Scene 2 1. Explain the disagreement between Beneatha and George regarding studying or education. How does the argument end?

A Raisin in the Sun Study Guide Format Comprehensive Review

Beneatha thanks her mother for understanding her. Specifically what understanding does Beneatha mean?

beneatha and george relationship questions

As a result, what does Walter try to do? What news does Mama break to the family in this scene? What does Walter accuse Mama of? When does Scene II begin? In what condition is the apartment when Beneatha arrives home from a date with George? What sort of woman does George say he wants Beneatha to be? When Beneatha asks George why he goes to college, what is his reply? After George leaves, Mama asks Beneatha if she had a good time on her date.

Beneatha replies that George is a fool. Why does she say that? Why does Beneatha thank her mother 6. How does Ruth find out that Walter has not been to work for three days? What has Walter been doing instead of going to work? What does she give Walter, and how does Walter react to being entrusted with it? When Walter tells Travis that he wants to hand him the world, what sort of life is Walter envisioning for his family?

Beneatha and Ruth are busy packing when Ruth tells Beneatha how happy she is with the change in Walter.

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What are three examples that show Walter has changed in the past week? What gifts does the family give Mama? Why are the gifts appropriate? Who is at the door? What news does this person bring, and how does Walter react to the news?

How does Mama react, and to whom does she turn in this time of trouble?

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Act III questions - Answer the following questions using complete sentences: What does she tell Asagai? How does Asagai define idealists and realists? Which group does he prefer to be associated with? Asagai leaves and Walter comes into the living room. How does Beneatha attack Walter? What does Walter do?

beneatha and george relationship questions

Why does Mama put her plant back on the windowsill? Who does Mama blame for the current situation, and how does she plan to deal with it? Up until now, Ruth has been the practical one. When Walter arrives back home, what does he say he has done? What does he plan to do? Beneatha says Walter is no brother of hers. What lesson does Mama have to remind Beneatha about?